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Section of Site: Starships D6Belongs to Faction: Subtype: EQUIPMENTEra: ImperialCanon: No

Thermite Plasma Incenidary System

The Imperial Weapons Research Program on the backwater world of Zanthrop
IX insitutes new aerial weapons under the command of Moff Dekuun. One of
the many experimental programs started before the Battle of Endor resulted
in the development of thermite plasma.

Thermite plasma was discovered by accident, but once its effects were
realized it was converted into a special program. It was hoped that the
weapon could burn hotter than napalm, the standard incenidary unit used
by Imperial forces; many systems in modern times, including structures and
weapons, have been specifically designed to withstand napalm.  

Normal aerial bombs explode on impact, leaving their targets and surroundings
in ruins. Thermite plasma, in addition to exploding, produces a fireball
effect that consumes and destroys everything in the weapon's blast radius
at the molecular level. Wood is instantly turned to ash, plastic is reduced
to puddles, and steel is broken clean off.

While a few prototype bombs were produced, thermite plasma is still in the
developmental stage. The Empire hopes to equip TIE and Scimitar assault
bombers with specilized bomb units containing thermite plasma systems, but
the weapon is unlikely to be brought into service any time soon.

Model: Zev'Lon Armaments Thermite Plasma Aerial Attack Bomb
Type: Incenidary bomb unit
Scale: Walker
Cost: Not available for sale
Blast Radius: 0-25/50/75 meters
Damage: 5D+2/4D+2/3D+2
Game Notes: Targets within the blast radius take character-scale damage every
            round after the first due to the intense heat of the bomb; 5D within
            0-25m, 4D within 26-50m, and 3D within 51-75m. The intense heat
            lasts for 2D rounds.

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