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Revidjasa (Rodian Crimelord)

Revidjasa (Rodian Crimelord)
Archivist droid

Archivist droid

Section of Site: Starships D6Belongs to Faction: IndependentSubtype: Space StationEra: ImperialCanon: No

Jump Gate

In an attempt to further develop and expand upon current hyperspace
technology, Kashan Technological Development (a company run by both Kashan
Systems and Kashan Industries) redesigned a concept first explored in the
early days of the Old Republic, the jump gate.

Jump gates operate by opening a rift into hyperspace, allowing all ships,
even those lacking a hyperdrive to enter hyperspace. The only downside to
this is that another jump gate must be positioned at the destination in
order for ships lacking a motivator to reenter realspace. When a ship
lacking a hyperdrive enters in the jump gate, the jump gate pulls it into
hyperspace and launches it toward the destination gate. A signal from the
starting gate is immediately sent to the other gate (no matter where it is)
informing it of an incoming vessel and its ETA. The destination jump gate
will then open its rift into hyperspace, and if the ship is on time, it will
pass through the rift in hyperspace and revert back to realspace.

In form, the station has four massive arm pylons connected by smaller
support beams with open space in the middle. On the end of each pylon is a
highly modified hyperdrive motivator, the four, working together, open a
gateway into hyperspace inside the pylons. On the opposite end of each pylon
is a double turbolaser turret used in case of a hostile ship attempting to
enter or exit the gate. Any hostile ship exiting the gate will have their
aft ends exposed to the turret gunners, who have been trained to fire on
the engines first.

They HyperJump-1 currently only allows ships no more than 150 meters in
width to enter or exit through it due to the pylons extending outward.

Currently only two jump gates are in existance, and both are heavily
protected and not currently in active use. The first one was constructed in
orbit of Kashan, and another one was constructed in orbit of the desert
world of Nexus across the sector.

Craft: Kashan Technological Development's HyperJump-1
Type: Hyperspace jump gate
Scale: Capital
Length: 571.8 meters
Skill: Astrogation: HyperJump-1
Crew: 5; Gunners: 8; Skeleton: 2/+5
Crew Skill: Astrogation 5D, capital ship gunnery 4D+2, capital ship shields
            4D+1, communications 5D, sensors 5D
Passengers: 15 (techs), 250 (troops)
Cargo Capacity: 5,000 metric tons
Consumables: 2 years
Cost: Not available for sale
Hull: 5D
Shields: 1D
        Passive: 25/1D
        Scan: 70/2D
        Search: 110/3D
        Focus: 3/3D+2
4 Double Turbolasers
        Fire Arc: Turret
        Crew: 2
        Skill: Capital ship gunnery
        Fire Control: 3D
        Space Range: 3-15/35/75
        Atmosphere Range: 6-30/70/150 km
        Damage: 6D

Game Notes: Entering hyperspace: When using the jump gate to enter
            hyperspace, the astrogation officer on board the jump gate
            itself must make the required Astrogation roll. On a Wild Die
            roll of 1, reroll on the table:
                Reroll                Game Effects
                1 - 3                gate operates normally, hyperdrive
                                multiplier is x3 (not the multiplier listed
                                on the ship)
                  4                gate miscalculates, increase hyperdrive
                                multiplier to x4
                  5                gate fails to open
                  6                gate collapses, knocking ship off course
                                and unguided into hyperspace
            Exiting hyperspace: If a starship has its own hyperdrive
            motivator, then it may drop out of hyperspace as it normally
            would. If a starship lacks a hyperdrive, then it must rely on
            the gate at its destination to be open when it crosses that spot
            in hyperspace. After a successful entry into hyperspace at the
            starting gate, roll the jump gate's communications officer's
            Communication skill at Moderate Difficulty. On a mishap, the
            communication fails to arrive at the destination gate in time
            and the starship is trapped in hyperspace forever.

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