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Section of Site: Starships D20Belongs to Faction: IndependentSubtype: TransportEra: ImperialCanon: No

Naboo C-Type Shuttle

The C-type is a sleek little shuttle. Built on Naboo and sold widely
off-world, most models lack the polished chrome finish of the J-Type
Royal Starship which was produced some 300 years later (though the
Monarch of Naboo did own a chrome C-type for some time).

Also, unlike the J-, the C- is armed: a retractable twin laser turret
is seemlessly mounted atop the shuttle`s spine, offering a degree of
defense to the shuttle`s crew and passengers. The cockpit (complete
with polished transparisteel viewscreen which can be tinted to reduce
glare) and passenger space are both extremely well furnished and

The ship is driven by a pair of small engines concealed beneath the
shuttle`s stubby winglets.

The most famous C-type was the "Kindred Spirit", flown by the Jedi
twins Kalira and Ingcha Lornyiss...

Though first built 300 years prior to the Battle of Naboo, the ship is
very durable (though spare parts are impossible to find outside of Theed),
and a handful are still around by the time of the J-Type.

By the time of the Galactic Civil War, the ship had become somewhat of
a collector`s piece, an icon of a past age...

Introduced: 300 years prior to Phantom Menace

Craft: Theed Palace Space Vessel Engineering Corps C-type Shuttle
Class: Space transport
Cost: 80,000 credits (new)
Size: Small (28 meters long)
Initiative: +5 (+1 size, +4 crew)
Crew: 2 (Skilled +4)
Passengers: 4
Cargo Capacity: 3 metric tons
Consumables: 2 weeks
Hyperdrive: x1 (backup x12)
Maximum Speed: Ramming
Maneuver: +5 (+1 size, +4 crew)
Defense: 21 (+1 size, +10 armour)
Shields: 30
Hull: 80
DR: 10

Weapon: Twin laser cannon
Fire Arc: Turret
Attack Bonus: +9 (+1 size, +4 crew, +4 fire control)
Damage: 5d10x2
Ranges: PB/S +0, M/L n/a

Ronin's Notes:
Yep, it`s based on the ship from "Flight of the Navigator"! ;-)
Specifically in it`s tear-drop fast-speed configuration (not that the C-type
can morph it`s hull).

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