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Section of Site: Starships D20Belongs to Faction: IndependentSubtype: StarfighterEra: ImperialCanon: No

Ashanda Heavy Fighter

The Ashanda-class Heavy Fighter was designed by a group of engineers
from every facet of TriCorp. The principles, RanCorp, Metacorp, and
SATAL Arms all sent their top ship desingners in each field (weapons,
hull, drive systems, controls ect.) as well as contracting help from
the top engineer from each subsidiary company and KDY, Incom, and SFS
enginners all pulled together to design and create this ship. They all
worked together to make a ship that would be tough, resiliant, fast
and agile, and deceptively powerful.

The result ended up looking a bit like minature Mon Calamari cruiser with
pods and blisters on the hull at seemingly random spots. But some of the
pods hold sensor gear or weapons. Some of the blisters are actually power
screws that spiral up into the hull hiding the weapon attached to it in a
sensor masked compartment. It's nearly impossible to detect the weapons
when they are pulled up. The weapons can then spiral down all at once or
individualy for use. Once down they can spin back up or even just spin
making the weapon turreted. Triple laser cannons and warhead 'hardpoints'
are attached in these weapon blisters and thus the concealed punch of
this fighter is greater than almost any other fighter in the galaxy.

Also like Mon Calamari ships, the Ashanda-class fighter is equipped with
redundant shield systems making it tougher than usual and the entire hull
is molecularly bonded at the seems making it tougher and more streamlined.
The ship is as agile and swift as it appears to be and can out manuver an
X-wing or TIE fighter with relative ease.

Craft: TriCorp Ashanda-class Heavy Fighter
Class: Starfighter
Size: Small (26 m long)
Hyperdrive: x2
Passangers: None
Cargo Capacity: 200 kg
Consumables: 2 days
Cost: Not Available For Sale
Maximum Speed In Space: Ramming (11 squares/action)
Atmospheric Speed: 1,250 km/h (21 squares/action)
Crew: 1 (Expert +8)
Initiative: +9 (+1 size, +8 crew)
Maneuver: +9 (+1 size, +8 crew)
Defense: 21 (+1 size, +10 armor)
Shield Points: 90* (DR 5)
Backup shields: 180
Hull Points: 140 (DR 5)
Sensor Mask:
        All weapons blisters when pulled in are set in a protetive sensor
        masking field adding +15 to the DC of detecting the weapons
        when they are in their hidden mode.
  4 Triple Laser Cannons
    Fire Arc: Turret
    Attack Bonus: +8 (+1 size, +4 crew, +3 fire control)
    Damage: 5d10x2
    Range Modifiers: PB/S +0, M/L n/a
  18 Ordnance Hardpoints
    Fire Arc: Varies
    Attack Bonus: Varies
    Damage: Varies
    Range Modifiers: Varies
    Note: The Ashanda may be fitted with up to 18 concussion missiles
(8d10x2), 18 proton torpedoes (9d10x2), or any combination of the two.
Other ordnance includes various free-fall bombs, a pair of "eggs"
(5d10x5), 8 heavy rockets (10d10x2), or 4 heavy space bombs (11d10x2).

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