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Section of Site: Starships D20Belongs to Faction: IndependentSubtype: StarfighterEra: ImperialCanon: No

Trisom N-13 Stinger

Trisom Incorporated was a small rim world based speeder manufacturing company for a hundred years. Until Teron-ver, great grandson of the founder of Trisom Mavrik-ver, took control of Trisom and started building starships as well as speeders. The first completed design, the N-13 Stinger, was proposed to the New Republic who immediatly applied for 2 sqaudrons of the Stingers. They were produced and sold to the New republic with all due haste.

The N-13 Stinger is shaped with a 5 meter wide front, rounded so that the back is a mere 1.5 meters wide, with what apears to be a stinger that swings up above the middle of the ship 1 meter from the front of the Stinger itself. the stinger if 16 meters long, and use a new generater named acrite N-18 pulse The generater uses a new technolgy developed by Trisom known as acrite pulse fusion. The N-18 creates a huge amount of energy but is only the size of a normal X-wing's generater and can power enhanced shields, sensers, weapons and engines.

Unfortunately, the enhanced powers make it so very few pilots can handle the ship correctly without proper training.

Craft: Trisom N-13 Stinger
Class: Starfighter
Size: Tiny (15 m long)
Hyperdrive: x1
Passangers: None
Cargo Capacity: 200 kg
Consumables: 1 week
Cost: 5 million (new)
Maximum Speed In Space: Ramming (14 squares/action)
Atmospheric Speed: 1,500 km/h (26 squares/action)
Crew: 1 (Normal +2)
Initiative: +4 (+2 size, +2 crew)
Maneuver: +4 (+2 size, +2 crew)
Defense: 22 (+2 size, +10 armor)
Shield Points: 110 (DR 5)
Hull Points: 120 (DR 5)
  2 Laser Cannons
    Fire Arc: Front
    Attack Bonus: +5 (+2 size, +3 fire control)
    Damage: 5d10x2
    Range Modifiers: PB/S +0, M/L n/a
  2 Proton Torpedo Launchers
    Fire Arc: Front
    Attack Bonus: +5 (+2 size, +3 fire control)
    Damage: 9d10x2
    Missil Quality: Ordinary (+10)
  Heavy Ion Cannon
    Fire Arc: Front
    Attack Bonus: +5 (+2 size, +3 fire control)
    Damage: 5d10x2
    Range Modifiers: PB/S +0, M -2, L n/a
  Heavy Rocket Launcher
    Fire Arc: Front
    Attack Bonus: +6 (+2 size, +4 fire control)
    Damage: 11d10x2
    Missil Quality: Ordinary (+10)

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