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Section of Site: Vehicles D6Belongs to Faction: Old RepublicSubtype: Ground VehiclesEra: ImperialCanon: No

Ripper APC

The Ripper APCs were fielded by the Republic Army many decades
before the Clone Wars made their mark on the galaxy. Unlike most
army combat vehicles, the Ripper was not a repulsorlift-equipped
vehicle. Instead, it used four massive armored wheels to propel
itself across the terrain. Due to this, the Rippers were mainly
restricted to relatively flat areas and were often deployed in
urban settings for street patrol.

Inside, the APC housed a virtual mobile command center with
sophisticated sensor and communication equipment to assist the
assigned officer in efficiently and effectively directing and
monitoring the movement of the APC's squad.

The Rippers were often times used in conjunction with the
Apone-class assault shuttles which were designed specifically
to ferry the APCs from ship to surface and then back again.

Commonly the Rippers were only deployed during states of martial
law, for light assaults, policing raids and rarely for large scale
military actions unless the terrain proved to be easily navigable.

Designer Notes: Based off of the APC from the movie Aliens.

Model: Mekuun Ripper-class APC
Type: Armored personnel carrier
Scale: Speeder
Skill: Ground vehicle operation
Length: 17.85 meters
Crew: 1; gunners: 1
Crew Skill: Ground vehicle operation 4D, vehicle blasters 4D
Cargo Capacity: 250 kilograms
Passengers: 8 (troops), 1 (officer)
Cover: Full
Cost: Not available for sale
Maneuverability: 0D+2
Move: 55; 160 kmh
Body: 3D+2
Double Repeating Blaster
        Fire Arc: Front
        Crew: 1 (pilot)
        Scale: Character
        Skill: Vehicle blasters
        Fire Control: 1D
        Range: 3-75/150/400
        Damage: 6D
Medium Blaster Cannon
        Fire Arc: Turret
        Crew: 1 (gunner)
        Skill: Vehicle blasters
        Fire Control: 1D
        Range: 50-200/500/1 km
        Damage: 3D+2

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