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Section of Site: Vehicles D6Belongs to Faction: Galactic EmpireSubtype: RepulsorliftEra: ImperialCanon: No

Imperial Jagdghest Heavy Repulsortank

The Jagdghest heavy repulsortank is the hunting version of the older-
generation Ghest heavy repulsortank. Equipped with a 75mm self-propelled
artillery cannon, the Jagdghest is now a converted tank-killing weapon.

The Empire first started production of the Jagdghest in the autumn of
+1, or one year after the Battle of Yavin. However, due to technical
problems and lack of construction materials, the repulsortank was not
released off the production lines until late in the winter of +2.

The Jagdghest made its premiere in the Commonwealth Sector conflict, an
outlying sector of resource poor systems that revolted against the Empire.
The tank, with its supreme tank-killing ability, made repulsor-aces out of
many tank commanders fast.

It wasn't until the Battle of Astenda (a city of intense fighting that took
place in the Commonwealth Sector) though that the Jagdghest showed its true
ability. SE repulsor commander Major Sepp Wunsch outflanked an army of
Commonwealth tanks with his lowly division of Jagdghests, and when the
20th day of the conflict came about, every Commonwealth tank was left in
a field of burning metal and man. Not a single Imperial tank was lost
during the entire battle.

Craft: Ubrikkian Jagdghest Heavy Repulsorlift Tank
Type: Upgraded anti-armor repulsortank
Scale: Speeder
Length: 13.5 meters
Skill: Repulsorlift operation: repulsortank
Crew: 3, gunners: 2; skeleton: 3/+15  
Crew Skill: Repulsorlift operation 5D, vehicle firearms 3D+2,
            vehicle blasters 4D, missile weapons 5D+1
Cargo Capacity: 175 kilograms
Cover: Full
Altitude Range: Ground level - 1.5 meters
Cost: Not available for sale
Move: 18; 50 kmh
Body Strength: front: 5D, sides: 4D+2, rear: 4D, beneath: 2D+1
        Passive: 10/0D
        Scan: 50/1D+2
150mm (Self-Propelled Artillery) Massdriver Cannon
        Fire Arc: Front (limited 13? traverse in each direction)  
        Crew: 1
        Skill: Vehicle firearms
        Fire Rate: 1/2
        Ammo: 30 rounds
        Fire Control: 0D
        Range: 20-500/1.5/2.5 km
        Damage: 8D
Concussion Grenade Launcher
        Fire Arc: Front
        Crew: 1
        Skill: Missile weapons
        Fire Control: 1D+2
        Range: 25-80/250/450
        Damage: 3D
2 Heavy Anti-Armor Missile Tubes
        Fire Arc: 1 Front/Left, 1 Front/Right
        Crew: 1
        Scale: Walker
        Skill: Missile weapons
        Ammo: 4 missiles (per launcher)
        Fire Control: 2D+1
        Range: 75-200/1.5/2 km
        Damage: 6D
2 Light Repeating Blasters
        Fire Arc: 1 front; 1 back
        Crew: 2 (1 each)
        Scale: Character
        Skill: Vehicle blasters
        Fire Control: 1D
        Range: 3-50/200/300
        Damage: 6D
2 Smoke Projector Units
        Fire Arc: Back
        Crew: 1
        Skill: Missile weapons
        Fire Control: 0D
        Area of Effect: 10 meters
Effect/Damage: +2D to the difficulty of all Perception, search, or ranged
combat skills until smoke clears. Smoke effect last for 6D rounds.

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