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Section of Site: Vehicles D20Belongs to Faction: Galactic EmpireSubtype: WalkersEra: ImperialCanon: No

AT-CAT Command Walker

Developed not long after the Battle of Hoth in response to the rebel's
tow-cable tactic. Also a superb fire-platform for 'quelling riots' and
decimating enemy infantry.

Class: walker
Cost: Not available for sale
Size: colossal (-8, 20.6m long, 15.5m tall)
Crew: 11 (expert +8)
Passengers: 32
Cargo: 1 metric ton
Speed: 20
Altitude: n/a
Defense: 14 (-8 size, +12 armour)
Hull: 200
DR: 15

Weapon: 2 (fl) Heavy Laser Cannons
Fire Arc: 2 front *
Attack Bonus: +4 (-8 size, +8 crew, +4 fire control)
Damage: 6d10
Range Increment: 300 meters

Weapon: 2 (fl) medium blaster cannons
Fire Arc: f*
Attack Bonus: +4 (-8 size, +8 crew, +4 fire control)
Damage: 3d10
Range Increment: 100 meters

Weapon: 6 E-WEB turrets
Fire Arc: 1f*/2t/1r/1l/1b
Attack Bonus: +2 (+4 vs speeders) (-8 size, +8 crew, +2 fire control
              (special: +4 vs speeders))
Damage: 6d8
Range Increment: 80 meters

Note: * = head mounted.
The E-WEBs are mounted in the following turrets;
1 on top of the head, 2 either side of the body, 1 belly turret, 1 spine
turret, and 1 rear gunner. Though it should be noted that not all AT-CATs
have all 6 turrets, usually only 2 or 3 are present. Often the medium
blasters on the sides of the head are replaced with E-WEB turrets instead.
It has proven extremely capable at defending itself against rebel speeders
and acting as a fire-base against enemy infantry.

AT-CAT's with only the belly turret have been taken down successfully by
rebel speeder pilots by flying so that the walker's own legs block the turret's
line of sight.

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