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Section of Site: Weapons D6Belongs to Faction: Subtype: WEAPONSEra: TNGCanon: No


       Starfleet has extensively studied Grakka energy pistols and rifles. Unlike Federation, Klingon and other Alpha Quadrant weapons, Grakka weapons are not configurable - they have a single lethal setting. They fire a phased polaron beam.

       The Grakka Rifle can be fired in automatic mode; holding down the trigger causes it to keep shooting bolts of energy (up to 10 per round). If a character uses automatic fire against a single target, he hits with one bolt if his attack Test succeeds exactly, and with another bolt for every 2 points by which his Test Result exceeds the target Difficulty Number. So if a shooter rolls an 11 with a DN of 7, he hits the target with three energy bolts. Each bolt inflicts damage separately.

       Alternately a character may use automatic fire against multiple targets. To do so, he declares how many shots he will fire, up to 10. All targets must be within a 90 degree arc in front of the character, and he must fire at all individuals within that area - he cannot "skip over" allies to target only enemies. He makes a separate Test to hit each target at the standard Difficulty Number for range, with +1 to the DN for each target after the first (thus, the second target is at +1 DN the third at +2, and so forth) Starting on one side of the arc he "sweeps" the gun across the arc, rolling to hit each target as he goes, until he reaches his declared number of shots.


Grakka Pistol
Damage: 15 + 4d6 (20 charges/shot)
Range: 5/20/50/100
Size: 25 cm long, 0.7 L in volume
Mass: 0.7 kg
Energy: 1,250 charges


Grakka Rifle
Damage: 18 + 4d6 (25 charges/shot)
Range: 5/40/80/150
Size: 60 cm long, 1.7 L in volume
Mass: 1.1 kg
Energy: 1,750 charges


       The kar'takin is a short, sword-like weapon used by the Grakka. It features a straight cutting edge, a sharp point for thrusting, and a blunt hilt usable for clubbing.

Size: 100 cm long
Mass: 1.7 kg
Accuracy: 7
Block: +2
Damage: 4+2d6

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