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Section of Site: Vehicles D20Belongs to Faction: Palvar SectorSubtype: RepulsorliftEra: ImperialCanon: No

Hellfire Light Repulsortank

The need for a standardized repulsortank in the Palvar Defense Force
became quite obvious during the long and bloody Battle of Palan, in
which PDF forces were entrenched against rival MetaCorp forces for
nearly four years of continuous and uneffective fighting. Unfortunately
for those PDF soliders on Palan, the Hellfile light repulsortank came
only mere weeks after the final cruise missile assault on the MetaCorp
lines. The first Hellfires off the lines were deployed to the Hellfire
assault regiment for which they were named.

The Hellfire repulsortank is typical of many tanks found throughout the
galaxy with a large weapons turret located on top of the vehicle and the
main access hatch on the top of that. An antipersonnel repeating blaster is
mounted just in front of the hatch, allowing the gunner to quickly man it if
needed. However, unlike most repulsortanks in service, the main weapon on
the Hellfire is not an energy weapon, it is a large railgun. The railgun
fires a projectile several times the speed of sound via magnetic propulsion.
Unlike many projectile weapons, the railgun is almost silent in operation as
there is no internal explosion propelling the round.

The Hellfire is the most common repulsortank in the Palvar Defense Force
and can be found almost anywhere there is a significant number of PDF

Craft: Kashan Industries/Mestic Munitions "Hellfire" Light Repulsortank
Class: Speeder [Ground]
Size: Huge (8.93 m long)
Passangers: 0
Cargo Capacity: 1 ton
Speed: 105 m
Max Velocity: 300 km/h
Cost: 45,950 (new)
Crew: 2 (Skilled +4)
Initiative: +2 (-2 size, +4 crew)
Maneuver: +2 (-2 size, +4 crew)
Defense: 13* (-2 size, +5 armor)
Shield Points: 0
Hull Points: 50 (DR 5)
*Provides full cover to crew.
  Medium Railgun
    Fire Arc: Turret (turns one arc per round)
    Attack Bonus: +2 (-2 size, +2 crew, +2 fire control)
    Damage: 5d10
    Range Increments: 350 m
  Heavy Repeating Blaster
    Fire Arc: Turret (on top of main turret)
    Attack Bonus: +1 (-2 size, +2 crew, +1 fire control)
    Damage: 4d8
    Range Increments: 80 m
    Notes: The repeating blaster is mounted on top of the turret just
in front of the main access hatch. Cover is reduced to 1/4 when
operating the repeating blaster. Blaster cannot be fired from inside
the tank.

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