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Modifying Ships in d20 (Version 1.0)

A mini-supplement by Matt Richard
Copyright 2002 to Dark Lords of the Sith, and Matt Richard

On pages 28 and 29 of Starships of the Galaxy, a supplement by Wizards of the Coast, rules for modifying and upgrading ships is given, but it is my personal opinion that d6 had better rules for modifying ships. It is because of this that we converted them into d20 format.

I. Using Repair Skills

The skill, Repair in d20 can be used as a way to repair a broken part of a ship, or vehicle. These rules are given for general repair usage. Note these rules are meant to replace the current repair skills to give an alternative version of repairing.

The Repair skill check can be made several times in order to repair a ship. The first roll equals 15 minutes of work. If that roll fails, more Repair check rolls can be made, also equaling 15 minutes of work.
Repair check rolls can be made in between adventures, since some repairs take longer than others. In these cases, a person can take 10 if the length between adventures is 3 days - 4 weeks. They may also take 20 if the length between adventures is 4 weeks - 10 weeks. Both lengths are in "Game terms."

Each part of a vehicle or starship that is damaged must be repaired by separate rolls. Players can work together on repairs separately, meaning they can't cooperate, and they each must roll separate Repair checks.

Use the following to determin the difficulty and cost of a certain repair.

Use the information given on page 216 of the Revised Core Rulebook for natural repairs (the shield points come back naturally acording to Table 11-10 of the Revised Core Rulebook). To speed up shield point recovery, use the following.
To double the rate of shield point recovery, make a Repair Check (DC 25).
To triple the rate of shield point recovery, make a Repair Check (DC 35).
*Note*: Add or Subtract size modifier to check.
To replace a shield generator (all shield points lost), replace it with one of equal amount of shield points for 1,000 credits.

Use the rules on page 216 of the Revised Core Rulebook for how to repair Hull Damage.

Use the rules found on pages 216 and 217 of the Revised Core Rulebook for how to repaire damage due to Ion Weapons.

Each ship has a stabilizer. To repair it, the cost is a tenth of the original cost of the stabilizer (Costs are based on size). It also requires a Repair Check (DC 5) to fix. Use the following table to determine stabilizer cost. Use the table if you also want to replace the stabilizer, as the table lists original costs as well.
Size  Colossal  Gargantuan  Huge  Large  Medium-size  Small  Tiny  Diminutive  Fine

Cost   2,000      1,750    1,500  1,250     1,000      750   500      250       100

1/10=   200        175      150    125       100        75    50      25        10

*Note*: An astromech droid can repair a stabilizer in flight (DC 5) with no cost (if droid fails repair check, the stabilizer must be fixed as described above).

When sensors are damaged, you can repair them at no cost, but size determines difficulty. Start at DC 5 for Fine, and increase by 5 for every size up.
If a sensors system is blown, you can buy a chip that will restart the system and repair all internal damage (cost of chip: 500 credits).

If a computer system of any kind is damaged, an astromech can easily repair the damage (DC 5) at any time, but if the check fails or the system is beyond repair, contact the manufacturer and get a replacement system for a quarter of the ships original cost (according to the government lists for standerdized costs of ships).
This includes a hyperdrive system, which may also be repaired by anyone, not just an astromech droid.

Weapons can be repaired to their full use by a simple Repair Check (DC 15). The cost is equal to half the original price of the weapon.

II. Modifying Vehicles, Ships, and Weapons

These descriptions come with the upgrade, the difficulty, the cost, and the maximum number of upgrades the particular system can handle. It is up to the GM on whether or not to use the Repair or Craft skill for upgrades. Also note that a Tech Specialist when doing the upgrades lowers the difficulty by 2, and increases the maximum upgrades by 2.

HYPERDRIVES (Can be upgraded 4 times)
x5 to x4 (DC 5), 100
x4 to x3 (DC 10), 150
X3 to X2 (DC 15), 200
X2 to x1 (DC 20), 250
x1 to x1/2 (DC 25), 300
x1/2 to x1/4 (DC 30), 350

SPEED (Can be upgraded 5 steps, one step at a time)
(Speeds are increased proportionaly, if space goes up 1 unit, so does atmoshperic movement)
+1 (DC 5), 25
+2 (DC 10), 50
+3 (DC 15), 75
+4 (DC 20), 100
+5 (DC 25), 125
+6 (DC 30), 150
+7 (DC 35), 175

SHIELDS (Can be upgraded 4 steps, one step at a time)
+5 (DC 5), 50
+10 (DC 10), 100
+15 (DC 15), 150
+20 (DC 20), 200
+25 (DC 25), 250
+30 (DC 30), 300

HULL (see Shields)

WEAPONS (Can be upgraded twice per weapon)
You increase the amount of dice thrown, regardless of the dice.
+1 (DC 10), 200
+2 (DC 20), 400
+3 (DC 30), 800
+4 (DC 40), 1,600

Please bear in mind that this supplement is in no way my final attempt at this, as I am not too impressed with it myself, but for now it will do, and I will definetely be making future versions of this.

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