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Section of Site: Starships D6Belongs to Faction: IndependentSubtype: CapitalEra: ImperialCanon: No

Craft: FNASS Audacity
Type: escort starfighter carrier
Scale: capital
Dimensions: length 144.7 m, beam 17.1 m
Crew: 234, gunners: 14
Passengers: up to 72 (pilots and other aircrew)
Cargo Capacity: 308 tons
Consumables: 8 months
Hyperdrive: none
Maneuverability: 0D
Space: 2
Hull: 1D+2
Shields: none
Sensors: 5/0D; 10/0D+1; 15/1D; 1/1D+1
1 Heavy Blaster
    Fa: forward-port-starboard
    Crew: 2
    Fc: 0D+2
    Space range: 2-8/25/50
    Damage: 1D+2
12 Light Railguns
    Fa: 3 all
    Crew: 1
    Fc: 2D
    Scale: Starfighter
    Space range: 1-3/6/10
    Damage: 2D
Starfighters: 6
Capsule: The Audacity was the first carrier built by the FNA specifically to serve in an escort role. The hull chosen to be converted into the Audacity was that of an almost new cargo liner which had been damaged by an internal fire. This new escort carrier was designed to carry a small number of fighters to ward off long-range HPL fighters, as well as a torpedo bomber if possible to help ward off attacks by Q-Boats. Because little of the interior of the ship was reconfigured, aside from the obvious conversion of much of the cargo space into a hangar, the Audacity retained her original accommodations, which were of a higher standard than most fleet berths. In her first mission with convoy OG41 heavy attacks from Q-Boats and starfighters caused the loss of 6 merchant ships, but the starfighters of the Audacity prevented further losses by shooting down one fighter, chasing off others, and causing 2 Q-Boats to engage their stealth systems (known as ‘going under') and lose contact with the convoy. The very next convoy which the Audacity escorted was involved in a 4 day nonstop battle in which the HPL lost 5 Q-Boats and a number of reconnaissance fighters to only 2 FNA merchantmen lost. Not all of the HPL losses were attributed to the Audacity, but she had proven the value of an escort carrier. The Audacity was lost shortly later to 3 torpedoes launched by Q-Boats.

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