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Section of Site: Weapons D6Belongs to Faction: Subtype: WEAPONSEra: ImperialCanon: No

Galactic Arms Industries Company
BLR-1B Beam Rifle ("Surgeon")
Weapon Type: Beam Laser
Scale: Character
Skill: Lasers: Beam Rifle
Ammo: 50*
Availability: 3,X
Body: 2D
Range: 3-30/150/750
Damage: 4D**
Cost: 2250 Cr, 100 Cr (Energy Cell)
* Beam duration bonus:
  Can fire up to five units of energy per round, distributed freely among the targets. Each additional unit used on a target gives +1 pip damage bonus.
** Accuracy bonus:
   +1 pip per every 3 that the to-hit roll exceeded the difficulty,up to a maximum of +1D.
WHOAH! Note that firing a long 5 units' beam with maximum accuracy bonus, the damage is 6D+1! This would require a to-hit roll that exceeds the difficulty by 9 or more.
Built-in scope:
The Surgeon has a targetting scope with a range-finder, light amplifier and up to 16x magnification. When an action is spent to use the scope, the to-hit difficulty is as if the target was one range category nearer than it is, though no additional bonus is gain when the range is short or point-blank. Also, penalties
from darkness don't count.
The frequency of the laser beam can be altered (takes an action), changing it's colour. The beam can even be x-ray or ultraviolet frequency and thus invisible to human eyes (no accuracy bonus, but it's impossible to tell the direction where the beam came from). Some snipers use UV-frequencies and wear UV-goggles, so they see into the UV-spectrum while others don't see the beam.
The weapon can be modified (moderate Laser Repair, a few hundred creds for hardware) to shoot a micro-frequency beam. Such a beam doesn't burn living tissue only from outside, but also penetrates cells and makes them explode! Increases damage against organic targets by 2 pips, decreases damage against inorganic targets by 1D. Personal armor negates the micro-frequency effect, so this modification is typically used against civilians, especially by proficient assasins.
GAICO BLR-1B is an expensive and illegal weapon, but still it can be found in the hands of many mercs, bounty hunters and assassins. Not to mention Imperial special forces...

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