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Section of Site: Weapons D6Belongs to Faction: Subtype: ARTILLERY EMPLACEMENTSEra: ImperialCanon: No

Hunter-Killer Missile System
Scale: capital
Skill: sensors (for target lock), capital ship gunnery (for attack roll)
Fire control: 4D (sensors), 7D+1 (on board computer's capital ship gunnery
Damage: 6D+2
Typical missile loadout per launcher: 24
ROF: 2
Crew: 1 (sensor operator), 2 (technicians) total: 3
Game notes: To fire this missile the sensor operator must get a target lock (obtained as if the sensors roll was a capital ship gunnery roll with 4D fire control) at a range of up to 144 units (anything over 48 units away is considered extreme long range, difficulty of 22+ any modifiers). The misile has a space speed of 12 and makes 4 moves per round. In other words it travels up to 48 units per round, and has enough fuel for 6 rounds of travel, or 288 space units. This means that even a target at extreme long range that is moving away from the launching vessel can be fired upon with a reasonable chance that the missile will hit its target. On the round that the missile reaches the target, roll 7D+1 for the roll to hit the target. If the missile misses, it can come around for another attempt each round untill it runs out of fuel. For example up to 6 attempts could be made to hit a target that was less than 48 units away from the firing vessel. No matter what direction the launcher is facing on a ship, the highly manueverable missile can be fired at a target in any fire arc. The missile can be shot down in flight, but because of its small size, speed, and manueverability this is a very difficult task. The onboard computers of the Hunter-Killer are equipped with evasion routines, and if these are activated by the firing crew the H-K missile performs a vehicle dodge each round on the way to its target. The skill level of the manuevering computers is 5D. When evasion mode is activated the missile only travels at a speed of 10, as fuel is diverted to manuevering. The missile has a hull code of 2D starfighter scale.
Capsule: This is Lobic Arms' premier capital ship missile system. The H-K was designed about a year before the battle of Endor. Since then the system has undergone numerous upgrades, mostly to the targeting sensors and the missile's onboard systems. Lobic Arms manufactures a limited number of these systems, but also subcontracts work on them out to Kuat Drive Yards. The H-K is widely considered to be one of the best long range missile systems on the market, largely due to its accuracy, and the difficulty involved in shooting it down. When compared to similarly sized concussion missiles and proton torpedoes the H-K has less destructive ability, but it is considered to be more of a finesse weapon than one of brute force. The H-K is at its best when making precision strikes on targets before they come within the range of turbolasers. The system has similar power requirements to a medium ion cannon, but a ship will normally only mount a couple of H-K systems, despite these reasonable power requirements. The main reason for this is that this system is very expensive, mainly because of the specialised sensor and targeting system. The missiles themselves are also fairly expensive.

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