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Section of Site: Vehicles D6Belongs to Faction: Galactic EmpireSubtype: RepulsorliftEra: ImperialCanon: No

Craft: Kuat Drive Yards' EX-3 Devastator
Type: Mobile Assualt Base
Scale: Capital
Length: 350m
Skill: Repulsorlift operation: Devastator
Crew:80, gunners: 311
Passengers:vehicle pilots, crews and assault troops: 2100, security
troops: 800, misc personnel: 400
Cargo Capacity: 200 tons
Cover: full to ?
Manueverability: oh yeah, right
Move: 21; 60kmh
Flight Ceiling: 10m
Body Strength: 6D
1 KDY v-150 Planet Defender Ion Cannon
6 Speizoc v-188 Penetrator Anti-Vehicle Guns
4 Loronar Turbolaser System Is
12 Golan Arms DF .9 Anti-Infantry Batteries
12 CoMar Tri-Tracker Surface-To-Air Guns
6 Bryn & Gweigth Leveler I Field Missile Launchers
60 E-Web Heavy Repeating Blasters
Vehicles Carried:
2 Lambda-class shuttles
40 TIEs (various types)
10 AT-AT Walkers
10 AT-ST Walkers
40 Speeder Bikes
40 Repulsorlift Sleds
20 Hoverscouts
20 Heavy Imperial-class Repulsortanks
10 Floating Fortresses
10 Juggernauts
60 Compact Assault Vehicles
30 Venaari Strike Speeders
20 132 Imperial Patrol Airspeeders
Capsule: This massive vehicle is the brainchild of Admiral Doluk (who was later promoted to Grand Admiral before being killed in a hyperspace accident on his super star destroyer's maiden voyage) and General Adamar who were assigned to the edges of the Empire to conquer any worlds not currently aligned with the Empire and to subjigate those that had gone into open revolt. For these purposes a pre-fab garrison base placed on the planet was often inadiquate without orbital support since a garrison could only be used to effectively control the area of the planet in which it was placed. In order to circumvent this problem, which was tying up much of the fleet unnecessarily, Doluk and Adamar came up with the idea
of a mobile base that would be able to function independantly of orbital support and move to the trouble zones of a planet as required. The first few experimental versions of this were built with whatever materials were available at the time, including parts of pre-fab garrisons, and various artillery pieces. The design was supremely successful and when the Empire contracted KDY to put it into limited production nobody saw any need to stop using these parts which were readily available.
        In appearance the Devastator is very similar to a slightly larger version of the standard Imperial garrison, except that it presents a lower profile, has more weapons emplacements, and is surrounded by a guard catwalk which mounts heavy repeaters. The Devastator is powered by massive repulsorlift engines on the underside. This is the vehicle's major weakness, as the repulsorlift engines are, by necessity, not well shielded. In order to prevent anyone from getting underneath the base and causing a bit of havok, a forcefield generator creates a virtually impenetrable field of energy around the edges of the base which extends to the ground.
Stats for all of the artillery pieces can be found in the Imperial Sourcebook. Most of the vehicles can also be found there. The Heavy Imperial-class Repulsortank is from AJ9, the Venaari Strike Speeder is from AJ5, and the 132 Imperial Patrol Airspeeder was posted to the Star Wars RPG list a while back (sorry, I don't remember who came up with the stats).

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