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Incom T-65XJ3 X-Wing

Incom T-65XJ3 X-Wing


Section of Site: Vehicles D6Belongs to Faction: Galactic EmpireSubtype: WalkersEra: ImperialCanon: No

Craft: MerenData Colossus-Class Tank Droid
     Type: Super Heavy Automated Assault Craft
     Dexterity: 3D
        Blaster Artillery: 8D, Missile Weapons: 7D, Vehicle Blasters: 9D
     Knowledge: 2D
        Alien Species: 6D, Languages: 5D, Cultures: 6D, Scholar: Military History: 13D
        Tactics: 13D, Willpower: 8D
     Mechanical: 3D
        Capital Ship Gunnery: 5D, Communications: 5D+2, Ground Vehicle Operations: 7D,
        Sensors: 7D
     Perception: 3D
        Command: 8D, Search: 7D
     Strength: 8D
        Brawl: Ramming: 10D, Stamina: 12D
     Technical: 2D
        Armor Repair: 5D, Blaster Repair: 7D, Droid Repair: 8D, Ground Vehicle Repair: 8D,
        Missile Weapons Repair: 6D
     Scale: Walker
     Length: 50 meters
     Skill: See Above
     Crew: None
     Passengers: 100 Storm Berserker-Class War Droids
     Cargo Capacity: 10 metric tons
     Cover: Full
     Consumables: None
     Cost: 7.5 million credits (Storm Berserker complement costs 15 million credits)
     Maneuverability: 2D
     Move: 55; 160 kmh
     Body Strength: 12D
     Shields: 8D
        Passive: 10 km/1D+2
        Search: 20 km/ 2D
        Scan: 30 km/2D+2
        Focus: 2 km/3D
        3 Hellbore Cannons (May Be Fire-Linked)
           Scale: Capital
           Fire Arc: Turret
           Fire Rate: 1 Blast Per Gun Per Round
           Skill: Blaster Artillery
           Fire Control: 4D
           Range: 100-1.2/10/50 km
           Blast Radius: 100 meters
           Damage: 15D (18D Fire-Linked)
           Ammunition: 40 per gun

        16 Rotary Laser Cannons
           Scale: Speeder
           Fire Arc: 3 Front, 5 Left, 5 Right, 3 Back
           Fire Rate: 25
           Skill: Vehicle Blasters
           Fire Control: 6D For Fire Suppression or 3D For Sustained Fire
           Range: 40-1.2/6/32 km
           Blast Radius: 10 meters
           Damage: 6D For A Single Laser Blast (12D For Sustained Fire)

        8 Proton Missile Batteries
           Scale: Walker
           Fire Arc: 2 Front, 2 Left, 2 Right, 2 Back
           Fire Rate: 6 Missile Volleys Per Battery Per Round
           Skill: Missile Weapons
           Fire Control: 6D For Suppression Fire or 3D For Single Target Volleys
           Range: 40-1.2/6/32 km
           Blast Radius: 20 meters (200 meters For A 6 Missile Volley)
           Damage: 7D For A Single Missile (10D For A 6 Missile Volley)
           Ammunition: 48 Per Battery (384 Total)

        10 Super Heavy Concussion Missile Tubes
           Scale: Capital
           Fire Arc: Spine-Mounted Launch Tubes
           Fire Rate: Up To 10 Per Round
           Skill: Capital Ship Gunnery
           Fire Control: 8D
           Range: 10-150/500/1,000 km (Atmosphere-High Orbit/50/100)
           Blast Radius: 0-4/16/24/40 km (0-1/4/6/10 km Per Individual Warhead)
           Damage: 20D/15D/10D/5D (8D/6D/4D/2D Per Individual Warhead)
           Ammunition: 3 Per Launcher (30 Total)
     * refers to the number of space units from the planet if fired at invading ships
     Capsule: The Colossus-Class Tank Droid is another vehicle designed and sold exclusively to the Keltarrin Protectorate as part of the support craft carried
     aboard their enormous
     Tarkin-II Class Star Dreadnoughts. These massive war droids are the pinnacle in the evolution of the automated attack craft. Programmed with not only
     targeting and tactical data,
     the Colossus is programmed with the sum total knowledge of galactic military history and strategy. Each Colossus is the potential equivalent of a dozen
     generals in the arena of tactical and strategic knowledge. All Colossus droids are hard-wired with quadruple-redundancy and hardened personality cores to
     be utterly and
     completely loyal to the Keltarrin Protectorate. Each droid acts as a company commander and firebase for one hundred Storm Berserker-Class War Droids
     and can also be used to
     rally organic troops should the command staff of a group of organic troops be slain in combat. Each Colossus is given a letter-number designation as well as a
     "name" derived
     from the letters in it's name. Often the "name" chosen will be that of a great military leader or a significant historical battle. Thus a Colossus designated
     MDN-12J might come to be
     referred to as the Madine after the famous New Republic general. Another whose designation is SMC-23F could well be named the Stormcaller for the
     commander of the
     infamous Red Moons mercenary organization, Andrephan Stormcaller. Thus far the Colossus-Class of tank droid has only seen true combat 3 times but in all
     three cases prevailed
     with ridiculous ease against what military analysts had declared hopeless odds. The main weapon system of these mechanized behemoths is the massive
     triple-gunned Hellbore Cannon
     turret. These enormous guns have unparalleled range and destructive potential due to the innovative nature of the "projectiles" they fire. A Hellbore cannon
     works by the rather simple
     concept of directed thermonuclear devastation. A pellet of deuterium is loaded into a pulsed laser array and compressed by simultaneous firing of the lasers
     until a thirty kiloton
     thermonuclear reaction is generated. There are a total of five of these reaction chambers arranged equilaterally around a central chamber containing an
     enriched plutonium slug. The
     individual blasts are channeled through tiny tubes, each one precisely one centimeter in diameter, into the central ignition chamber where the combined forces
     of the five individual thirty
     kiloton blasts cause a second compression-induced thermonuclear detonation. This second blast is much more powerful due to the immense forces being
     directed into its creation and the
     enriched plutonium used as its reaction mass. This destructive energy is then directed down the molecularly bonded duranium barrels and kept in a coherent
     stream by a medium-powered
     repulsor-tunnel that keeps the fusion blast from dispersing over long distances. This main weapon is used to crack hardened bunkers, dug-in artillery
     emplacements, fortress walls, and
     the occasional mountain that might be in the way. They also have sufficient range to hit low-flying and careless capital ships that might be called in for
     space-borne fire support by the
     enemy. The secondary weapons of the Colossus are the proton missile batteries that are used for anti-tank and anti-starfighter work. The fire control
     computers of the missiles
     may be set for two modes. In the first mode the batteries volley missiles into a general area rather than at a specific target. This has the effect of a greatly
     increased total blast radius and
     can devastate defensive formations in moments. Alternately the missiles can be set to target specific objects or vehicles though their accuracy is greatly reduced
     in such instances. The
     tertiary weapon system of the Colossus consists of sixteen rotary laser cannons. These emplacements are mainly meant for close-in work against small
     speeders too nimble for the
     missiles to accurately target. They are also useful for the anti-infantry role and as a point defense system for shooting down enemy missile and rocket fire. Like
     the proton missiles the
     laser emplacements have two fire control settings, one meant to spray massive amounts of energy bolts over a large area and the other designed to concentrate
     the massive rate of fire of
     the rotary lasers on a single target. In the former case the lasers have devastatingly accurate fire control but in the latter the fire control accuracy comes back
     down to more average levels.
     The final weapon of the Colossus is by far it's most terrifying. The super heavy concussion missiles mounted on the Colossus are manufactured exclusively
     within the
     Keltarrin Protectorate for reason of security and because the so-called "super heavy concussion missiles" are really twelve high-energy fusion warheads!
     Constructed in much the same
     manner as normal concussion missiles, the "super heavies" use a molecularly bonded and gravitically collapsed synthetic diamond penetrator fitted into the tip
     of each of the twelve
     fusion warheads to pierce the thick armor plating of enemy warships. The missile splits into twelve warheads when anything other than another super heavy
     missile approaches to within
     ten kilometers of the missile.The explosive payload of each missile is a twenty-five kiloton shaped-charge warhead which rips through the target with a
     destructive force far out of
     proportion to the comparatively small charge of the warhead itself. By forcing the fusion-temperature plasma of the nuclear explosive through a ten-centimeter
     hole in the tip of the
     uranium penetrator a thin spike of super-heated plasma lances through the target and weakens the penetrator itself which fractures and splinters less than a
     microsecond after detonation.
     The resulting superdense shrapnel, along with the destructive fury of a thermonuclear explosion, rips apart the already weakened target from the inside. These
     deadly weapons are best
     used for planetary defense against enemy capital cruisers but they can also be used as city busters. When deployed in this role they function much the same
     way as when fired against
     enemy warships. The missile splits into twelve individual warheads upon detection of any possible interceptors approaching to within ten kilometers or when
     the missile is ten kilometers
     from it's target. The shaped-charge nature of the warheads works to limit the actual blast radius of the resulting explosions. The launchers are arranged in two
     columns of five tubes along
     the back of the Colossus where the sit inside the body of the droid pointing up. The silo doors of the launchers are magnetically sealed to prevent blaster fire
     from penetrating
     them and destroying the entire droid (and everything for many kilometers around) with a single lucky shot. These devastating weapons may only be deployed
     under two conditions. One
     is in the event that a planet is under attack by forces using either World Devastators or Death Star-Scale weapons. The only other way for these missiles to be
     deployed is under the
     direct orders of Grand Protector Skolaris. The droids themselves will accept no other situations or orders for the deployment of these weapons. If the droid
     should be irreparably damaged or completely immobilized there is a self destruct device that ensures that it will not be taken by the enemy. This device sends
     out an alert beacon to
     nearby Protectorate forces informing them of the impending blast which occurs five minutes later. The only two ways to stop this self-destruct mechanism is to
     send a non-destruct signal
     or to continue firing into the burning hulk until it is completely wrecked. This requires the equivalent of another destroyed result to be inflicted against a body
     strength of 2D walker scale.
     This still causes and explosion, but only one doing 15D capital scale to a two hundred fifty meter radius. If the destruct sequence is NOT somehow halted the
     resulting explosion is much
     more devastating. A ten megaton explosion rips through the battlefield inflicting 24D/18D/12D/6D capital scale damage to a 0-6/24/36/80 km radius.

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