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Section of Site: Vehicles D6Belongs to Faction: IndependentSubtype: WalkersEra: ImperialCanon: No

R-95 Dominator
Craft: Defence Corp. R-95 Dominater
Type: Super Heavy Battle Tank
Scale: Walker
Crew: 18
Passengers: 0
Cover: Full
Cargo: 50 KG (personal belongings only)
Move: 15; 43 KMH
Manuverability: 0D
Body: 8D (front & sides), 7D (rear)
Combat Weight: 1,200 tons
Length: 90m
        2 x Twin 230mm Howitzers
         Fire Arc: Turrets (1 360?, 1 180? to front)
         Crew: 1
         Skill: Vehicle Firearms
         Fire Control: 1D
         Range: 30-350/800/1.6 KM
         Damage: Varies with ammo
         Ammo: 60 (30 x HEAT, 30 x APFSDS)
        14 x 20mm automatic Cannon
         Fire Arc: Turrets (7 180? to left, 7 180? to right)
         Crew: 1
         Skill: Firearms
         Fire Control: 2D
         Range: 3-10/100/250
         Scale: Character
         Damage: 8D
         Ammo: 1000
Ammo types (damage):-
        APFSDS: 6D+2 v's hard targets, 4D v's soft targets
        HEAT: 5D+2/4D/2D, blast radius: 0/8/16m

The dominater is designed specifically for close up fighting, with a primary role of anti-infantry. The 230mm cannon however are more than capable of destroying most armoured vehicles. The dominator was designed and built by the Noqtuar HPL, and while only a few of the massive tanks exist, they have seen heavy action on the continent of Compthea on the planet Fanjin. The dominator was one of the last major designs to be built by the HPL's Defense Corp. before Lobic Arms arrived in the Nethin system and started supplying more advanced weaponry to the Noqtuar.

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