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Section of Site: Vehicles D6Belongs to Faction: IndependentSubtype: RepulsorliftEra: ImperialCanon: No

Craft: Mobquet CarryAll transport airspeeder
Type: heavy transport airspeeder
Scale: walker
Length: 34m
Skill: repulsorlift operation: CarryAll
Passengers: 40
Cargo capacity: 200 tons (external), up to 10 tons internal, but must sacrifice space for 4 passengers/ton
Cover: full
Altitude range: 0-3km
Cost: 47,000(used only)
Manueverability: 1D
Move: 105; 300kmh
Body strength: 5D
       6 Magnetic Clamps
       fa: bottom
       fc: 6D
       range: contact
      damage: 10D (functions as tractor beam)
Capsule: The CarryAll was designed by Mobquet primarily for use on isolated mining colonies. The idea was that the CarryAll could easily and quickly move large pieces of mining equipment and their crews/technicians across long distances, or rough terrain. The CarryAll sold moderately well, but in practice was also used for a number of other purposes. On farming worlds the CarryAll is often used to transport massive harveter droids which have broken down far from help. In one case during the Clone Wars some Republic troops comandeered a number of CarryAlls from a farming company, and used them to transport their repulsortanks across a mountain range and into battle. CarryAlls are used on Eswax to move harveter droids from place to place, although not extensively. Surprisingly there are many CarryAlls in use on Konbalar despite the difficulty of operating repulsorlifts on that planet. This is because the CarryAll has such heavy-duty repulsorlift engines that they are relatively unaffected by the radiations on that planet, as long as they are not strained by heavy loads. In game terms this means that in most areas of the planet CarryAlls will operate normally as long as they are carrying 100tons or less of external cargo. In areas with particularly high concentrations of unrefined jarbinium a modifier of up to +5 can be added to the difficulty of all manuevers. CarryAlls in use on Konbalar are usually used for the sole purpose of laying down the sections of tubing which are used as the primary means of freight transportation on-planet (see the description of Konbalar for more details). In fact, the tubes were designed so that each modular section would be exactly the right size and weight to be carryed by a single CarryAll. Typically when a tube is being laid 5 or more CarryAlls will work together to transport the many sections of tubing required, and the tube will take many days of constant work to be completed.
The CarryAll was inspired by the Carryalls in Dune (don't know why I couldn't figure that out, but when someone pointed it out to me it seemed so obvious...)

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