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Section of Site: Characters D6Belongs to Faction: Subtype: Non-Player CharacterEra: ImperialCanon: No

Kayle Skolaris
Era: 35 years after the Battle of Endor
Type: Ex-Imperial Sovereign Protector
Name: Lord Protector Kayle Skolaris
Species: Human
Sex: Male
Age: 97
Height: 1.95 meters
Weight: 91 kilograms
Physical Description: Lord Skolaris is a tall, well-proportioned man who looks to be half a century younger than he truly is. He has long grey hair and swarthy, exotic features. He favors sleeveless tunics in earth tones that show off his superb physique and loose-fitting pants that allow for maximum flexibility and freedom. When expecting combat he wears a heavily modified version of his old Sovereign Protector armor. (For those Star Wars fans out there who are also Star Trek fans, Lord Skolaris looks like Khan Noonien Singh did in Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan.)
Background: The man who would become Lord Kayle Skolaris began life as a young Jedi Battlemaster named Davis Keltarrin of Lianna. He fought honorably and with distinction during the Clone Wars alongside other valiant Jedi such as Obi Wan Kenobi and Darrin Arkanian. His greatest fault was his pride which
caused his downfall when Darth Vader came for him at Emperor Palpatine's bidding. By playing upon Davis' pride Vader succeeded in seducing Davis over to the Dark Side of the force. The day of Davis Keltarrin's seduction was the day of Davis Keltarrin's death. That day a colder, more arrogantly prideful being was born named  Kayle Skolaris. Kayle continued his training under Darth Vader and Emperor Palpatine and developed a dispassionate contempt for them both. His new personality was one that could find fault in everything and find satisfaction in nothing. He regarded Vader as a lumbering oaf controlled exclusively by his emotions and hatred and Palpatine as an insane fool lost in mad dreams of galactic domination. While Kayle was firmly in the grasp of the Dark Side he did not revel in rage and murder as did Vader or sink into grasping depravity as did Palpatine. Instead he came to see all others as means to ends. He was trained to be a warrior and it was that end to which he put the means at his disposal. He was the man responsible for the formation of the Storm Trooper legions and the Imperial Guard which protected the Emperor's life. He was the one who approved the creation of the Imperial Storm Commandos when a young colonel named Crix Madine suggested it. It was Kayle who oversaw the training programs of the various specialized Storm Troopers such as the Sand Troopers and the Snow Troopers. Kayle was the man who saved a blue-skinned, red-eyed alien named Thrawn from the death chambers when he was brought before the Emperor. Kayle himself was awed by this enigmatic alien's mastery of warfare and traded away many of the Emperor's secrets to Thrawn in exchange for knowledge of large-scale battlefield knowledge and tutoring. He was completely unsurprised when Vader and the Emperor died at Endor. He had long held that super-weapons of such limited mobility and use were merely large, well-armed targets waiting to be destroyed. While he did endorse the Tarkin Doctrine and the idea of super-weapons he felt that such unwieldy monstrosities as the Death Stars were not only wasteful of resources and manpower, but terribly lacking in multi-role capability. He thought better of the Eclipse and Sovereign-Class Star Destroyer projects as well as the World Devastator project. He would have preferred to have seen money spent on the small and more versatile Eclipses and Sovereigns than the huge Death Star battlestations. However he well knew the penalty for questioning the Emperor
too loudly and he also well knew that the Emperor could easily kill him at any time. After the Battle of Endor Kayle retreated back to Byss in accordance with his orders should Palpatine ever come to a bad end. He had hoped to arrive in time to destroy the Emperor's clones before one could be decanted but arrived too late. Making the best of a bad situation he promptly presented the Emperor with the idea of the Imperial Sovereign Protectors, a cadre of the best of the Imperial Guard which would be given further training in the mundane arts and introductory training in the ways of the Force. Palpatine was delighted by the plan but also sensed the treacherous thoughts in Kayle and expressed his displeasure by summarily wresting direct control of the Sovereign Protectors from him. He further began to gather his Dark Adepts as well as his Emperor's Hands to both begin creation of his Darkside Theocracy and to guard against any direct treachery from Kayle. With Vader's death Kayle was the most powerful of the Darkside Force Users who served the Emperor and Palpatine new better than to trust Kayle as he had trusted Vader. After the Emperor's second demise over Byss Kayle began to rethink his life. He had committed his share of atrocities since his seduction by the Dark Side but his soul had never fully been within it's grasp. At 73 Kayle looked around and found that for all his battle glories he had nothing that was his. He had
enormous power and tremendous abilities but no country to call his own. He had never felt any true loyalty to either Palpatine or the Empire and had watched
both die twice now without the slightest bit of grief. It was then that he decided to take his leave of the Empire and once more make his own way in the galaxy. He raided many of the Emperor's private treasure troves, took a small group of loyal and like-minded Sovereign Protectors, and commandeered the recently completed Sovereign, Autarch, Despot, and Heresiarch along with 3 Augmented Sector Groups and set out into the galaxy. He and his fleets came to an area of the Unknown Regions bordering both the Corporate Sector Authority and the worlds controlled by the Trianii. Here Kayle claimed a cluster of 39 inhabitable worlds strung out along the length of 27 systems. He consolidated his hold on these worlds by offering the protection of his battlefleets from the encroachment of the Corporate Sector Authority in exchange for their oaths of fealty. And so the Keltarrin Protectorate was born. Few, if any, beings still remember Davis Keltarrin, but Kayle Skolaris has begun to remember that valiant and noble Jedi Knight and has seen fit to honor his memory by giving his name to Kayle's new government. The Keltarrin Protectorate is a loose confederation of worlds that Kayle has banded together under a single banner. Each world is allowed to keep it's own governing bodies intact and is allowed to function fairly autonomously. Kayle only demands modest taxes and one year of mandatory armed forces service by all adult citizens under the age of 50. Citizens just reaching their age of majority are required to serve their first year as legal adults in the armed forces. This
is to teach all citizens the value of order and teamwork and to keep a readily trainable militia possible. The only citizens exempt from service are those with mental or physical defects or handicaps that prevent them from service and even then every effort is made to find some position in which they can serve. Now, at 97, a full 20 years after the founding the Keltarrin Protectorate Kayle has found the happiness and fulfillment he has sought his entire life.
Attributes and Skills:
Archaic Guns: 9D, Blaster: 10D+2, Blaster Artillery: 8D, Bowcaster: 5D+1, Bows: 7D, Brawling Parry: 9D+2, Dodge: 9D+1, Firearms: 8D+1, Grenade: 7D, Lightsaber: 12D+1, Melee Combat: 8D+2, Melee Parry: 7D+2, Missile Weapons: 8D, Pick Pockets: 5D, Running: 9D+1, Thrown Weapons: 7D+1, Vehicle Blasters: 8D+2, Armor Weapons: 11D+2
Alien Species: 9D+1, Bureaucracy: 7D, Bureaucracy: Imperial: 9D+2, Bureaucracy: Keltarrin Protectorate: 12D, Business: 9D+1, Cultures: 8D+2, Cultures: Keltarrin Protectorate: 11D+1, Intimidation: 10D+1, Languages: 8D, Law Enforcement: 8D, Law Enforcement: Imperial Law: 11D+2, Law Enforcement: New Republic: 5D+1, Law Enforcement: Corporate Sector Authority: 9D, Law Enforcement: Keltarrin Protectorate: 13D+2, Planetary Systems: 7D, Planetary Systems: Keltarrin Protectorate: 10D+2, Streetwise: 9D, Survival: 10D, Value: 6D+2, Willpower: 11D, Art: 9D+1, Military History: 9D+1, Scholar: Dark Side Lore: 6D, Scholar: Jedi Lore: 8D+1, Scholar: Imperial History: 11D, Scholar: Old Republic History: 8D+1, Scholar: Sith Lore: 7D, Scholar: Clone Wars: 9D+2, Scholar: Political Theory: 12D, Tactics: Capital Ships: 9D+2, Tactics: Fleets: 10D+1, Tactics: Ground Assault: 9D+1, Tactics: Sieges: 8D+1, Tactics: Starfighters: 8D, Tactics: Squads: 8D
Archaic Starship Piloting: 6D, Astrogation: 7D+1, Beast Riding: 6D, Capital Ship Gunnery: 11D+2, Capital Ship Piloting: 12D, Capital Ship Shields: 11D+1, Communications: 7D, Ground Vehicle Operations: 6D+1, Hover Vehicle Operations: 7D, Powersuit Operations: 10D+2, Repulsorlift Operations: 9D+1, Sensors: 6D+1, Space Transports: 10D, Starship Gunnery: 8D+1, Starship Piloting: 7D, Starship Shields: 9D, Swoop Operations: 6D+2, Walker Operations: 7D
PER 4D+1
Bargain: 7D, Command: 12D+1, Con: 9D+1, Forgery: 7D, Gambling: 8D+2, Hide: 9D, Investigation: 8D+1, Persuasion: 8D, Search: 9D, Sneak: 10D+2
Brawling: 10D+2, Climbing/Jumping: 9D+1, Lifting: 8D, Stamina: 11D, Swimming: 7D+1
Armor Repair: 10D, Blaster Repair: 9D+1, Capital Ship Repair: 11D+1, Capital Ship Weapons Repair: 9D+2, Computer Programming/Repair: 7D+1, Demolition: 8D, First Aid: 8D, Ground Vehicle Repair: 5D+1, Hover Vehicle Repair: 6D, Medicine (A): 4D+2, Repulsorlift Repair: 8D, Security: 9D+2, Space Transport Repair: 10D, Starfighter Repair: 6D+1, Starship Weapons Repair: 7D, Walker Repair: 6D+1, Armor Engineering: 8D, Blaster Engineering: 8D+2, Capital Ship Engineering: 9D, Capital Ship Weapon Engineering: 10D+2, Lightsaber Repair: 8D

Control: 15D
Sense: 16D
Alter: 14D
Force Skills: Knows all known force skills. Avoids using the darkside powers these days.
Equipment:  Two Modified Lightsabers (7D), Modified Sovereign Protector Armor, the Thrawn (Tarkin-II Class Star Dreadnought)

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