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Section of Site: Characters D6Belongs to Faction: Subtype: Non-Player CharacterEra: ImperialCanon: No

Model: KIK general labour/maintenance droid
Height: 1.6m
Physical description: KIK is more or less humanoid in appearance, if a little boxy. Many years ago he was painted slate grey, but this paint is chipped in many places. KIK has a squat cylinder with some sensor apparatus, lights and such on it as his head.
Background: about forty years ago KIK was disassembled and stowed away in a crate, being shipped from the factory to a space station in a nearby system where he was to be used as cheap labour. The bulk freighter's hyperdrive course was miscalculated, and the vessel's emergency cutoffs dropped the freighter out of hyperspace just in time to run into an
asteroid field. The ship impacted on an asteroid, the crew was killed, and much of the cargo sucked out into space, but a power surge brought on by the crash prematurely activated KIK. Many years later when a salvage vessel discovered the freighter, inside it they found a droid who had gained a level of sentience unheard of in his model, and come very close
to going insane, due to his years alone trapped inside a small crate, unable to move. KIK was promptly sold, and has had many owners over the years. Most seem to get rid of him as soon as possible due to his strong and slightly quirky personality. One of his many owners was a corrupt buisinessman, who modified him with a hold-out blaster hidden in his left palm, and took advantage of his fragile mental state to remove his life preservation programming. This turned out to be to KIK's great advantage.
    Now that KIK had the capability to kill, he had to develop his own code of ethics rather than rely on one that someone else designed, and that he couldn't disobey if he tried. Much to his owner's dismay, KIK proved to be, if anything, even more aware of the value of all types of life, and the difference between right and wrong after his programming was removed.
This is not to say that KIK can't look at the bigger picture when the situation requires it, but this happens only rarely as his owner found out. A buisiness rival gunned him down, and KIK, who knew how unworthy his current master was, and who was unwilling to make a snap judgement on whether his master or his master's rival more deserved to die, stood by and did nothing. That has left him masterless, and he has decided to strike out on his own, primarily to explore the universe of ethics. Personality: KIK is very concerned with what is right and what is wrong, although he has few preconcieved notions about such. His time trapped on the freighter have left him with what could only be called neurosis. KIK is terrified of small, enclosed spaces, and feels a great need for accompanyment due to his ordeal.
Obvectives: To experience the galaxy, meet some organics or droids who won't get rid of him, and to work out what he believes in.
A quote: But isn't that illegal for a reason?
dodge 3D
alien species 3D, ethics 3D
persuasion 4D
STR 3D+1
lifting 5D+1
space transports repair 3D+2, computer programming/repair 3D+2, general
repair 3D+2 (ie. changing lightbulbs, and other easy stuff)
Move: 7
Equipped with:-humanoid body
-two visual and two audial sensors(human range)
-basic speech system
-durable suspention system
-internal blaster (3D, 3-4/8/12, ammo:6, can't be set on stun)

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