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Section of Site: Characters D6Belongs to Faction: Subtype: Non-Player CharacterEra: ImperialCanon: No

Budde Blanck
Type: ISB agent
Species: Human
Sex: M
Age: 28
Height / Weight: 1.65m / 170lbs
Hair / Eyes: Black / Brown
Distinguishing Features: annoying, slightly sadistic grin
DEX 3D+1
Blaster 5D, Blaster: blaster pistol 7D+1, Brawling Parry 4D+1, Dodge 5D+2, Running 5D+1
Bureaucracy: ISB 7D+2, Bureaucracy: Conheav sector 6D+1, Intimidation 7D, Intimidation: interrogation 8D+1, Law Enforcement 8D, Law Enforcement: Conheav sector 8D+2, Streetwise 6D+2, Willpower 7D+1
Communications 4D, Repulsorlift Operation 4D+2, Space Transports 3D+1
Command: ISB 9D+1, Command: Conheav sector law enforcement personnel 6D+2, Con 8D+1, Forgery 9D, Hide 7D, Investigation 11D+2, Persuasion 8D+2, Search 8D+1, Sneak 9D+1
Brawling 4D+2, Climbing/Jumping 5D+1, Stamina 7D, Swimming 3D+1
Computer Programming/Repair 4D+2, Demolition 4D, First Aid 4D+1, Security 8D+1
Force points: 2
Dark side points: 9
Character points: 11
Background: Budde Blanck (pronounced 'Buddy Blank,' and clearly not his real name) was conscripted into the Imperial Army when he was 16. While going through basic training he was tested for aptitude. COMPNOR saw Blanck's potential and immediately expunged all records of his existance and recruited him into the ISB, as a Surveillance trainee. Blanck, who had grown up on the streets of Celanon, had finally found a place where he felt at home. Blanck applied himself to his work with incredible enthusiasm, and quickly became the 'golden boy' of his regional department. Blanck's skills improved at a remarkable rate, and before he was 20 he had been transferred to Investigations, where his abilities could be put to good use. Blanck was assigned to the Conheav sector with a team of operatives. Blanck was the junior operative, but within 3 years he had become the top operative in the sector. Most people believe that Blanck gained his position because of his extreme competance. In fact Blanck is undoubtedly the most skilled ISB operative in the sector, but that is not the primary reason he was promoted so highly. Early in his career Blanck discovered that Moff Lesbeat was involved with organized crime. Before reporting his findings to his superior Blanck investigated further, and discovered that Lesbeat was using his criminal connections primarily to ensure that the Empire was seen in a positive light in the sector. Blanck was no fool, and realised that Lesbeat's actions were purely selfish in nature, but he also realized that they were in the best interests of the Empire. Blanck contacted Lesbeat and offered to help him cover up his illicit activity, free of charge. From this point on Lesbeat ensured that Blanck was always in the right place at the right time to make the big arrests. Because of this influence Blanck achieved his current position. Blanck has become one of Lesbeat's most trusted lieutenants, although they both maintain the illusion that they have very few ties. Blanck is well liked by most law enforcement personnel in the sector because he always makes a point of involving them in investigations, and almost never 'pulls rank' on them. He is less well liked within the ISB, and many agents wish he would disappear so that they could take his place, but even within the Bureau Blanck is respected, and even feared. Budde Blanck is able to bring almost any amount of resources to bear on an important case, making him a very dangerous enemy.

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