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Section of Site: Buffy RPGBelongs to Faction: Subtype: Investigators and White HatsEra: Canon: No

Nosy Reporter

Name: Ben Urich

Actor: Joe Pantoliano??? ????????????????? DOB: 12/9/1951

Character Type: Investigator

Life Points: 42??????? Drama Points: 20

Attributes (15 + 3 from Drawbacks) = 18

Strength 2
Dexterity 3
Constitution 3
Intelligence 4 (1 Level Part of Nosy Reporter Quality)
Perception 5 (1 Level Part of Nosy Reporter Quality)
Willpower 3

Qualities (10 + 6 from Drawbacks) = 16

Contacts (Assorted) (Part of Nosy Reporter Quality) (2)
Hard to Kill 4 (4)
Nosy Reporter (5)
Nerves of Steel (3)
Photographic Memory (2)
Situational Awareness (2)

Drawbacks (10) = 10

Addiction (Habitual Smoking) (1)
Adversary (Various) (4)
Bad Luck (2)
Honorable (Minimal) (1)
Obsession (Current Story) (2)

Skills (25 + 1 from Drawbacks) = 26

Acrobatics: 4

Knowledge: 4

Art: 0

Kung Fu: 2

Computers: 3+1

Languages: 0

Crime: 2

Mr. Fix-It: 1

Doctor: 0

Notice: 5+1

Driving: 2

Occultism: 2

Getting Medieval: 0???

Science: 1

Gun Fu: 0

Sports: 0

Influence: 0

Wild Card: 0



Base Damage???





Defense Action




Resisted by Dodge

Jump Kick



Kick 4 6 Bash
Parry 5 None Defense Action





Spin Kick








(Through the Heart)



x5 vs. vamps

Background on the Nosy Reporter

??????????? Even as a boy, Ben Urich had developed a passionate interest in journalism. By the time he had reached his teens, he had long since decided to make it his profession, and began working as a copy boy for the Daily Bugle. Eventually, Urich worked his way up to reporter, and embarked on a respectable if undistinguished career in the newspaper business,?
concentrating on stories of both petty and organized crime in New York City. But the "big story" that would catapult him into unqualified success eluded him until he became interested in the costumed adventurer known as Daredevil.

??????????? On a hunch, he began keeping files on all of Daredevil's known activities, devoting a great deal of his off-hour to research and investigation of the mysterious man in red. Eventually, he managed to deduce not only Daredevil's civilian identity, but also to piece together the background and series of events that led to Daredevil's crimefighting career.

??????????? Knowing that he had at last found the 'big story" he had sought, he nonetheless hesitated to publish it. Urich had by now studied his subject so thoroughly that he had begun to empathize with him, and he knew that to reveal his secrets would?
ruin him, as well as deprive New York of a powerful force for good. After meeting Daredevil in person, and later aiding him on a case, Urich realized that his conscience would never allow him to print his story. He then burned his?
notes and files, insuring that Daredevil's secret would remain safe. He did, however, reveal to Daredevil himself what he knew, and the two became friends of a sort, occasionally helping each other out in their respective career, a situation that continues to this day.

Quote: “Go get 'em Matt.”

Roleplaying the Nosy Reporter

A reporter for the Daily Bugle. He knows that Matt is Daredevil. Smokes incessantly (which Matt is always telling him off for).

MARVEL, and the distinctive likenesses are trademarks of Marvel Characters, Inc., and are used without permission.
Copyright 2004 Marvel Characters, Inc. All rights reserved.

? 2003 Twentieth Century Fox. All Rights Reserved. Image used without permission.

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