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Section of Site: Races D6Belongs to Faction: Subtype: Player Character RacesEra: ImperialCanon: No

The Palancons:
    The Palancons are an insectoid species, but, unlike most insectoids, to human sensibilities they seem quite graceful, and even beautiful. Palancons tend to be slender and tall, with bodies covered in an iridescent exoskeleton, and large glowing eyes. Palancons have two long arms and two long legs, with a pair of translucent vestigial wings. Most Palancons have coloring that is generally emerald-green, but this varies depending on how the light reflects off of them, and individuals may have colors ranging anywhere from orange to deep purple, with a few rare individuals who are a deep, shimmering jet black.
     Palancons are fairly peaceful in temperament, but when roused make implacable foes. Above all else Palancons prize aesthetics. Every item made on their homeworld of Paladrode is made with the closest attention to detail. Because of this items manufactured by Palancons tend to be of the highest quality, and are sought out throughout the region. The downside to this is that mass-production is virtually unknown to Palancons, and they find the entire concept of factories foreign and incomprehensible. Palancons tend to make no use of droids partially because of this cultural bias. Those rare few Palancon droids tend not to conform to any standard make or model, and usually have very strong personalities of their own. To Palancons the ideal job is as some type of artist. It should be noted that
an individual in almost any profession can be considered an artist if he has enough talent, skill, and creativity in his chosen field.
     Palancons have been members of the galactic community for a few thousand years, but most people, aside from those wealthy few who seek out Palancon-produced goods, have never heard of the insectoids, due to the fact that Palancons rarely leave their homeworld for more than a couple of weeks at a time. This is not due to any cultural taboo, biological need, or other such cause, it is simply that most Palancons find the rest of the galaxy to be 'ugly' and they therefore have no wish to stay away from their beautiful homeworld for long. There are certainly Palancons who have different aesthetic sensibilities from their fellows, and many of these can be found wandering the galaxy, but these Palancons are a very small minority. Most Palancons who are found off of their homeworld of Paladrode will be found living in places which are known for their beauty, such as the crystal cities of Shownar, or in the swirling multi-hued mists of Hedann.
Attribute Dice: 12D+1
STR 1D+1/3D
KNOW 1D+2/3D+2
TECH 2D+1/4D+2
MECH 1D/2D+2
Move: 10-12
Height: 1.9-2.7m
Special Abilities:
Artistic Ability: Palancons recieve +2D to any skill which is generally considered to be artistic in nature. This even applies to skills such as Starship Engineering if the skill check is related to the aesthetic design of the ship, or of portions of the ship rather than the efficiency of the ship.

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