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Section of Site: Buffy RPGBelongs to Faction: Subtype: Champions and HeroesEra: Canon: No

Coyote Totem Warrior

Name: Danielle “Dani” Brightstar

Actor: Tamara Feldman                  DOB: 29/8/1980

Character Type: Hero

Life Points: 78        Drama Points: 10

Attributes (20 + 3 from Drawbacks) = 23

Strength 7 (2 Levels Part of Totem Warrior Quality)
Dexterity 7 (3 Levels Part of Totem Warrior Quality)
Constitution 4 (1 Level Part of Totem Warrior Quality)
Intelligence 4 (1 Level Part of Totem Warrior Quality)
Perception 5 (1 Level Part of Totem Warrior Quality)
Willpower 4

Qualities (20 + 4 from Drawbacks) = 24

Attractive +4 (4)
Acute Sense of Smell (Part of Totem Warrior Quality)
Fast Reaction Time (Part of Totem Warrior Quality)
Hard to Kill 8 (3 Levels Part of Totem Warrior Quality) (5)
Resources (Rich) (8)
Totem Warrior (12)

Drawbacks (10) = 10

Adversary (Wendigos & Demons) (7) (3 Levels Part of Totem Warrior Quality)
Honorable (Serious) (2)
Minority (Cheyenne Indian) (1)
Obligation (Responsibility of Totem Warrior) (3)

Skills (20 + 3 from Drawbacks) = 23

Acrobatics: 3

Knowledge: 3

Art: 0

Kung Fu: 5+1

Computers: 0

Languages: 0

Crime: 0

Mr. Fix-It: 0

Doctor: 0

Notice: 2

Driving: 1

Occultism: 3+1

Getting Medieval: 2   

Science: 4

Gun Fu: 0

Sports: 0

Influence: 0

Wild Card: 0

Maneuvers       Bonus Base Damage    Notes




Adds Success Level to Shooting Roll (see p109)

Big Knife







x5 Damage
Bow Shot 5 20 Slash/stab; Ranged Attack Modifiers Apply (see p115)
(Through the Heart) 2 20 x5 vs. vamps

Catch Weapon



Ranged Defense Action




Defense Action




Resisted by Dodge

Jump Kick



Kick 12 16 Bash
Parry 13 None Defense Action
Parry Ranged 11 None Defense Action





Spin Kick








(Through the Heart)



x5 vs. vamps




Bash; must Grapple first
Background on the Coyote Totem Warrior

Danielle Brightstar is the granddaughter of the late Chief and Shaman, Black Eagle of the Cheyenne Horse Clan. She was born to his Daughter Peg and her husband William Lonestar of the Eagle Clan. Somehow, she was blessed with mystical powers.

One night she saw a symbolic vision of her parents’ deaths. Shortly thereafter, her parents disappeared during a trip to the mountains. Brightstar believed them to have been killed, and her dreams were haunted thereafter by a vision of a demonic bear, which she believed to be responsible for their deaths. In fact, Brightstar's parents had been transformed into the demonic bear by an as yet unrevealed cause. The bear would have worked the same transformation upon Brightstar, but her grandfather, the chief and shaman Black Eagle, used spells to keep the demonic bear away from her.

She stayed for a short time with her friend Penny Roberts. At the age of 10 she ran away to live in the Mountains near Sundance where she was found and cared for by her Grandfather Black Eagle. There he taught her the ways of the Shaman and the Noble Pride of the Cheyenne Nation until she was 13. At that time, Black Eagle knew that he needed more aid than he could give his granddaughter so he decided to enlist the help of Quentin Travers. Finally, Black Eagle sent a letter to Quentin Travers, who had become a friend of Danielle’s father, William, when they were in the army together. Black Eagle believed that Travers could provide Brightstar with the training she needed to utilize her powers best, and asked him in his letter to do so.

Travers agreed to come meet Brightstar and become her teacher. Black Eagle ordered her to go with Travers and she agreed. But before Travers arrived, Jack Cole, a member of the Inner Circle of the Hellfire Club who then intended to overthrow its leader Jonathan Pryce, murdered Black Eagle. Cole was determined to kill Travers as well as other Watchers.

Brightstar, unaware of Cole’s involvement, vowed to take vengeance for her grandfather's death. She soon found herself hunted by Cole’s agents, but the Totem Warrior Raven, who arrived along with Travers, saved her. Travers told Brightstar about Cole, and she said she would work with Travers to get revenge on Cole.

After Brightstar helped Travers and several other young mystics he had enlisted in defeating Cole, they became members of his new team, the Watcher’s Commandoes, whom Travers taught in the uses of their superhuman abilities. Under Travers' guidance Brightstar not only learned how to use her powers, but also learned much from the Watchers. Eventually she became the team’s leader.

When Black Eagle died, the demon bear was no longer prevented from seeking out Brightstar. She fought the bear outside the Watcher’s mansion and it nearly killed her. Her Watcher’s Commando team then battled the bear, and one of them, Raven, used his magic to release Brightstar's parents from the spell they were under, returning them to their human forms. Brightstar was reunited with her parents, and she eventually recovered completely from her severe injuries.

Later, Quentin Travers left the team in the hands of Nigel one of his assistants who ran them into the ground. At the end, he was influence by an empathic demon to recommend that the students go to study with Emma Frost at her Massachusetts Academy. Dani didn't dig it so she split to Colorado and took a leave from the team.

Brightstar was no longer serving regularly with the Watchers when Gable reorganized the team.

She was found on Earth by the demon Reignfire, who had recently reorganized a group called the Liberation Front. Brightstar agreed to join the Front, secretly intending to betray the group from within. At some point she secretly joined the law enforcement agency the C.I.A. Hence, she was functioning as a deep cover C.I.A. operative within the Liberation Front.

To maintain her cover Brightstar was forced to battle the Watchers alongside other members of the Front. However, she later allied herself with the Watchers against demons.

Brightstar finally revealed to the Watchers that she had been an undercover agent. She joined the Watcher’s commandoes and remains a team member to this day.

Now, though, Dani has decided to stay with the team for a while, proving her worth as both a field leader and battle tactician.

Quote: “I can feel him. He's here.”

Roleplaying the Coyote Totem Warrior

Dani has always been a strong individual. In her first encounter, she had the courage to speak against and defy Quentin Travers in order to proclaim her pride in her Heritage. She was at first untrusting of anyone outside of her tribe, but she learned to make new friends and gained much experience and humility when she was one of the leaders of a Watchers Council commando team. She showed her conviction when she refused to follow Nigel and has proven her worth as a force for the side of the good, going on to help build her own team and to work as an undercover agent after her disassociation with the Watchers. She may have quit the team, but her spirit and dedication never left.

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