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Section of Site: Buffy RPGBelongs to Faction: Subtype: Champions and HeroesEra: Canon: No

Dawn Summers

Name: Dawn Summers                   DOB: 11/10/1986

Actor: Michelle Trachtenberg          DOB: 11/10/1985

Character Type: Hero

Life Points: 88        Drama Points: 10

Attributes (20) = 20

Strength 6 (3 Levels Part of Slayer Quality)
Dexterity 6 (3 Levels Part of Slayer Quality)
Constitution 6 (3 Levels Part of Slayer Quality)
Intelligence 4
Perception 3
Willpower 6 (2 Levels Part of Slayer Quality)

Qualities (20 + 9 from Drawbacks) = 29

Attractive +2 (2)
Fast Reaction Time (Part of Slayer Quality)
Good Luck (6)
Hard to Kill 10 (5 Levels Part of Slayer Quality)
Nerves of Steel (Part of Slayer Quality)
Regeneration (Constitution Life Points per Hour) (Part of Slayer Quality)
Slayer (16)

Drawbacks (9) = 9

Adversary (Lots) (5 Levels Part of Slayer Quality) (7)
Emotional Problems (Fear of Rejection) (1)
Reckless (2)
Obligation (Total) (Part of Slayer Quality)
Secret (Slayer) (2)
Teenager (2)

Skills (20) = 20

Acrobatics: 3

Knowledge: 1

Art: 3

Kung Fu: 3+1

Computers: 0

Languages: 0

Crime: 1

Mr. Fix-It: 0

Doctor: 0

Notice: 3

Driving: 0

Occultism: 2

Getting Medieval: 2+1

Science: 1

Gun Fu: 0

Sports: 0

Influence: 2

Wild Card: 0

Maneuvers       Bonus Base Damage    Notes




(Through the Heart) 6 16 x5 vs. vamps




Defense Action




Resisted by Dodge

Jump Kick











Defense Action





Spin Kick








(Through the Heart)



x5 vs. vamps








x5 Damage
Background on Dawn Summers 

Dawn Summers is sixteen and The Key, and the Vampire Slayer, Buffy's sister. After protecting the Key for centuries, the Monks of the Order of Dagon were forced to hide it from Glory, a hellgod, by turning it into a fourteen-year-old human girl. They placed Dawn with the Slayer, hidden as a younger sister, and everyone in Dawn’s life was made to believe that Dawn had always been a part of Buffy's family. It is unclear how the implanted memories are activated or if people outside of the Summers' lives know about Dawn. Only those “outside reality” are able to see she is not real, second-sight blokes or lunatics. Buffy was able to identify her as part of a spell by going into a deep trance. Joyce seemed to be aware that Dawn was not truly her daughter at certain moments when her brain tumor was affecting her. Dawn was initially unaware of her true nature, but learnt the truth, much to her distress, when she broke into the Magic Box and read Giles' diary. Glory's aim in this world was to find the Key.

It turned out the Key could bring down the walls separating realities, and Glory intended to use Dawn in a ritual to get back to her own dimension. This ritual would result in Dawn's death, and the unleashing of countless demon dimensions on Earth. Buffy was unable to stop the ritual from starting, but by sacrificing her own life she was able to stop it in time to save Dawn and the world.

Luckily for Dawn, Anya was able to find the Urn of Osiris, so Willow could bring Buffy back from the dead. Still, Dawn's life wasn't easy for her (being not quite real, having such a strange life, and with her sister being detached and distant after her resurrection), and she developed a habit of kleptomania as a cry for attention. She was eventually found out, and Buffy has since improved her relationship with Dawn, who is now attending high school at the newly rebuilt Sunnydale High School.

As the Scoobies research the origins of the First to find a way to rescue Spike, Giles arrives with reinforcements in the form of three potential Slayers. Buffy is rattled when her mother offers advice in her dreams.

The gang is having no luck finding any information on the First, "the original evil, the one that came before anything else." Buffy's worried about Spike, and runs herself ragged. Her mother comes to her in a dream and begs her to rest. When Buffy awakens, she's seriously wigged. Should she trust the dream?

Andrew finally wakes up, and leads everyone to the bloodied Seal of Danzalthar they decide to cover it.

At home, Willow tries to find the Biggest Bad with a locator spell, but it backfires. The evil possesses her momentarily, exploding out of her and terrifying everyone in the course. When it departs, Willow is distraught, realizing that any time she uses her power; she is liable to hurt someone. Buffy tries to comfort Willow, and then hastily decides to hunt down the First for injuring her friends. At the door, she's startled to find her former Watcher alive and well, flanked by three would-be Slayers. Giles dryly explains, "We have a slight Apocalypse."

He gives the Scooby gang the rundown on the situation. The Watchers Council has been destroyed, and most of the potential Slayers have been picked off over the past few months. The First’s plan is to kill off all the future Slayers and their Watchers, then annihilate the current ones, leaving nothing to fight the coming evil. The only plus is that Giles was able to save a few Council records by stealing them prior to the explosion. He lays the responsibility of saving the world squarely on Buffy’s shoulders.

Meanwhile, the Ubervamp from the Seal has been kicking Spike around for some time. The First observes in the guise of Drusilla, taunting Spike continuously. Beating and drowning him, you name it and they do it to Spike. Drusilla wants to bring Spike over to the darkness, but he will have none of it. He continues to fight back because Buffy believes in him.

While Dawn, Willow and Kennedy set up the potential Slayers with food and beds for the night, Giles and Buffy go looking for the place where she first saw the Bringers nearly four years before. It was underground near a Christmas tree lot, and (of course) she finds it by falling through some dusty, dilapidated boards covering a hole in the ground. Immediately, she's pounced on by the Ubervamp. They fight until Buffy manages to stake it; the problem is that it doesn't die. More fighting, until Buffy manages to escape out through the hole she fell in. The thing follows her, but luckily, the sun has just risen, and it crawls back into its lair. But it's clear it will come after her again, and soon.

Back home, Buff and Giles tell the newbies in on the whole "end of the world" thing. Giles reveals that the Tulok-Han is an ancient, sort of like the Neanderthal of bloodsuckers. Buffy doesn't have much else to go on, so later at work, she does a little computer searching on, of all topics, "evil."

  Joyce makes another dreamscape visit to Buffy, pleading with her to rest. Her message is that evil is everywhere; a part of life, and no one can stop it. Though exhausted, she keeps pushing herself. At home, she arms the Slayers-in-Training so they'll be more prepared.

As the sun goes down, the pressure on the Slayer mounts. Everyone’s feeling it, especially Annabelle, one of the potential Slayers. She bolts from the house into town, alone and vulnerable. She doesn't get far before the Tulok-Han takes her out. Buffy finds her body, and the momentary distraction is enough to give the Ubervamp an opening to knock her around. More fighting. They end up in an industrial building, and Buffy’s booty gets seriously kicked. She ends up buried under a pile of debris, badly injured.

The gang is at a loss, and Giles has no answers. However, even with her painful injuries, Buffy seems to have embraced the fear and chaos. She's realized there's only one thing to do, instead of waiting for the First to come to her, she must start the war herself. "There's only one thing on this earth more powerful than evil. And that's us."  

As the days go by more and more Slayers-in-Training try to come to Sunnydale, sent by their Watchers to be under the protection of the Slayer.

The death of everyone of the apprentice Slayers will kill off the line of the Slayers. Without the line of the Slayers to pass the abilities onto they immediately pass to Dawn, and make a new line of Vampire Slayers.

            Or because Dawn is made from Buffy it is only a matter of time before her copied Slayer powers activate.

Quote: “What? You think I never watched you.”

Roleplaying Dawn Summers

            Dawn is very outspoken frequently speaking before thinking and putting her foot in it. She is very intelligent and with a little work, she could be a force to be reckoned with.

            She used to be discontented about not having “Chosen One” reflexes and such, now she does we’ll just have to wait and see.

It had been foretold...

"Into each generation a Slayer is born. One girl in all the world, a Chosen One. One born with the strength and skill to fight the vampires, to stop the spread of their evil and the swell of their numbers."

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