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Republic Command Ship

Republic Command Ship
Covert vocal modulation technology

Covert vocal modulation technology



Raven Totem Warrior

Name: Leonard Raven

Actor: Jason De Hoyos       DOB: 29/8/1980

Character Type: Hero

Life Points: 43        Drama Points: 10

Attributes (20 + 1 from Drawbacks) = 21

Strength 3 (1 Levels Part of Totem Warrior Quality)
Dexterity 4 (2 Levels Part of Totem Warrior Quality)
Constitution 3 (1 Levels Part of Totem Warrior Quality)
Intelligence 7 (2 Levels Part of Totem Warrior Quality)
Perception 6 (1 Level Part of Totem Warrior Quality)
Willpower 6 (1 Levels Part of Totem Warrior Quality)

Qualities (20 + 6 from Drawbacks) = 26

Attractive +1 (1)
Acute Sense of Smell (Part of Totem Warrior Quality)
Fast Reaction Time (Part of Totem Warrior Quality)
Hard to Kill 3 (3 Levels Part of Totem Warrior Quality)
Resources (Rich) (8)
Sorcery 1 (5)
Superscience Item (Bionic Leg) (3)
Totem Warrior (12)

Drawbacks (10) = 10

Adversary (Wendigos & Demons) (7) (3 Levels Part of Totem Warrior Quality)
Honorable (Serious) (2)
Minority (Cheyenne Indian) (1)
Obligation (Responsibility of Totem Warrior) (3)
Physical Disability (Missing Leg) (3)   

Skills (20 + 3 from Drawbacks) = 23

Acrobatics: 2

Knowledge: 3

Art: 0

Kung Fu: 5+1

Computers: 0

Languages: 0

Crime: 1

Mr. Fix-It: 0

Doctor: 0

Notice: 2

Driving: 1

Occultism: 3+1

Getting Medieval: 2

Science: 4

Gun Fu: 0

Sports: 0

Influence: 0

Wild Card: 0

Maneuvers       Bonus Base Damage    Notes

Catch Weapon



Ranged Defense Action




Defense Action
Feint 13 None Adds Success Levels to Next Action; See p110
Grapple 12 None Resisted by Dodge
Jump Kick 7 12 Bash




Magic 11 Varies By Spell




Defense Action

Parry Ranged



Defense Action








(Through the Heart)


x5 vs. vamps








x5 Damage
Telekinesis 7 * Bash or slash/stab

Thrown Stake




(Through the Heart)


x5 vs. vamps

* 2 x Success Levels
Background on the Raven Totem Warrior

Raven is a Cheyenne Indian, and studied under the shaman of his tribe in his youth. The Cheyenne have long known the existence of the Adversary and they trained their shamans from birth to battle the entity. The current Cheyenne shaman, Raven was trained from birth by his predecessor for the battle to come. However, Raven rejected his tribal duties and left for The Gulf War, where he served in the US armed forces. When his squad was wiped out, Raven lashed out with his improperly controlled magics, tearing a hole in reality and unleashing a stream of demons. He served in Desert Storm, where he lost his right leg due to an airstrike.  Sinking into a suicidal depression, Raven tried unsuccessfully to kill himself.  He later designed a fully functional high-tech artificial limb to replace what he had lost.  He also decided not to use his mystical abilities during this time, for reasons he has chosen not to reveal.

After Dr. Maggie Walsh stopped creating advanced weapons for the military, they turned to Raven.  He created a scanner capable of detecting many beings with supernatural powers.  He also invented a weapon capable of draining any supernatural powers from a being. However this weapon was untested, and Raven was unsure of how long the weapon would affect its target, or whether it would kill them.

Henry Grey, on presidential orders, attempted to use the only working prototype of the weapon on a rogue sorcerer (who was suspected of killing an Initiative agent).  Raven was outraged and attempted to prevent Grey from using the weapon, which resulted in Leanne Stormcloud being shot with it.  Deprived of her mystical powers, she fell into a river from which Raven saved her.

Feeling guilty and responsible for Leanne Stormcloud's condition, Raven took her to his base. Here he cared for her and the two became romantically involved.  Eventually Stormcloud learned of his creation of the neutralizer, and feeling betrayed, she left.

Raven was forced to create a giant neutralizer to prevent a demon invasion of Earth. It was successful, but Raven destroyed all plans and the prototype of his neutralizer and the Eye of Hecate which powered it, to prevent it falling into the wrong hands.

Raven used his mystical powers to help the Council defeat the Adversary's right hand man, which cost the lives of eight of the Council. Returning to the Council’s Mansion, a relationship formed between Stormcloud and Raven again, which resulted in Raven proposing to her.  However he later rescinded the offer when he left the Mansion to take command and lead some Initiative Commandoes.

There he lead a government sponsored Initiative team under difficult circumstances, which included being sent to hunt down former team-mates.  He eventually left the team, handing the leadership over to Alex Havoc, and currently serves as a member of the support team to the Council.

Quote: “It’s nothing but showy gypsy stuff.”

Roleplaying the Raven Totem Warrior

Raven is a man who until recently had turned his back on both his mystical and Indian heritages. He is almost always cold and stern, presenting a foreboding face to the world. The one exception is his love for Leanne Stormcloud. He is a man of morals, however and when he found out what the government planned to do to with his devices, he put an end to it. He finds it hard to be a follower as his high intelligence should put him in charge.

            Raven is capable of casting a version of the Gypsy Shape-Shifting Spell on page 19 of Monster Smackdown to turn into a raven.

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