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Section of Site: Characters D6Belongs to Faction: Subtype: Non-Player CharacterEra: Old RepublicCanon: EU

Name: G0-T0
Type: G0-T0 infrastructure planning system Droid
            Blaster: 4D+2
            Dodge: 4D+1

            Alien Species: 6D+1
            Cultures: 7D+2
            Intimidation: 6D+1
            Languages: 9D+1
            Planetary Systems: 10D+2
            Streetwise: 8D+1
            Tactics: 6D+2
            Value: 7D+2
            Willpower: 9D

            Astrogation: 4D+2
            Space Transports: 4D
            Repulsorlift Operation: 4D

            Bargain: 6D+1
            Command: 5D+1
            Persuasion: 6D+2
            Search: 4D+1


            Computer Programming/Repair: 5D
            Droid Repair: 5D+2
            Security: 8D+2

Equipped With:
Repulsorlift Drive
Holographic projector/recorder

Move: 12
Size: 1 metre

G0-T0, also known as "Goto", was a G0-T0 infrastructure planning system operational circa 3,955 ? 3,951 BBY. He later became head of the Exchange criminal organization on Nar Shaddaa and traveled with the Jedi Exile.


To oversee and aid in the planetary reconstruction of the planet Telos IV, the Galactic Republic spent a great deal of credits to design a technical droid to handle the immense data that was produced daily: climate changes, shield management reports, etc. This droid was known as G0-T0. Known to few, however, was that the droid also had a secondary duty: to aid in the reconstruction of the Republic, which was wounded from the aftermath of the Jedi Civil War. To accomplish this task, it had two directives:
Produce options to rebuild the Republic.
Follow all the laws of the Republic.

Working for quite a long time to accomplish its duties on Telos, the droid found itself unable to follow both of its prime directives. Every practical option that would help rebuild the Republic would require breaking a law of the Republic. At that moment, the droid "broke". Choosing to follow the first directive, the droid began to enact plans to save the Republic, regardless of their legality.

Eventually building a jet-black orb of a body, G0-T0 began to set up as a smuggling ring on the moon Nar Shaddaa. Since few would believe a droid could run an elaborate smuggling operation, G0-T0 used a hologram emitter to create the identity of "Goto." Instead of being the smuggling operator itself, G0-T0 would simply be Goto's liaison. G0-T0 set up the hologram by reusing a number of holovid gangster clich?s. Taken together, the illusion was so effective that few, if any, knew of Goto's true existence, although the Jedi Exile guessed it.

G0-T0 attacks the remote.

G0-T0's actions, while illegal, did aid the Republic in rebuilding itself. Its smuggling ring caused the deaths of destabilizing persons or organizations, developed unofficial profits for entire sectors, and strengthened Republic worlds that would otherwise be poor and ignored. Believing also that the major source of the Republic's problems revolved around the Jedi/Sith conflict, it also enacted bounties for live Jedi and Sith. Many bounty hunters, who misinterpreted the bounty, simply killed Jedi and Sith instead of capturing them, failing to realize that they were worth nothing to G0-T0 dead. It was searching for a live Jedi or Sith to aid him in preserving the Republic. At some point he also discovered the HK-50 manufacturing facility hidden on Telos and reactivated it, disseminating the new model assassin droids throughout the galaxy searching for the Jedi.

The Jedi Exile was captured under the Jedi bounty. Goto spoke with the Exile briefly on the bridge of his yacht, which orbited Nar Shaddaa, requesting the Jedi's help in the preservation of the Republic. They were interrupted by the ship's alarm, which had been set off by the Exile's companions, who had invaded the ship seeking to rescue the Exile. After succeeding in this and in gaining control of the droid-operated ship, they deactivated its cloaking device, allowing it to be destroyed by the many enemies of Goto, who had been unable to locate the mysterious ship before. G0-T0 presented himself to the Exile on the Ebon Hawk, but as Goto's "gift"?not Goto himself. He requested the Exile's aid in stabilizing the planets Telos, Dantooine, and Onderon. G0-T0 found himself increasingly annoyed by another spheroid droid aboard the Hawk: Bao-Dur's tiny remote droid. G0-T0, in a response, disabled the remote and reprogrammed him for his own agenda.

G0-T0 used his modifications to the remote on the planet of Malachor V. G0-T0 guessed that Bao-Dur's remote was intended to recharge the Mass Shadow Generator on the planet, destroying it entirely. The smuggling robot felt that the planet contained too many priceless artifacts to destroy, and attempted to stop the remote from activating the weapon by locking the remote from moving due to G0-T0's modifications. However, HK-47 and his new allies, HK-50 droids, foiled G0-T0's plans and destroyed him. When the Jedi Exile gave Bao-Dur's remote the signal to activate the Mass Shadow Generator, the Exile escaped with her companions on the Ebon Hawk while Malachor V was obliterated.

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