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Section of Site: Starships D6Belongs to Faction: HALOSubtype: UNSC/Human Capital ShipsEra: Human-Covenant WarCanon: EU


Craft: UNSC Prowler-class Light Frigate
Type: Stealth light capital warship
Scale: Capital
-Length: 489.7m
-Width: 151.9m
-Height: 112.3m
Skill: Capital starship piloting: UNSC Frigate
Crew: 268
-gunners: 99
-skeleton: 50/+5 (1/+5 if AI-assisted)
Crew Skill: Aircraft gunnery 6D+1, capital ship piloting 6D, capital ship gunnery 5D+2, sensors 5D
Passengers: 500
-Marines: 400 (8 platoons/32 squads)
-ODSTs: 24 (2 squads/4 teams)
-Other: 62 (includes spare crew quarters)
Cargo Capacity: 3,500 metric tons
Consumables: 6 months
Cost: Not available for sale
Slipspace Drive: x10
Nav Computer: Yes
Maneuverability: 2D+2
-Space: 7
-Atmosphere: 350; 1,000 kmh
Hull: 4D
   Passive: 40/1D
   Scan: 60/1D+1
   Search: 120/2D+2
   Focus: 4/3D+2

10 Single-Ship Hangars (5 per side; 10 Albatross, Longswords, OR Pelicans)
Rear Hangar (Carries up to 48 slots)
   Albatross Dropships (6 slots)
      -Internal: Carries up to 4 slots internal
   Pelican Dropships (4 slots)
      -External: Carries up to 2 slots
      -Internal: Carries 10 troops (+ 2 1/2 slots OR +5 troops)
   Elephant HRVs (6 slots)
      -Internal: Carries up to 3 slots
   Scorpion MBTs (2 slots)
   Warthog FAVs (1 slot)
   Mongoose ULATVs (1/2 slot)
12 SOEIVs Bays (2 SOEIVs/bay; 24 total)
3 Clarion Spy Drones (see below)

   Magnetic Accelerator Cannon/MAC Gun
      Location: Built within forward hull
      Fire Arc: Front
      Crew: 6
      Skill: Capital ship gunnery
      Scale: Capital
      Fire Control: 3D
      Space Range: 5-20/40/60
      Atmosphere Range: 100-4/8/12km
      Damage: 10D
      Ammo: 30
      Rate of Fire: 1/3

   Shiva Nuclear Missiles
      Location: Mounted in forward hull
      Fire Arc: Front
      Crew: 4
      Skill: Capital ship gunnery
      Scale: Capital
      Fire Control: 3D
      Space Range: 2-10/20/40
      Atmosphere Range: 4-20/40/80km
      Missile Speed: 80km/round
      Damage: 10D/9D/8D/7D
      Blast Radius: 0-2/3/4/5
      Ammo: 4
      Rate of Fire: 1/2

   Harpoon Nuclear Missiles
      Location: Installed along rear sides of MAC Gun
      Fire Arc: Indirect
      Crew: 1 (bridge crew)
      Skill: Capital ship gunnery
      Scale: Capital
      Fire Control: 3D
      Space Range: 2-10/20/40
      Atmosphere Range: 4-20/40/80km
      Missile Speed: 80km/round
      Damage: 8D/7D
      Blast Radius: 0-1/2
      Ammo: 12 (6 missiles/side)
      Rate of Fire: 1

   30 Archer Missile Pods
      Location: Mounted along the hull
      Fire Arc: Indirect
      Crew: 2 (40)
      Skill: Aircraft gunnery
      Scale: Starfighter
      Fire Control: 2D
      Space Range: 2/4/8
      Atmosphere Range: 50-200/400/800m
      -Single Missile: 8D (2D Capital)
      -Volley-Fire: Up to 10D (4D Capital)
      Ammo: 30 missiles/pod (900 total)
      Rate of Fire: 1-5
   Special: Volley-fire (see below)

   4 50mm Twin Point Defense Guns
      Location: Mounted along the hull
      Fire Arc: 2 Right, 2 Left
      Crew: 2 (4)
      Skill: Aircraft gunnery
      Scale: Starfighter
      Fire Control: 3D
      Space Range: 1-3/12/24
      Atmosphere Range: 50-300/1.2/2.4km
      Damage: 6D
      Ammo: 1,000 (50mm rounds)
      Rate of Fire: 4


   The UNSC Midsummer Night (Hull Classification Symbol FFG-209) was a United Nations Space Command Light Frigate.  Prior to his promotion to Captain in 2552, Lieutenant Jacob Keyes served aboard this frigate and later transferred to the UNSC Iroquois, a UNSC destroyer.

- - - - - - - - - -


STEALTH PACKAGE: The Midsummer Night has various systems and modifications devoted to maintaining low profile and remianing undetected by both advanced sensor systems and visible sight.  These could include things like a matte black sensor-resistant paint coating, engine modifications, sensor modifications, materials used to dampen engine noise, thermal signatures and power output, and even redesigned or modified hatches, airlocks, and hull plates to reduce radar signature, as well as retractable weapons turrets that hide within the hull when not in use.  All together, this give the Night +4D to any skill rolls by the crew to remain undetected when entering stealth maneuvers, and also raises all Difficulties to detect it by +3 levels.  Otherwise, the Night performs just like any other UNSC light frigate.

SLIPSTREAM DRIVE: Count the Slipstream Drive as a Hyperdrive from WEG Star Wars D6 RPG rules.  As humans and the UNSC have less advanced technology than the Covenant, their Slipspace technology as also not as fast or accurate as the Covenant's or the Forerunners.

VEHICLE COMPLEMENT: Above is listed the Light Frigate's compliment of smaller craft, be it ships, aircraft or ground vehicles.  While the single-ship hangars are self-explanatory (one type of ship per hangar), the rear hangar uses a slot system.  Other vehicles count as a number of slots (or half slots) and take up slot space in the rear hangar.  Light frigates have rather large and spacious rear hangars with 48 slots, while heavy frigates have smaller rear hangars with roughly half the slot space.  Rear hangars are meant mostly for ground support and troop/vehicle deployment.

CLARION SPY DRONES: These can be launched from the frigate and fly ahead of the ship for reconnaissance.  They can use their own sensors to extend the range of the frigate, while being harder to detect due to their size and construction.
   Craft: UNSC Clarion Drone
   Type: Remote recon drone
   Scale: Speeder
   Skill: Drone piloting: Clarion spy drone
   Crew: N/A (frigate bridge crew)
   Maneuverability: 2D
   -Space: 4
   Hull: 2D
      Passive: 20/0D
      Scan: 40/1D
      Search: 80/2D
      Focus: 2/3D

MAC GUN: The frigate's Magnetic Accelerator Cannon, or MAC Gun, is its main offensive weapon against enemy ships.  It has considerable power and damage, but requires time to build up a charge to fire a solid projectile at near-lightspeed.  To offset its powerful Damage, it has a Rate of Fire of one shot every three rounds (which also fits the canon material of the HALO setting).

CAPITAL MISSILE LAUNCHERS: These weapons listed above have two paylod types, Shiva and Harpoon.  Both are types of nuclear warhead missiles, the Shiva being for maximum widespread damage, and the harpoon being more of a lower-powered tactical nuclear weapon.  Shivas are always issued in limited numbers (3 for frigates), with Harpoons not much better.

ARCHER MISSILE PODS: These are simply starfighter scale missile launcher weapons.  They are listed with a Rate of Fire of 1-5, meaning they can launch between 1 to 5 missiles per attack, and potentially make 5 Damage rolls in a single attack.  They also list the Special rule Volley-fire (see below).

VOLLEY-FIRE: The Archer Missile Pods can fire missiles in concentrated volleys, fire-linking up to 5 missiles in a single attack to do more Damage in a single Damage roll (instead of multiple lesser Damage rolls as stated above).

AUTOMATIC WEAPONS: The frigate's Twin Point Defense Guns are listed with a Rate of Fire of 4.  If GMs wish, they can instead use these as Automatic Weapons witha starting rate of Fire of 2.  To increase the Rate of Fire, the gunner adds +1 level of range Difficulty for every +1 Rate of Fire.  If they only hit with the normal Range Difficulty, then one shot hits (roll Damage) and the other misses, with no other shots being fired (as the gunner would stop shooting to line up the next attack).

- - - - - - - - - -


   In 2535 the Midsummer Night was equipped with stealth ability by ONI, in exchange for help with a special mission. The frigate had it rough from the start. During her shakedown mission of enforcing the Cole Protocol on civilian ships, some of her complement ODST's were caught in an Insurrectionist trap that resulted in over 20 Killed-in-Action and approximately a dozen Wounded-in-Action. From there, she gave support to ONI operatives on Charybdis IX that were trying to root out the source of the illegal trading of plasma weapons. A UNSC Pelican pilot attached to the Night, named Jeffries, lost his life to rebel rockets during this engagement.

   Midsummer Night then followed an Insurrectionist ship to a structure known as the Rubble. The ship attempted to stealth its way through the Insurrectionist structure. Unfortunately, Lieutenant Badia Campbell, one of the bridge officers, was an Insurrectionist sympathizer, who wounded several officers and fatally wounded Commander Zheng before being stopped by Lieutenant Keyes. She then committed suicide with her own weapon. Before she died, Campbell sabotaged the ship and alerted the Rubble to the ship's presence. The Midsummer Night was then forcefully commandeered by the rebels. It is unknown how many marines and personnel died in this engagement. The rebels presumably repaired it as it was in working condition later.

   Later, the ship would be taken back by Lt. Jacob Keyes with the help of the Rubble AI, Juliana, who saw the UNSC presence as the only way to save the citizens under her charge. Keyes and the surviving bridge crew would then use the ship to deploy Gray Team and its ODSTs onto the Covenant city of Redoubt and its two nearby AA guns in order to open the city to a bombardment. Several ODSTs died in the attempt, but the mission was a success.

   From there on out, the ship was used to guard the habitat Exodus while it fled to the relative safety of UNSC controlled space. The ship was damaged in the effort but was able to make it back and receive repairs.


-The name is a reference to A Midsummer Night's Dream, a play by William Shakespeare.
-The Night was first mentioned in Halo: The Fall of Reach when Captain Keyes was mulling the specifications of the Iroquois over in his head and recalled that she wasn't like the other ships he had served on, he then mentioned the Midsummer Night.

Production Information:
-Manufacturer: UNSC
-Class: Light frigate
-Role: Stealth ship, long range attacks, ship boarding
-Slipspace Drive: Sha-Fujikawa Translight Engine
-Hull: 60 cm (2.0 ft) of Titanium-A armor
-Armament: MAC gun (1); Archer Missile Pods (40), 30 missiles each: Shiva-class Nuclear Missiles (3); 50mm Twin Point Defense Turrets (4, retractable)
-Complement: Marine Shock Trooper contingent; Pelican transports (7 or more)
Service Information:
-Latest Sighting: 2535, Falaknuma, 18 Scorpii System
-Participated Battles/War Theaters: Battle of the Rubble
-Noteworthy Crewmembers: Lieutenant Jacob Keyes; Lieutenant Dante Kirtley; Lieutenant Junior Grade Rai Li; Lieutenant Second Grade Jason Burt
-Known Commanders: Commander D. Zheng; Lieutenant J. Keyes
-Affiliation: UNSC Navy

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