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Section of Site: Buffy RPGBelongs to Faction: Subtype: Veterans and Experienced HeroesEra: Canon: No

Dark Angel

Name: Max Guevara (X-5 332960073452)

Actor: Jessica Alba                          DOB: 28/4/1981

Character Type: (very) Experienced Hero

Life Points: 77        Drama Points: 20

Attributes (25 + 2 from Drawbacks) = 27

Strength 7 (3 Levels Part of Manticore Quality)
Dexterity 10 (4 Levels Part of Manticore Quality)
Constitution 6 (1 Levels Part of Manticore Quality)
Intelligence 3
Perception 5 (2 Levels Part of Manticore Quality)
Willpower 4 

Qualities (24) = 24

Attractive +4 (4)
Acute Sense of Hearing (Part of Manticore Quality) (2)
Acute Sense of Sight (Part of Manticore Quality) (2)
Criminal Contacts (Logan Cale) (4)
Nerves of Steel (Part of Manticore Quality) (3)
Fast Reaction Time (Part of Manticore Quality) (2)
Hard to Kill 5 (3 levels Part of Manticore Quality)
Leap (Part of Manticore Quality)
Manticore Soldier (14)
Photographic Memory (Part of Manticore Quality) (2)
Situation Awareness (Part of Manticore Quality) (2)

Drawbacks (9) = 9

Addiction: Triptophan (Part of Manticore Quality) (6)
Adversary (Government Agencies, Familiars and miscellaneous Baddies) (5)
Emotional Problems (Fear of Commitment) (1)
Heat (Part of Manticore Quality)
Honorable (1)
Love (2)
Mental Problems (Mild Cruelty) (Part of Manticore Quality) (1)
Obsession (Finding Siblings) (1)
Reckless (2)
Resources: Hurting (2)
Recurring Nightmares (Part of Manticore Quality) (1)
Secret (Part of Manticore Quality) (3)

Skills (40 + 3 from Drawbacks) = 43

Acrobatics: 9

Knowledge: 4

Art: 0

Kung Fu: 10

Computers: 1

Languages: 0

Crime: 8

Mr. Fix-It: 1

Doctor: 1

Notice: 8

Driving: 6   

Occultism: 1

Getting Medieval: 3   

Science: 3

Gun Fu: 5   

Sports: 0

Influence: 5  

Wild Card: 5 (Genetics)

Maneuvers       Bonus Base Damage    Notes

Catch Weapon



Ranged Defense Action




Defense Action




Resisted by Dodge

Jump Kick







(Groin Kick) 16 16 Ouch!




Defense Action

Parry Ranged



Defense Action





Spin Kick








(Through the Heart)



x5 vs. vamps
Sweep Kick 19 7 Bash; Target Prone








x5 Damage

Thrown Stake




(Through the Heart)



x5 vs. vamps




Bash; must Grapple first
Background on Max Guevara

             One of the '09 escapees, Max has left the biggest trail but has managed on many occasions to avoid permanent capture. Along with fellow escapee Jondy (X5-210), Max required far less sleep than an average human or X5.

            Max had a seizure in February of 2009 which triggered the escape of 12 Gillette, Wyoming X5s. Upon seeing her malfunctioning, guards attempted to remove Max from the X5 barracks for testing, but they were attacked by Zack (X5-599) and soon afterward Eva (X5-766) as well, who was killed by Lydecker while leading the rest of the X5s through the corridors of Manticore. Subsequently, Zack went rogue and directed his unit to break out of Manticore and run into the woods outside. They were immediately pursued, but twelve of the Gillette, Wyoming X5s escaped that night, including Max.

            In October of 2019, Max was in contact with a private detective Dan Vogelsang, attempting to procure information about the other '09 escapees; however, Vogelsang was kidnapped and tortured by Lydecker for information about Max before he could help her. Soon afterward Max made contact with a former Manticore-employed nurse who she remembered smuggling her out of the Manticore area the night of the escape, Hannah. Hannah subsequently telephoned Lydecker as she had been instructed and a TAC team moved in on the two subjects. However Max managed to evade capture with the help of her friend Logan Cale, and she helped Hannah pass safely over the border and into Canada.

            In November of 2019, PI Dan Vogelsang recontacted Max, wishing to sell her information about her fellow rogue X5s for $15,000; however he was assassinated by Zack before he could give her any of his information. Zack, whom Max had not seen since the escape, reappeared a few weeks later seeking aid from Max with injuries he sustained attempting to help fellow '09 escapee Brin (X5-734), who was kidnapped by Major Jake Sanders and taken Fort Xavier to sell to the Chinese government. Max and Zack captured Lydecker and went with him to For Xavier, where they liberated Brin from Fort Xavier. Lydecker subsequently convinced them to return her to Manticore due to the fact that she was suffering from the late stages of progeria, a potentially fatal condition, and could only be treated there.

            Soon after returning Brin to Manticore, Max was put on the Seattle police department's wanted list for the murder of PI Dan Vogelsang. In light of the imminent danger of remaining in Seattle, Zack took attempted to take Max to the Canadian border; however she resisted when her friend Logan Cale collapsed in Seattle and was close to death. She went back to the city despite Zack's protests and saved his life, but was subsequently apprehended by the Seattle PD. Before Lydecker could take her back to Manticore, however, Zack admitted to the crime he had committed and was taken back to Manticore in her place.

            In February of 2020, Zack contacted Max for help after escaping from Manticore. She went to his aid and discovered that he had undergone severe interrogation techniques including the use of pyschoactives in order to gain information about the whereabouts of the other 11 escapees. After Zack revealed information to Max about five of the other escaped X5s, it became apparent that he had been purposely let out of Manticore in order to gain the intelligence they had been unable to gather during his interrogations. Lydecker intended to get the information via a small radio transmitter embedded in Zack's head, but he ripped it out and he and Max managed to evade capture. Max's friend Logan Cale sent a message to the compromised X5s in order to warn them, and four of the five escapees moved before they could be found. The fourth, Tinga (X5-656), was spotted and was about to be apprehended before Max and Zack thwarted Lydecker's men. Zack subsequently left with Tinga for safety in Canada.

            In March of 2020, Max made accidental contact with Jace (X5-798), one of the Gillette, Wyoming X5 who voluntarily stayed behind during the escape, while Jace was on a mission to assassinate a Doctor Adriana Vertes. Upon discovering that Jace was pregnant, Max convinced her to defect from Manticore, and subsequently helped her to pass safely over the Mexican border with Max's help.

            In April of 2020, Logan Cale (AKA "Eyes Only) told Max that one of her fellow escapees, Ben (X5-493) had been found murdered; however, soon afterward a second body turned up with an identical barcode, leading Max to conclude that Ben had murdered the two men, connected to a religion he had made up when they were children centred around a Virgin Mary icon, whom they called the Blue Lady, and four X2s in the basement of Manticore, called "nomlies." She tracked him down and confronted him about what he was doing; he ignored her pleas for him to stop, and she chased him into the forest around an abandoned factory. Max was subsequently forced to fight Ben in order to save the life of his would-be victim, a Seattle Catholic priest named Destry. During the fight X5-452 broke both his legs and Manticore, who had tracked Ben to their position, was closing in on them. Max was unable to carry Ben out of the woods, and he begged her to kill him because he knew that if he was taken alive back to Manticore they would put him in the basement for observation with the "nomlies," or other malfunctioning transgenics. Max obliged him, and snapped Ben's neck and vacated the woods before the Manticore TAC team could reach them.

            In May of 2020, Tinga reentered the United States to her home city of Portland, intending to reconnect with her husband, Charlie Smith, and young son Case. Max accidentally came into contact with her, and the two of them planned a rescue operation for Charlie and the boy, whom they discovered former Manticore Director Lydecker had been set upon. Max and Tinga attempted to remove the boy and his father from under surveillance, and were joined by Zack soon afterward. The three X5s and two humans managed to get safely to Logan Cale's penthouse, but Lydecker had infected Case with a retrovirus, and said that the only way to save him would be to give his mother to Manticore. Against Zack's wishes, Tinga decided to do it and the trade was made. When the Manticore Special Ops team attempted to take both Tinga and her son, they were thwarted by Max and Zack. Max later helped father and child pass safely over the Canadian border and Zack remained in the area in order to gather intelligence towards the liberation of Tinga.

            Both Max and Zack attempted to liberate Tinga from a top secret testing facility within Seattle soon after her capture; however, Tinga was dead before they arrived at the silo where she was being held. Zack was wounded and forced to leave Max behind, calling in two other X5s, Krit (X5-471) and Syl (X5-701), to begin a rescue operation. Max was taken to a motel with former Manticore Director Lydecker, who attempted to kill her in a drunken stupor. She escaped on her own and joined the other three X5s with Lydecker, and they proposed taking out the Manticore project once and for all.

            Despite Zack's doubts, the four X5s launched a surprise attack on Manticore soon afterward. Krit and Syl fulfilled their objective to take out the generator and escaped unscathed. Max and Zack intended to blow up the DNA Lab while Krit and Syl took out the generator. After setting the charges in the DNA Lab, Lydecker and Logan Cale informed Max that the turned X5 recaptured in February of 2019, Brin, was attempting to get to the DNA Lab to disarm the explosives. Knowing that she would be killed by the blast and going against Zack's objections, Max went back and saved Brin's life by chaining her to a wall in the corridor outside the DNA Lab, which subsequently exploded.

            Though the mission to destroy the Lab was completed both Max and Zack were shot by an X7 squadron in the yard outside the Manticore Facility. Mortally wounded and dead on arrival, Max was brought to the Medical Bay where doctors attempted to revive her. However she had irreversible heart failure due to a point-blank shot to her right ventricle, and was dead. Also inside the Medical Bay, Zack was distraught at Max's death and escaped his restraints, procuring a weapon and taking Manticore Director Renfro hostage. He demanded that the medical staff heal the flatlined X5, but he realized that it was impossible to save her without a heart transplant, and there was nothing in the donor bank. Therefore, Zack turned the gun on himself in order to provide the heart needed to save her life.

            Zack's heart was successfully transplanted into Max and Director Renfro attempted to bring her back into the service of Manticore, which she resisted strongly against, already in the process of preparing to escape. During her preparations she met and befriended a transgenic living in the basement of Manticore named Joshua, who claimed to be the first transgenic ever created, and who said that all the transgenics created at Manticore were made by his "father," whom he called Sandman.

            In September of 2020, because of the destruction of the Manticore DNA Lab, the X5s were each assigned breeding partners. Max was assigned to copulate with X5R-494 in order to produce a child, but she resisted heavily. She soon named him Alec, for smart-aleck. Alec subsequently pretended to ally himself with her in order to aid her in an escape, which Manticore Director Renfro hoped would lead to the death of Eyes Only- Logan Cale- due to a genetically engineered virus implanted in Max targeted specifically to his DNA. However, the attempt to kill Eyes Only failed and he subsequently broadcasted the location of the Wyoming Manticore facility; Director Renfro then destroyed the facility, intending to kill everyone inside by locking down the barracks. But Max returned to Manticore and opened the barracks doors, releasing the transgenics safely out into the world. She then confronted Renfro inside the facility, demanding the cure and antidote to the virus; Renfro gave her the antidote, but claimed there was no cure. She was subsequently shot by a Manticore guard who was attempting to kill Max; Renfro threw herself between the gun and Max. With her dying breath, she said that Max was the "one we've been looking for" and that she had to find Sandeman, the man whom Joshua had been speaking of before. Renfro died, and Max left Manticore to burn to the ground and returned to Seattle, still infected with the virus and unable to touch Logan Cale.

            In October of 2020, Logan Cale notified Max that a Manticore rendezvous signal was being projected in the woods outside the former location of the facility in order to lure escaped transgenics in for capture or execution. Max hurried to the scene and managed to save four X6s and one X8 who were hiding in a barn in the nearby area with an X7. Alec, whose cover had been blown by three of the X6s, was also in the barn but he left soon after Max's arrival. Without Max's knowledge, the X7 was communicating ultrasonically with other X7 soldiers to bring them to the barn. They were attacked, but she managed to save them by distracting the soldiers long enough for the kids to escape in a truck. She was captured, and met Ames White, who had been hired by the Committee formerly responsible for the funding of Manticore in order to eliminate all evidence that the facility ever existed; to this end, he had been the one to set up the Manticore rendezvous signal. The X6s, with Alec's help, rescued Max; she and Alec changed to satellite signal from an order to rendezvous to an order to go to ground, and then destroyed White's ability to change it back. She and Alec then escaped and Logan Cale procured passports and IDs so that Max could help the X6s and X8 to pass safely over the Canadian border.

            Soon afterward, Max contacted a former Manticore-employed doctor afraid for his life for help in curing the virus she had been infected with by Renfro. He agreed to help for $10,000, and Logan Cale paid him half up front so he could begin his research. After he was finished, he intended to flee the United States to escape White and his men. Max came into contact with Alec soon after this, who had been captured by White and agreed to kill three transgenics within a certain amount of time, or would otherwise die via a small bomb implanted against his brain stem. In the end, he had only two of the three barcodes White had asked him to get and only had a few hours left. Not wanting to kill Max but not being able to find any other transgenics in time to save his life, Alec jumped at the opportunity to accompany Max to see her Manticore-basement friend Joshua, who had escaped during the fire and was now searching for his "father." When they found Joshua, Alec attacked them both and attempted to cut off Joshua's barcode to bring it to White. But upon discovery that, due to the fact that Joshua was the first transgenic ever created, he had no barcode, Alec prepared to kill Max, but couldn't bring himself to do it. Max took him to the Manticore doctor she'd hired to cure her virus but the doctor was charging $10,000 and Alec only had $5,000. Max paid the other $5,000, but was told by the doctor that he would be leaving right away before curing her virus. He saved Alec's life, and a guilty Alec left a furious Max behind with Joshua. The doctor fled the country after giving Max his research up to that point. She went with Joshua to his the former house of his "father," which had been ransacked and abandoned long before. There, Joshua found his cane and showed it to Max; it had the Manticore symbol on top, and idea which Joshua rejected, claiming that the symbol was "Father's." Looking at the cane, Max remembered something from when she was six years old, being lifted into the arms of a man holding that cane, who called her his "special little one."

            At Manticore, Zack, who had been used as a living organ donor after his suicide, kept alive on machines, was subsequently moved to another facility for use in cutting-edge cybernetics experiments. There, his damaged system was supplemented with biosynthetic organs and his arm, whose nerves were damaged, was fitted with a exoskeleton. An implant was also installed in his temporal lobe, which had been damaged by the point-blank gunshot wound he administered to himself. After Manticore was attacked in September of 2020 and was shut down, Zack was sold on the black market to a Seattle-based group obsessed with biotechnology known as the Steelheads with no memory of his former life. In November of 2020, Logan Cale informed Max of Zack's existence in Seattle, and with Alec's help, who was by this time working with Max at Jam Pony Messenger Service, she located him and liberated him from the Steelheads. At first Zack did not recognize her, but gradually with her help he began the difficult task of remembering his former life; however, he remembered things differently than how they had really occurred, and for a long time believed that he and Max were lovers, whereas she had always considered him a brother. At Manticore, Zack had been put through a series of techniques including the use of psychoactives, subliminal messages, and memory fragmentation in order to create a hatred for the wanted fugitive known as Eyes Only, whose true identity was Logan Cale. When Zack was recovered from the Steelheads by Max, and put into contact with Logan Cale, the mission given to him by Manticore resurfaced and he attempted to assassinate the cyberjournalist. He was stopped by Max, who was forced to electrocute him to avert the death of her friend; the shock overloaded the circuitry of his cranial implant, erasing all the experiences he'd had since the moment it was switched on. Knowing that once his memories were regained Zack would again attempt to kill Eyes Only, Max made the difficult decision to give Zack a new identity. He was sent to live on a ranch as Adam Thompson, with no knowledge of his own identity as X5-599 or as Zack, something which caused intense pain and guilt for Max.

            In December of 2020, while Max was hard at work trying to continue the research of the doctor who had left the country two months before, Logan Cale told her that former Manticore Director Lydecker was missing. He showed her some photographs that had been found in the vicinity of his wrecked SUV, which showed the skeletons of two babies and a young woman. Later, Logan told her about a case he'd agreed to do; a six-year-old boy had been kidnapped. The child, who turned out to be White's son, appeared to have been taken by transgenics. With Logan, she tried to convince White's wife that her husband was in charge of killing the transgenics escaped from Manticore, but she didn't believe them, and soon afterward White returned home. Max told him that she would help him find his son for the boy and his mother's sake. Later, White was contacted by the kidnappers and he and his wife took a large sum of money to a predetermined location in order to pay the ransom. Max also showed up at the location, with information from Logan that White intended to kill his wife because of a millennia-old ritual of having three children, killing the first two, and then taking the third child and disposing of the mother; White's first two children were miscarried. White indeed turned on his wife, and Max saved her from him. She then fought White, who she was astounded to discover was a better and more resilient fighter than even she was. White let it slip that he was not the only person stronger and faster than she is, and that Manticore transgenics were inferior to him and his kind. Then he disappeared, leaving her shocked and confused.

            One evening while Max and Logan were at Crash. Alec challenged Max about her relationship with Logan, and while she threw off his concerns at the time, Alec really had punched some sensitive buttons. Max wanted to leave and think things through, but Logan grabbed her arm without thinking. He collapsed and was taken to the hospital. His only hope was another transgenic giving Logan blood. Max called Alec, who was grabbed while leaving Crash by the police who were accusing him of several murders Ben had committed. He never showed at the hospital. Max went and got Joshua, who gave the transfusion instead. Max heard what happened to Alec, and went to the police station to break him out. She found out what Alec was accused of while she was there, and the police told her they had a DNA match. Enraged, Max posed as a public defender to tell Alec that she wasn't going to help him. When Alec told her about the murders he was accused of though Max realized who had really committed them, and busted him out. Back at her apartment Max told Alec that she'd broken up with Logan, and told him the story of Ben, and that she had killed him. He decided to crash at Joshua's. As they were walking out together Logan saw the two of them together and mistook it for Max and Alec being romantic together.

            Joshua had met a blind girl named Annie. Max and Alec had explained to Joshua about the dangers of relationships with Ordinaries, but since she was blind Joshua had ignored them. Finally he broke it off with her at Max and Alec's insistence. Still, Joshua slipped out of his house to go see her. Slipping up on her house and peeking through her window he was spotted by several teenagers who fancied themselves some kind of neighbourhood watch. They chased Joshua under the street. Max went down and managed to find him and get him out and away. While they were in the sewers though the truth of Joshua was revealed to her. She didn't take well to the fact that he'd lied to her, but didn't seem to mind that he was transgenic. Having no other choice, Joshua left Annie in the sewers for the police to find, but White found her first, and broke her neck, framing Joshua.

            Distraught over Annie's death, Joshua chose to go live in Terminal City, a huge toxic wasteland. Between that and her brake up with Logan, Max decided to leave Seattle for good. On her way out of town though, a woman riding a motorcycle like hers and looking exactly like her shot out her tire. Her name was Sam, X5-453, a clone of herself. She chained Max to a poll, telling her about her husband and son, and that White had them and was going to kill them if she didn't bring Max in. Logan had seen Sam chasing Max down the highway, and followed them. He came upon the scene and partially untied Max, allowing her to get loose as Sam arrived and kicked him away. Max tied Sam up as Logan hid and pretended to be her, waiting for White to arrive. When he did Logan slipped up behind him and knocked him out with a crowbar. Max traded White for Sam's family, and had Alec steal a car for her to get over the border. She found out at the same time that there was an entire group of transgenics, transhuman and X series already living in Terminal City.

            A short while later CJ, an inmate managed to escape from an insane asylum right outside Seattle. The breeding cult was outside performing a ritual. He stole one of the snakes they were worshipping and slipped away. While Max and Alec were savaging for parts to help get Eyes Only back up and running CJ overheard them talking about the breeding cult when they found the snake he'd stolen from them when he escaped. Later that day Alec finally found out that Max had allowed Logan to believe that he and she were going out, and went to Logans place to set things straight. While he was there though, Logan wouldn't let him get a word in. He told Alec to take care of her and treat her right. Alec went to Crash's to meet with Max, and as they were talking odd symbols began appearing on her right arm. To find out what and how much the transgenics knew, CJ drew a barcode on the back of his neck and went to Terminal City, posing as an X5. He slipped away after Max kicked his ass, forgetting his snake. Max tracked CJ to the last place she'd seen that snake, and found CJ. CJ Told her that Sandeman was in the cult and was his father. He also told her he left because he'd tested CJs blood and knew he wouldn't survive the initiation. Max asked CJ to arrange a meeting with Sandeman, which he agreed to, but arranged a meeting with White instead. White came packing and captured Max. He chained her up and read the symbols popping out all over her in front of CJ, also telling Max that CJ was his brother. CJ said that Max was "The one" Sandeman had been talking about and that he'd made a "big mistake". He knocked White out with his own stun prod, telling Max that she was his only hope, and that she was "it". CJ Helped her to the prisoner transport and she hijacked it, getting herself and the transgenic prisoners away from White.

            The population of terminal city swelled as Max and the X5s played hero and rescued those in trouble, and word just got out to the others about a safe place. More symbols began showing up on Max's skin, some of them fading away as they did. She went to Logan to have them photographed and translated. Meanwhile a pregnant female named Gem started making her way to Terminal City when Joshua and Mole picked her up. On their way to Terminal City they were in a car wreck that stalled their van. They were seen, and the police were called. Joshua called Max, and on her instructions headed to Jam Pony to find Alec. A hostage situation quickly developed as the transgenics locked themselves inside Jam Pony. Max got on to the situation, and jumped onto a hoverdrone, forcing it down and through one of the windows at Jam Pony. Max got the situation under control, or tried to. She traded the hostages for a van and safe passage, but White's people interfered with the trade to escalate the situation. Mole was determined to start killing hostages, but Max stopped him. Finally White came in with his team of breeding cult warriors. Max, Alec, Joshua, Mole and Logan stood against them, and after a huge fight were victorious. Max and the others took their uniforms, and dressed many of the messengers that were now on their side as White's people. The others were put in unlocked handcuffs and lead out, posing as being arrested. They took the ambulance and a paddiewagon to Terminal City, or started to. Then Clemente found White and came after them. By that time it was too late though, and they had arrived in Terminal City.

            After the Jam Pony incident White found a younger Psyop clone of Max. He sent the P4 into Terminal City as a spy after getting her cooperation with an assurance of safety. Max thought of Zack around her, and the Psyop picked up on him and where he was. She reported back to White his location, and her feelings for him. White moved in, snagging Zack, still thinking he was Adam Thompson, off the farm he was on. Chained to a chair he tried to get Zack to see what he was, but Zack didn't remember a thing. Finally White traded Zack for Max.

            Locked up, White tried to interrogate Max through torture, when that didn't work, he injected her with a drug that would trigger her heat, stronger and more violently than ever before. Fortunately Alec managed to get a tip on where Max was being held, and charged in to rescue her. Out of control with heat, Max jumped him as soon as they were away, and tried to fill her needs with Alec. The drug wouldn't let her relax though. Once back in Terminal City, Max collapsed into an exhausted sleep.

            Barely a day later, Whites headquarters went up in a massive explosion. Alec returned to tell Max that the perpetrator was a transgenic, a young one named Angel. Considering White was with the FBI, they all knew this was ending in Genocide. The transgenics wanted to leave Terminal City before the army dropped bombs. Transgenics were great in a fight, but even they had little defense against 500 pound bombs dropped from above. Max made the sad decision to move out to Vancouver and got her people on the road.

Quote: “Jeez, you are so stupid, the word "special" comes to mind.”

Roleplaying Max Guevara

She's confident, she's a smartass, she's honest. She's very comfortable with herself in an unusual way. She doesn't feel the need to put on a facade for anyone, and the only kind of mask that she ever puts up is to defend herself and not expose her heart and the secret she has that she can't tell anyone. But it kills her because she wants to.


TM & ?2002 Twentieth Century Fox and its related entities. All Rights Reserved.

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