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Section of Site: Buffy RPGBelongs to Faction: Subtype: Veterans and Experienced HeroesEra: Canon: No

Elektra Natchios

Name: Elektra Natchios                  DOB: 17/4/1972

Actor: Jennifer Garner                     DOB: 17/4/1972

Character Type: Champion

Life Points: 69        Drama Points: 10

Attributes (20 + 8 from Drawbacks) = 28

Strength 6 (1 Level Part of Hand Assassin Quality)
Dexterity 6 (1 Level Part of Hand Assassin Quality)
Constitution 5
Intelligence 3
Perception 5
Willpower 5

Qualities (20 + 2 from Drawbacks) = 22

Attractive +3 (3)
Contacts (3)
Fast Reaction Time (2)
Hand Assassin (Same as Slayer-In-Training (4)
Hard to Kill 5 (5)
Nerves of Steel (3)
Situational Awareness (2)

Drawbacks (10) = 10

Adversary (The Hand & Various Others) (3)
Honorable (2)
Obligation (Major) (Part of Hand Assassin Quality)
Mental Problem (Cruelty) (1)
Tragic Love (4)

Skills (30 + 8 from Drawbacks) = 38

Acrobatics: 5+1

Knowledge: 4

Art: 0

Kung Fu: 5+1

Computers: 0

Languages: 3

Crime: 5

Mr. Fix-It: 0

Doctor: 1

Notice: 4

Driving: 0

Occultism: 4+1

Getting Medieval: 5+1

Science: 0

Gun Fu: 0

Sports: 0

Influence: 2

Wild Card: 0

Maneuvers       Bonus Base Damage    Notes

Catch Weapon



Ranged Defense Action
Disarm 10 None Resisted by Parry




Defense Action




Resisted by Dodge

Jump Kick



Kick 11 14 Bash
Parry 12 None Defense Action

Parry Ranged



Defense Action




Sai 12 12 Slash/stab

Spin Kick








(Through the Heart)



x5 vs. vamps
Sweep Kick 11 6 Bash; Target Prone

Thrown Stake




(Through the Heart)



x5 vs. vamps




Bash; must Grapple first
Background on Elektra Natchios

           Elektra Natchios was the daughter of a Greek ambassador, and at college age, took up studying political science at Columbia University in New York, where she met the young Matt Murdock (later, Daredevil.) Murdock and Elektra fell deeply in love, and Murdock revealed to her his superhuman sensory abilities. Later, Elektra and her father were held hostage by terrorists, and Elektra (who studied martial arts since childhood) helped a masked Murdock defeat their opponents. Unfortunately, a policeman shot Elektra's father, thinking him one of the terrorists. Distraught, and with her faith in law and order shattered, Elektra left her school, Murdock, and the United States.

            She soon found herself studying martial arts with the best teachers around the world and eventually in Japan, but left to join an even more exclusive, worldwide secret organization of martial artists, which was led by Stick, who would also train Daredevil. During the year she spent in Stick's order, Elektra greatly developed her martial arts skills. Eventually, Stick had her leave the group, claiming that her grief over her father's death would still hold her back from her full potential. Elektra later infiltrated the Japanese assassin guild known as the Hand. She hoped to gain respect from Stick by subverting the Hand eventually. 

            As a test, the Hand abducted and drugged Elektra’s former sensei. Concealing his identity under cover of darkness, the ninja engineered a confrontation between the old man and Elektra. When Elektra’s sai pierced his flesh, her opponent’s true face was revealed. In that instant, Elektra knew she would never know true peace. Her hatred had found a home: It made her the perfect warrior. The Hand trained and guided her, twisting her soul, but Elektra never turned completely. She finally rebelled and fled.

            Spending her time as a bounty hunter and assassin, Elektra sold her talent and rage on the open market. She later came across Daredevil, learning his true identity. Although neither could accept the other's choice of occupation, they still loved each other. Elektra was hired to kill Daredevil's friend, Foggy Nelson, but could not bring herself to when Foggy recognized her as "Matt's girl Elektra." Soon afterward, Bullseye, trying to prove himself as the Kingpin’s chief assassin, killed Elektra by impaling her on her own sai. Elektra died in Matt’s arms.

            Unwilling to part with one of its most talented operatives, the Hand attempted to resurrect Elektra and place her fully under their thrall through a mystical ceremony. When Stone, a member of the Chaste one of Stick's organization, completed the process. Daredevil's love apparently "purified her spirit." Elektra continued to wander the globe, but did not pursue her attraction to Daredevil. Apparently reconciling with Stick, Elektra joined his organization for an indeterminate time, and both of them were on hand to guide Wolverine through a healing process (spiritually and physically) soon after the loss of his adamantium-laced skeleton.

            Presumably, Elektra continues to live in New York City, attempting to make a new life for herself.

Quote: “Try asking for my number.”

Roleplaying Elektra Natchios

            Elektra is a loner, living in the shadows, constantly on the move and unknown even to those who hire her. She follows her own morale code. Even though she is one of the world's best assassins.

MARVEL, and the distinctive likenesses are trademarks of Marvel Characters, Inc., and are used without permission.
Copyright 2004 Marvel Characters, Inc. All rights reserved.

? 2003 Twentieth Century Fox. All Rights Reserved. Image used without permission.

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