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Section of Site: Buffy RPGBelongs to Faction: Subtype: Monster of the Week and Big BadsEra: Canon: No

Zoltan, Hound of Dracula

Name: Zoltan                                    DOB: 24/6/1373

Critter Type: Vampire Dog

Motivation: Find Its Master's Descendent

Life Points: 104          Drama Points: 10


Strength 9 (3 levels part of Vampire Quality)
Dexterity 8 (2 levels part of Vampire Quality)
Constitution 7 (2 levels part of Vampire Quality)
Intelligence 2
Perception 5
Willpower 7


Acute Hearing
Acute Sense of Smell
Age 7
Hard to Kill 10
Nerves of Steel (3)
Regeneration (Constitution Life Points per Hour) (Part of Vampire Quality)
Situational Awareness (2)
Vampire (15)


Adversary (Vampire Hunters) (3)
Honorable (1)
Mental Problems (Cruelty) (1)
Obsession (Find Its Master's Descendent) (3)
Secret (Vampire) (3)
Tragic Love (4)


Acrobatics: 8

Knowledge: 5

Art: 0

Kung Fu: 6

Computers: 0

Languages: 0

Crime: 5

Mr. Fix-It: 2

Doctor: 0

Notice: 5

Driving: 0

Occultism: 4

Getting Medieval: 0

Science: 0

Gun Fu: 0

Sports: 0

Influence: 4

Wild Card: 0

Maneuvers       Bonus Base Damage    Notes
Bite 17 27 Slash/stab

Catch Weapon



Ranged Defense Action
Choke 15 8 Bash; Asphyxiation




Defense Action




Resisted by Dodge
Nail Slash 15 18 Slash/stab
Parry 17 None Defense Action
Parry Ranged 15 None Defense Action




Takedown 15 9 Bash; Knocks Target Down (See p112)
Background on Zoltan

            Long ago, Zoltan was the canine companion of an old Romanian peasant named Veidt. One night the latest of the line of Dracula, Igor Dracula unsuccessfully attacked Veidt's daughter. Fleeing the scene, Igor changed into a bat and stopped for a quick bite to eat on Zoltan. Zoltan became a vampire dog, and Igor also had the wherewithal to convert Veidt into a living zombie, slave to the Dracula family.

            Jump to a few decades later. Romanian soldiers, apparently in a unit composed totally of men who know nothing about Vampires, blast away at the countryside. They find a crypt full of bodies with stakes stuck in them. Naturally, one of the soldiers pulls the stake out of one of the bodies, and Zoltan is unleashed on the world once more!

Quote: "Wooof! Woof woof woof woof!"

Roleplaying Zoltan

            Zoltan is a vampire dog with a centuries-old mission to find his master.

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