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Section of Site: EarthdawnBelongs to Faction: Subtype: CreaturesEra: Canon: No

Goat Demon

Str 6
Dex 6
Tou 6
Per 9
Wil 9
Cha 6

Init 6

Phys Def 8
Spel Def 11
Soci Def 8

Phys Arm 3
Myst Arm 4

Wound 10

Karma 10
Step 5

Move Full/Combat 40/20

Attack (Staff) 7
Damage 8

Rank 1
LP 165
KO 28
Death 36

Spellcasting 11 (Rank 2)

Name Threads Weaving Range Effect Dura Casting Source
Crushing Will 1 8 120y WF+5 I TSD MI 183
Flameweapon 2 5 10y +1d4 10+RR TWSD MI 158
Best Face 2 5 T Cha+5 8+RM TSD MI 167
Unseen Voices 0 NA 40y Spec 15+RR TSD MI 168
Spirit Grip 0 NA T WF+6 I TSD MI 175

Rank 2
LP 210
KO 32
Death 41

Spellcasting 12 (Rank 3)

Name Threads Weaving Range Effect Dura Casting Source
Shield Mist 1 6 Self WF+6 3+RR TSD MI 177
Ethereal Darkn 1 8 T Sp-12 WP+d10R 2 MI 176
Fog Ghost 2 6 25y Spec 3+RR 8 MI 176
Vines 1 6 50y WF+4 3+RR TSD MI 185
Tailor 2 6 T WF+4 Rx10M TSD MI 168
Icy Surface 0 NA T Spec 3+RM 2 MI 159

Rank 3
LP 265
KO 36
Death 46

Spellcasting 13 (Rank 4)

Name Threads Weaving Range Effect Dura Casting Source
Ice Mace+Chain 0 NA 40y WF+5 2R TSD MI 160
Dampen Karma 1 8 60y -4 6+RR TSD MI 169
Suffocation 3 7 120y WF+8 3+RR TSD MI 170
Death's Head 0 NA S WF+5 5+RR TSD MI 177
Pain 0 NA 10y S4 3+RR TSD MI 178
Combat Fury 1 9 T +4 7+RR TSD MI 185

Rank 4
LP 335
KO 40
Death 51

Spellcasting 14 (Rank 5)
Willforce 10

Name Threads Weaving Range Effect Dura Casting Source
Evil Eye 2 7 25y -5S 10+RR TSD MI 178
Vis'ns of Death 1 9 100y Spec 6+RR TSD MI 179
Thorny Retreat 1 11 T WF+2 7+RR 2 MI 187
Eyes Have It 3 7 60y WF+4 1+RM 2 MI 170
Blizzard Sphere 2 10 100y WF+8 3+RM TSD MI 162
SuffocatinPaste 2 9 25y Spec WF TSD MI 162

Rank 5
LP 525
KO 44
Death 56

Spellcasting 15 (Rank 6)
Willforce 11

Name Threads Weaving Range Effect Dura Casting Source
Fireball 1 12 100y WF+8 I TSD MI 163
Stone Cage 1 11 60y WF+5 10+RR TSD MI 163
Improve Karma 1 8 T +5 6+RR TSD MI 171
Astral Horror 3 9 120y WF+6 1+RM 12 MI 180
Wither Limb 3 8 60y WF+8 I TSD MI 180
Last Chance 1 7 T +8 I TSD AMB 31

Rank 6
LP 2500
KO 48
Death 61

Spellcasting 16 (Rank 7)
Willforce 12

Name Threads Weaving Range Effect Dura Casting Source
Bone Shatter 2 12 60y WF+8 I TSD MI 180
Foul Vapors 1 11 25y WF+5 6+RR 2 MI 181
Recovery 3 9 T WF+15 I TSD MI 181
Displace Self 2 9 S WF+7 5+RR TSD MI 187
Doom Missile 3 10 100y WF+5 RR TSD MI 187
Chosen Path 3 10 60y WF+8 3+RH 2 MI 171
Tossing Earth 3 11 100y WF+1 1+RH 2 MI 164

Goat demons are roughly human sized, and have a somewhat scrawny appearance and a goatlike head, generally dressed in rags or robes and with a staff they walk with (goat demons have a slow limping walk).  While somewhat stronger and tougher than they look, goat demons are not physical threats.  They are however devious tacticians and are spellcasters of varying ability.  Goat demons prefer to fight only when they have sufficient minions between them and their enemies, and will sometimes use their magic to disguise themselves when carrying out their plans.  Goat demons often lead gaggles of other demons or monsters or crude Namegivers, or are seen working for others.

It is reputed that not all goat demons attack to kill, it is said some have very unsavory appetites.  

Presented here are 6 different power levels of goat demons, with representative spells goat demons might choose.  Goat demons will know some or all (or completely different ones from listed) spells of their rank and lower.  They do not need spell matrices, and suffer no ill effects from raw casting.

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