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Section of Site: EarthdawnBelongs to Faction: Subtype: CreaturesEra: Canon: No

Lost Soul
LP 120

Init 8

Str 5
Dex 8
Tou 3
Per 8
Cha 5

Phys Def 12
Spel Def 8
Soci Def 8

Phys Arm 0
Myst Arm 0

Death 23
Wound 5
Knockdown 5 (anytime a Lost Soul fails a knockdown check it is automatically destroyed)

Move (Flying) 85/42

Attack 10 (bite)
Damage 10

Resembling blazing madly cackling skulls, Lost Souls are demonic constructs that swarm to bite and burn and tear apart the living unless called off by higher demons.   The flames of Lost Souls only burns when they want it to, sometimes leaving the surroundings untouched while burning flesh and clothes.  Lost Souls are not particularly tough, but tend to operate in packs and are hard to hit being small and nimble.  The demons like using Lost Soul packs to harry adventurers and make them easy targets for the tougher demons.  Due to their small size, up to 12 lost souls can attack a single human size target.

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