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Section of Site: Races D6Belongs to Faction: Subtype: Player Character RacesEra: ImperialCanon: No

Ajahdia (Dark)

The Dark Ajahdia are one half of a Duo-Race. The Dark Ajahdia are
surrounded and cradled by the dark side from birth. It warps and
twists them and intertwines itself in their soul making them forever
servants of evil. They roam the galaxy causing pain and misery,
instigating full out war and bloodshed, and committing atrocities.
They sow dissention and discord wherever possible, attempting to
break apart society and cause chaos. With their very touch they can
wrap the darkside around a victim, tainting them, or drain life
energy from others to heal themselves.

Attribute Dice: 12D
Dexterity: 1D/3D
Knowledge: 2D/4D
Mechanical: 1D/3D+1
Perception: 2D/5D
Strength: 3D/6D
Technical: 1D/3D+1

Move: 8/10
Height: 2-2.5 meters

Special Skills:

Perception: Taint:
This skill costs double character points to advance after character
creation. To use this skill the Ajahdia must have at least one Dark
Side Point and must be touching the Target. This envelops the target
with the darkside energies surrounding them. It's rolled against the
target's willpower or control. If the target has any Dark Side Points,
the Ajahdia is at +2D for every dark side point the target has. Success
means that a dark side point is passed from the Ajahdia to the target.
Any force sensitive character will know the instant the DSP is passed,
as it will feel like an oily stain on their soul. If the character does
not immediately begin atonement(if they go the next adventure without
atoning they fail to start), they may not remove the Dark Side Point
through atonement and once per adventure they must make a willpower
roll Vs 4D +2D for every DSP they have, if they fail they must perform
an evil act for which they will gain another DSP.

Special Abilities:
Vampiric Regeneration: To use this ability the Ajahdia must be touching
the target. The Ajahdia then rolls Stamina vs. the target's Stamina. If
the Ajahdia wins then he loses one level of wounding and the target gains
one. This may be kept up to heal another level each round, but each round
requires an opposed stamina roll. An Ajahdia may not take more than is
necessary to heal all damage to themselves. If the characters is brought
up to mortally wounded or dead through this manner, the Ajahdia receives
a dark side point. This is a full action.

Force Points: Ajahdia are enveloped and surrounded by the taint of the
darkside and thus for force points, Ajahdia are considered dark Jedi.

Dark Side Points: Dark Ajahdia are so warped and intertwined by the
dark side, that they have become addicted to it. If an Ajahdia has no
dark side points they are at -3D from all skills and -1D to perception
and strength attributes. This lasts until they gain a new dark side
point. If they have only one DSP they are at -1D all skills. Starting
Dark Ajahdia start with 2 dark side points.

Story Factors:

Force Blind: Being so warped and shrouded by the dark side, it is
actually like a blanket being pulled over them. Aside from the few
powers they manifest, all Ajahdia are unable to be force sensitive.

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