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Section of Site: Races D6Belongs to Faction: Subtype: Player Character RacesEra: ImperialCanon: No

Ajahdia (Light)

Light Ajahdia are one half of a Duo-Race. Light Ajahdia are
surrounded by, and radiate the light side of the force. Their
powers are all geared towards helping others and fighting evil.
Unlike the Dark Ajahdia, Light Ajahdia can be force sensitive
and be trained as Jedi. A Light Ajahdia's mere presence can
cause evil doers pain, and their touch can cause unparalleled
agony. They have the ability to remove the taint of the dark
side from people, places, and things. There is an ancient
prophecy, now considered just legend, that a Light Ajahdia and
a Dark Ajahdia shall join and spark the flame of a new, even
more powerful race.

Attribute Dice: 12D
Dexterity: 1D/3D
Knowledge: 3D/5D+2
Mechanical: 1D/3D
Perception: 2D/4D
Strength: 3D/5D+1
Technical: 1D/3D

Move: 8/10
Height: 2-2.5 meters

Special Skills:

(A)Knowledge: Regeneration:
The Ajahdia may not have any dark side points to use this. This
skill can be used in place of normal healing rolls, and with it
one be made any round as a full action. It uses the same difficulty
numbers, the frequency simply changes and the character can do
nothing else that round, leaving them vulnerable. If the character
is incapacitated they are unconscious so they cannot use this power,
however a mortally wounded Ajahdia will remain conscious automatically.
Also, for every round this power is used, the character must lose a
certain amount of character points, depending the level he dropped
from that round:
        Wounded: 1 cp
        Wounded x2: 2 cps
        Mortally Wounded: 5 cps

Knowledge: Purify:
The Ajahdia may not have any dark side points to use this. The
Ajahdia must be touching the target. If the target is a character
the difficulty is either very difficult, or if they resist, their
willpower or control roll +10(may not be used on self). Success
means one Dark Side Point is removed, if the dark side point is
from a Dark Ajahdia's train, and is the only one directly from the
taint, the character no longer has to make their willpower checks
every adventure. If it's an item the difficulty depends on how
long it's been tainted:
less than a year: easy
        1-19 years: moderate
        20-300 years: difficult
        301-1299 years: very difficult
        1300-5000 years: Heroic
        additional 1000 years: +5 for each

Special Abilities:
Sacrificial Healing: To use this power the Ajahdia must be touching
the target and may not have any dark side points. He must make a
stamina roll Vs 3D +1D for every level of wounding(i.e. wounded twice
would be a difficulty of 5D, incapacitated 6d etc.) Success means
the target loses one level of wounding and the Ajahdia gains one
level of wounding. This may be kept up but a roll must be made for
each round. This is a full action.

Luminescence: Light Ajahdia radiate an aura of lightside energy.
Any character with darkside points must roll strength as resist Vs
damage equal to the number of dark side points the char has times
2D. The damage will not cause an effect above incapacitated and
will leave no permanent injury, the effects will last for 4D minutes
as a dull ache. If an Ajahdia touches a character with darkside
points (must be bare skin contact) the character rolls strength as
resist Vs damage equal to the number of dark side points the char
has times 5D. The damage will not cause an effect above incapacitated
and will leave no permanent injury, the effects will last for 7D
hours as a sharp pain.

Story Factors:

Darkside Points: Ajahdia cannot atone , though they can be purified
by other Light Ajahdia. If they gain a darkside point an effect happens
based on which one it is.
        First: The Ajahdia instantly falls unconscious for 10D minutes,
               as if incapacitated. When they are revived or wake up they
               will be at no penalties, however.
        Second: Ajahdia instantly falls unconscious for 12D hours.
        Third: Ajahdia loses all special powers and skills
        Fourth+: no more effect

Rarity: Even less common than the Dark Ajahdia, Light Ajahdia are scarce
and hard to come by. Part of this is that they're not really Ajahdia if
they lose their powers, as they do when they are tainted too badly by the
dark side.

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