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Section of Site: Races D6Belongs to Faction: Subtype: Player Character RacesEra: ImperialCanon: No

Itazna (revised)

The Itazna are a race whose existance has long been denied. They
are thought of as myth and legend or even dark rumor. They originally
dwelled on the worlds within the Khali Maelstrom Nebulae, but during
the days of the Old Republic their isolation was broken. Since then
they have walked among the galaxy posing as humans, maintaing a screen
to protect their existance.

They form social circles among their own kind, and conspire to manipulate
and control as much of the galaxy as possible. They can be very brutal
savage beings or very sophisticated scholars, sometimes both.

There are stories of wild parties attended by Itazna all across the galaxy,
where anything goes, but you have to be Immortal to get in. The Itazna
never let others see that they're real if they can avoid it, breaking
this rule is a good way for an Itazna to get himself killed by foes or
by peers.

Attribute Dice: 12D
Dexterity: 2D/5D
Knowledge: 3D/4D+2
Mechanical: 1D/3D
Perception: 2D/4D+1
Strength: 3D/5D+1
Technical: 1D/3D

Move: 12/14
Height: 1.8-2 meters tall

Special Abilities
Fast Healing: An Itazna may make two healing rolls per day instead of
one, the first roll is 4 rounds after the first wound takes place. If
an Itazna is mortaly wounded it will seem like they are dead, but they
will be able to make a healing roll to downgrade to incapciatted after
4 rounds if they're not either decapitated or haven their entire body
destroyed. An Itazna will not worsen to dead from Mortaly Wounded by
rolling low.

Regeneration: Itazna can regenerate lost limbs (fingers, arms, legs,
and feet). Once a day, an Itazna must make a Strength or Stamina roll;
a Very Difficult roll results in 20 percent regeneration; a Difficult
will result in 15 percent; a Moderate will result in 10 percent
regeneration. Any roll below Moderate will not assist an Itazna's
accelerated healing process and the character must wait until the
next day to roll.

Ultra-Violet Light Allergen: Itazna re heavily allergic to ultraviolet
light. If they are out in UV light with any of their skin exposed they
take 3D damage for every 10 minutes they're out in the sun. (i.e. 3D
the first, 6d the second, 9D the third) if it's an extremetie or limb
the maiming rule will apply if it's a vital area such as chest or face
it will be fatal. No ammount of 'sun screen' will protect them only
thick clothing can protect their skin from the UV's damage.

Blood Thirst: Itazna feed on the blood of living things. They have
teeth in specialy cased msucle tissue in their gums, this allows them
to extend and retract them. When they extend them it's to bite into a
victim to drain their blood away. Every round, if the target is conscious
they can make an opposed strength roll to break free of the Itazna's
'embrace' failure means that round they take a level of wounding. Once
the target hits 'dead' all the blood has been drained from them. An
Itazna who has gone three days without feeding loses 1D from all attributes
until he feeds again and anytime he sees possible prey must make a very
difficult willpower roll to not stalk and feed on them.Every day after
the first they take another -1D from attributes, when their strength
hits 0D they die.

Buyoancy: Itazna have no buyoancy due to their low fluid content and
high density bone structure. Because they always run low on bodily
fluids, hence their need to feed, and evolved on a high gravity world
they are unable to float. They are at -3D to all swimming checks.

High Gravity: Itazna originaly evolved on a High Density world in the
the Kahli Nebulae,and thus they are icnredibly strong and have dense
muscle and bone structure. They are able to jump amazing heights. They
get +2D to their climbing/jumping skill.

Story Factors:

Secret: Itazna are only whispered myth and rumor. Very few realize that
they truely exist. They walk among normal people of the galaxy posing as
humans. They form an underground society and they ove to manipulate and
cotnrol the world around them.

Compuslive Carousers: Itazna are compulsive carousers, they cannot and
simply will not pass up an oppurtunity to party and/or socialize.

Chaos: Itazna thrive off Chaos and disorder and naturaly reesist and
oppose any force that attempts to impose order upon them. Many Itazna
find their ways into involvement with terrorist groups for the sheer
pleasure of spreading chaos.

Force: It is not known exactly why, but no Itazna can feel or touch the
force at all. They can be affected by it, but cannot touch it themselves.
This lack of udnerstanding of the force frustrates Itazna and among all
sources of roder in the galaxy, they hate jedi the most.

Destructive: Most Itazna are destructive and what would generaly be
considered evil. In this case they enjoy feeding, hutn their prey, and
are enemies of the lgiht side of the force. There are a few, a small
percentage who go aagisnt this. They feed only as neccisary and are
enemies of the dark side. The majority revel in destruction in the name
of chaos, the minority enjoys total personal freedom as their brand of
chaos and thus see dark jedi as a threat to all freedom.

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