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The Pepes

The Pepes are the native peoples of Kelceris, a trading center in the Palvar
Sector in the Mid Rim. The Pepes are divided into two clans - the Kel and
the Ceris - who are bitter rivals and have maintained wars for centuries.

When the Empire arrived at Kelceris the Pepes way of life was doomed to
change by order of their new masters. The local Imperial commander, Moff
Jerr Uhlmann, was brutally deceptive and ended the Pepes' exceedingly long
and bloody clan wars by decimating both sides.

Today the Pepes, no longer torn by war, have experienced a great economic
boom and their homeworld of Kelceris has grown to become one of the largest
trading worlds in the sector.

The typical Pepe is blatantly humanoid with two arms, two leads and a head.
Some even closely resemble the stereotypical human and many xenobiologists
consider the Pepes to be near-humans. Pepes have highly developed ears, the
ear lobes being large and circular, enlarged and bulding eyes (although
their site isn't any better than that of a typical human) as well as a small
and flat nose. Many Pepes tend to be quite active, constantly moving about
and chittering to themselves.

Typical Pepe: Dexterity 2D+2, knowledge 2D, mechanical 2D+1, perception 2D,
strength 2D, technical 2D

Homeworld: Kelceris
Attribute Dice: 12D

Special Abilities:
Acute hearing: The Pepes have well developed ears and receive a +2 bonus to
all sound related skill checks.

Story Factors:
Clan markings: All Pepes bear the mark of either the Kel or the Ceris - two
ancient clans who are bitter rivals - and upon birth are branded with the
clan marking of their parents. The marking is typically found on the lower

Move: 9/11
Size: 1.65-1.85 meters tall

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