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Section of Site: Weapons D6Belongs to Faction: Subtype: ARTILLERY EMPLACEMENTSEra: ImperialCanon: No

VerdanTech HP-90 Plasma Howitzer

The HP-90 is a uniqe weapon. It fires a special kind of plasma
shell. It has a smooth oval casing, around an energy conduction
layer which sits around a container of a special kind of incindiary
fuel floating around a stablized, small, nuclear device. This nuclear
device is the size of a shockball ball. The nuclear charge is just
to set off the reaction needed to cause the blast desired. When the
shell is fired from the cannon it is charged internaly and externaly.
The outer shell is also very conductive and the enrgy from the cannon
charges, it while an itnernal battery activates charging the inner
track and a small motor begins to spin the liquid fuel. The shell
itself isn't visible once fired, it instead appears as a glowing ball
of scarlet light that spikes out in every direction, like a star. It
will land with great force to penetarte through any bunker, sit there
for approximately 3 seconds, and then detonate. There have been
documented survivor rpeorts who claim it looked like a "bloody star
fallen to the earth to release scarlet fury." The energy spikes stick
out from a smooth energy layer around the shell. They get even longer
right ebfore they explode and the hue lightens. The blast that's touched
off is incredibly powerful and even in the outermost layers of the blast
most buildings can't withstand the force of the explosion.

Model: Verdant Technologies' HP-90 Heavy Plasma Howitzer
Type: Heavy plasma howitzer
Scale: Walker
Crew: 4
Skill: Blaster Artillery
Body: 3D
Cost: 59,000, 2,000 (box of 10 shells)
Range: 900/2.5/5 km
Blast Radius: 25/60/150 meters
Damage: 6D (penetration) 12D/9D/5D

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