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Section of Site: Weapons D6Belongs to Faction: Subtype: ARTILLERY EMPLACEMENTSEra: ImperialCanon: No

Enhanced Planetary Defense Shield

Welkret Engineering's PD-7 tachyon field generator, The ultimate advancement
in planetary defense, can alter naturally occuring tachyons into a
protective barrier around almost any world. The actual technology involved
is extremely advanced, and Welkret refuses to sell any generators to any
worlds unless they are crewed exclusively by Welkret engineers.

Model: Welkret Engineering's PD-7 Tachyon Field Generator
Type: Planetary shield generator
Scale: Capital
Skill: Planetary shields
Crew: 149, skeleton: 23/+15
Crew Skill: Planetary shields: Tachyon 6D
Cover: Full
Cost: 129,810,000 (new)
Availability: R
Body: 5D+2
Game Notes: The PD-7 is perhaps the galaxy's most advanced planetary defense
            system ever created. It can create a tachion field large enough
            to surround most average sized worlds which can vary from 1D to
            50D capital scale strength (strength is controlled by operators).
            The shield can only charge 1D per round (taking 50 rounds to
            reach 50D) Any ships attempting to pass through the field
            receive the same amount of damage as the shield's current
            strength. Cloaked ships that come in contact with the shield
            automatically decloak.

Technical Notes: Particles which bear mass can be either below or above
lightspeed. The former are called bradyons and the latter are tachyons. The
fundamental particles of the tachyonic realm are the same as those of the
bradyonic world, because the only difference is the velocity of an
observer's point of view. From the vantage of a tachyon it is the rest of
the universe which is moving at superluminal speed in a certain direction.
However the interaction of tachyons with bradyons is in many ways unlike the
familiar interactions of bradyons with other bradyons. Some of the specific
consequences are rather bizarre. (Curtis Saxton)

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