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Section of Site: Starships D20Belongs to Faction: Confederacy of Independent SystemsSubtype: CapitalEra: Rise of the EmpireCanon: No

Trade Federation Droid Resupply Vessel

When the Trade Federation began converting its mighty container ships into
battleships, it also began converting many of its other bulk freighters to
serve in various combat roles.

One of the more interesting and expensive conversions of this type was
performed on their standard Hoersch-Kessel Drive's bulk freighters. Work
crews installed extensive droid manufacturing facilities in the cavernous
cargo holds, giving the vessel the ability to constantly resupply active
warships with new battledroids as well as droid starfighters.

Defensively, all the droid resupply vessel had to offer was very extensive
shielding, installed in hopes of adequately protecting such an investment
from a wide range of bombardment.

The Trade Federation also opted to install protected racks for the docking,
storage and maintenance of its own small collection of droid starfighters.
While technically external racks, they were covered by a protective armored
plate which shielded docked droid starfighters from random laser fire.

These vessels could, in theory, support a Trade Federation fleet in any
prolonged or major confrontation. However, the droid production rate of the
onboard manufacturing facilities was anything but efficient. They required
up to a couple of hours to produce a platoon of standard battledroids and
up to several hours for a squadron of droid starfighters.

Deploying newly constructed droid starfighters was not difficult. Once they
were completed and brought online by worker droids, they would be launched
from a very small hangar-like opening along a programmed course to its new
home - usually on board of a Trade Federation battleship.

Inversely, deploying newly constructed battle droids for surface operations
was not so simple. They would have to be loaded onto supplemental support
craft such as a troop transport and then manually delivered to the either the
battlefield or battleship.

Craft: Highly Modified Hoersch-Kessel Drive's Bulk Freighter
Class: Capital
Cost: Not available for sale
Size: Huge (285 meters long)
Crew: Minimum 55, maximum 163 (mostly droids) (Skilled +4)
Passengers: 0
Cargo Capacity: 10,000 metric tons
Consumables: 8 months
Hyperdrive: x3 (backup x26)
Maximum Speed: Cruising
Defense: 14 (-2 size, +5 armor)
Shield Points: 300
Hull Points: 300
DR: 20

Starship Complement:
        8 droid starfighters

Designer Notes: Based off of the Protoss Carrier in StarCraft.

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