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Section of Site: Starships D6Belongs to Faction: Galactic EmpireSubtype: CapitalEra: ImperialCanon: No

Oppressor Escort Carrier

The Oppressor-class escort carrier was a very limited production variant of
the standard KDY escort carrier that is commonly found in use throughout the
Imperial Navy.

Physically it is nearly identical to the original KDY escort carrier with
the exception of a concussion missile turret on the bottom of the vessel and
a pair of tractor beam projectors on either side of the hangar bay to help
guide vessels in and out (this is especially useful when bringing in a
damaged ship). The Oppressor is capable of carrying a much wider array of
starships on board than the standard carrier, giving it more flexibility and
making it more valuable to Imperial Fleet Command. In addition to the extra
starship carrying space, the Oppressor also maintains up to forty Zero-G
assault stormtroopers and a Gamma-class assault shuttle to ferry them into

Only about thirty Oppressor escort carriers ever left the shipyards and are
all scattered across the galaxy and in the hands of several different
Imperial warlords. Grand Admiral Thrawn put the few Oppressors he had under
his command to good use as self contained mobile starfighter bases that
conducted raids on several key New Republic bases and starships.

Craft: Kuat Drive Yards' Oppressor-class Escort Carrier
Era Introduced: Shortly before the first Battle of Coruscant (Endor + 2)
Type: Heavy starfighter/shuttle carrier
Scale: Capital
Length: 513 meters
Skill: Capital ship piloting: KDY Escort Carrier
Crew: 3,505, gunners: 24, skeleton: 1,500/+10
Crew Skill: Astrogation 3D+2, capital ship gunnery 4D, capital ship piloting
            4D+1, capital ship shields 3D+2, sensors 3D+2
Passengers: 40 (spacetroopers)
Cargo Capacity: 750 metric tons
Consumables: 1 year
Cost: Not available for sale
Hyperdrive Multiplier: x1
Hyperdrive Backup: x12
Nav Computer: Yes
Maneuverability: 1D+1
Space: 5
Hull: 7D
Shields: 4D
        Passive: 50/1D
        Scan: 100/1D
        Search: 100/2D
        Focus: 4/3D
10 Laser Cannons
        Fire Arc: 2 front, 3 left, 3 right, 2 back
        Crew: 2
        Skill: Capital ship gunnery
        Fire Control: 3D
        Space Range: 1-3/12/25
        Atmosphere Range: 2-6/25/50 km
        Damage: 3D
Concussion Missile Launcher
        Fire Arc: Ventral turret
        Crew: 2
        Skill: Capital ship gunnery
        Fire Control: 2D
        Space Range: 2-12/30/60
        Atmosphere Range: 4-24/60/120 km
        Damage: 9D
2 Tractor Beam Projectors
        Fire Arc: 1 front/left, 1 front/right
        Crew: 1
        Skill: Capital ship gunnery
        Fire Control: 2D+2
        Space Range: 1-5/15/30
        Atmosphere Range: 2-10/30/60 km
        Damage: 4D

On Board Starships:
        6 starfighter squadrons, typically:
                24 TIE/ln Starfighters
                24 TIE Interceptors (or A-9 interceptors)
                12 TIE Bombers (or Scimitar assault bombers)
                6 TIE Avengers (or 6 more TIE/ln)
                4 TIE/rc Recon Fighters (or TIE Vanguards)
                2 TIE/sr Scouts
        2 Skipray blastboats (or assault gunboats)
        2 JV-7 Delta-class escort shuttles
        1 Gamma-class assault shuttle
        2 other shuttles or light transports

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