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Rules Option: Missile Weapons & Range

Rules Option: Missile Weapons & Range




Section of Site: Weapons D6Belongs to Faction: Subtype: YUUZHAN VONG WEAPONS AND EQUIPMENTEra: New Jedi OrderCanon: EU

Ooglith Masquer
Tpye: Full-body-covering Ooglith biot
Effect: +3D for any rolls made relating to disguising the wearer as a human or another individual Yuuzhan Vong (at the Gamemaster's discretion). This effect does not apply to language or knowledge checks of any sort. -5D for any rolls made to attempt to fool a Force-sensitive character.

Special: Ooglith Biot: Oogliths are a jelly-like creature that conforms to every detail of the wearer's skin. An Ooglith biot bonds with the wearer by inserting tiny tendrils into every pore on the wearer's body; an extremely painful process. A character attempting to don an Ooglith biot must make a Difficult Stamina check in order to supress the pain of putting on or removing the Ooglith. If the Ooglith is torn from the wearer in some fashion, the character wearing it receives 2 damage (unresistable) as the tendrils are forcibly ripped out of the skin, and the character must make a Heroic Stamina check to resist succumbing to the pain.

Special: Yuuzhan Vong Biot: Yuuzhan Vong Biots, like themselves, are completely indetectable through the Force, and cannot be directly affected by it (inderect methods, such as throwing a rock at the biot, still work, but powers such as Lightsaber Combat, Detect Life or Telekinesis do not work).

Description: A relative of the Ooglith Cloaker species, the Masquer was designed for disguise. Originally, the Ooglith Masquer was used as a sort of 'mask' by the Priest caste during ritualistic ceremonies. It wasn't until later on that the Masquer was adapted to match human physiology. For decades, Yuuzhan Vong scouts used Ooglith Masquers to disguise themselves as humans as they spied on and sabotaged the New Republic, paving the way for the conquest that was to come later. Due to the Yuuzhan Vong's similarity to humans in basic biological shape, the Ooglith Masquer was quite adept at fooling any human performing a visual inspection of the disguised Yuuzhan Vong. The Masquer was also capable of disguising the individual's biology, preventing medical scanners from detecting any distinct difference. The downside to the Ooglith Masquer was that it, like most every other Yuuzhan Vong biot, was not detectable or affectable in the Force, and a Jedi hunting for Yuuzhan Vong could often easily pick out a hidden Yuuzhan Vong by searching for which individuals were "empty" of the Force.

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