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Section of Site: Characters D6Belongs to Faction: Subtype: Non-Player CharacterEra: New RepublicCanon: No

Kel Sapur

Kel Sapur is one of the galaxy's few remaining immortals. Immortals have
a special connection to the force that almost always prevents them from
being killed, the only sure way to kill an immortal is disentigration,
dismemberment or decapitation, usually the latter.

Kel lived the earlier parts of his life as a drifter, working various
odd jobs here and there until he began falling into a life of crime in
the underworld. However, he soon became bored with petty crime and turned
to a life of space piracy.

He served as a boarder on several pirate vessels, escaping capture on
numerous occasions before finally planning a strike to capture a Republic
star carrier as his own. This ship, a StarHaul light star carrier, would
be named the StarSiege by Sapur.

The StarSiege was subjected to a full overhaul after it was captured during
a raid on a small and worthless convoy, the main target was the StarHaul.
All but two of the starfighter racks were removed and replaced with either a
new Corellian quad laser cannon turret or a Comar heavy ion cannon. Sapur also
removed the four Setec ion drives and replaced them six larger and more powerful
Corellian ion drives to dramatically increase the vessel's sublight speeds.
The two starfighter racks which weren't removed were optimized to fit Subpro's
Wraith tri-fighters, Sapur's favorite at that time.

While Sapur may have been cunning and devious in this day, he never made it
to be the bigtime pirate that he wanted. Consequently, the StarSiege was
destroyed after it was ambushed by two full squadrons of Republic Z-95s near
Turkana. Sapur somehow managed to escape death and capture was persued by the
Republic and then the Empire (for reasons not related to piracy) for several
years before finally disappearing somewhere in the Mid Rim sectors.

During the great Jedi Purge instituted at the rise of the Empire, many
immortals (while still widely unknown to the Jedi and Sith) were hunted down
and killed along with the Jedi due to their connection with the force. During
this period, Stefon fled to the far reaches of the Outer Rim and beyond into
the Expanse. Further pursuit by Imperial forces was hampered after the Battle
of Endor.

Once the Jedi Purge drew to a close Kel returned from hiding where, through
a series of questionable events, he was recruited as a boarder on board of the
pirate vessel Death Hound under the command of Captain Dod Bule. The Death
Hound operated out of the pirate haven of Celmoore in the Palvar Sector,
preying mainly upon everything from the convoys of the Palvar Defense Force
to other pirate vessels.

Kel soon proved his worth as a pirate and rose to become Captain Bule's first
mate, a position he has held ever since while secretly planning a mutiny to
take command for himself.

Character Name: Kel Sapur
Type: Pirate
Species: Immortal human
Sex: Male
Age: 469 standard years
Height: 1.88 meters
Weight: 81 kilograms

Physical Description:
Kel Sapur is a tall and dark man with a medium build. He has short brown
hair which he keeps spiked in a scruffy looking manner. His eyes are a dull
brown and almost seem lifeless. His clothing tends to be sharp and mostly
black with metal chains here and there on and over his black leather coat.

Kel Sapur is a cold man and served several tours in the Clone Wars along
side his brother, Stefon, just for the glory of a good massacre.

A Quote: "You don't understand the things that I have seen."

        Archaic Guns: 6D+1
        Blaster: 7D
        Dodge: 6D+2
        Melee Combat: 8D+1
        Melee Combat: vibrosword: 12D
        Melee Parry: 8D+2
        Alien Species: 4D
        Intimidation: 6D
        Languages: 4D
        Survival: 5D+1
        Streetwise: 5D
        Willpower: 6D+2
        Beast Riding: 3D
        Ground Vehicle Operation: 3D+2
        Space Transports: 5D
        Starship Gunnery: 3D
        Con: 6D
        Hide: 7D
        Brawling: 5D
        Stamina: 4D
        Melee Weapons Repair: 3D+1

Special Abilities:
Immortality: Kel Sapur is one of the few Immortals in the entire galaxy.
Immortals have a special connection to the force that feeds him life force
in times of need. Immortals may be killed through normals means, but unless
his head is removed from his body, then he will awaken in 1D rounds with all
wounds healed. Anyone taking his head will acquire his acute connection to
the force and become immortal. Immortals cannot have any force powers or be
force sensitive.
Force Sense: Immortals can sense when another is nearby (usually within 20
meters) and sometimes Jedi Knights may give off the same signal making an
ignorant immortal believe that the Jedi is an immortal.

Story Factors:
Dueling: Immortals are drawn to each other via the force and often times
engage in a fit to the death on those rare occassions when two meet.

Move: 10
Character Points: 89
Force Sensitive: No
Force Points: 2
Dark Side Points: 35

Vibrosword (STR+2D single handed, STR+4D two handed), vibroshiv (STR+2D),
Merr-Sonn DD6 (4D+1), long black leather coat

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