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Section of Site: Characters D6Belongs to Faction: Subtype: Non-Player CharacterEra: New RepublicCanon: No

Moff Nikolai Arkanian

Born and raised on Kashan Nikolai Arkanian was taught from day one to
eventually take over the family biotech business of Termicorp. For many
years he peacefully ran the business until Defendacorp came into town.
Believing the intentions of their CEO Arun Brunn to be less than favorable
towards his business he faked his own death and framed Mr Brunn for it,
effectively sentencing him to death by gladiator matches.

Upon returning, it was clear that Nikolai had changed a bit and was
becoming more ruthless after working with Mr Aarlis Nacirem. Eventually,
Arkanian sold Termicorp to Kashan Systems for an undisclosed sum and began
work as head of research there and a spot on the Kashan Systems board of

During the Imperial occupation of Kashan, Nikolai reportedly plotted with
the Imperials and one by one the board of directors was chased away or killed
until only Arkanian and Nacirem remained. Once Nacirem was captured, Arkanian
claimed the seat of power of Kashan Systems and the PDF for himself.

He quickly arranged a treaty with the Imperials handing over Kashan to them
and in turn, Moff Uhlmann made him Imperial governor of Kashan. Succesively he
reportedly placed bounties on all of his friends including Daphne Avena, the g
irl he fell in love with.

After throwing his best friend and business partner, Sansuke Oni off the roof
of the Kashan Systems building, he proceeded to capture Ms Avena as well as
Mona Lioncourt who was summarily executed on the roof as well. After Daphne
escaped his grasp he concentrated his efforts upon overthrowing Moff Uhlmann
and taking the sector for himself.

When Uhlmann had an "unfortunate accident," Arkanian took over swiftly, claiming
the sector for himself as Moff.

Character Name: Nikolai Arkanian
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Type: Doctor/Scientist/Businessman/Psychologist/Imperial Moff
Height: 6'4"
Weight: 150 lbs
Age: 32

Physical Description:
6'4" with a stiff appearance. In his old days he wore a business suit with
a large green satchel over his shoulder to carry his datatpads and laptops in,
and his rifle. Nowadays he can usually be found in his Imperial Moff uniform,
looking quite uncomfortable in it. With short slicked back black hair, he
oftens dons a pair of reading glasses not because he needs them but mostly for
effect. Deep brown eyes accentuate his friendly appearance that easily gains
trust with people that don't know him.

Ruthless and cunning, yet somehow managed to endear himself to his friends
before betraying them.

(stats as of his advancement to Moff, Endor + 1 year)

        Blaster 3D        
        Dodge 4D

        Alien species 5D
        Bureaucracy 5D
        Business 5D                
        Cultures 6D
        Languages 7D
        Languages: Twi`Lek 4D
        Scholar: biotech 5D
        Scholar: biology 4D
        Scholar: chemistry 4D
        Value 5D        
        Willpower 5D
        Ground vehicle operation 5D
        Bargain 6D
        Con 7D
        Persuasion 6D
        First aid 8D
        First aid: psychology 7D
        (A) medicine 6D+1
        (A) genetic engineering 6D
Move: 10
Force Sensitive: No  
Force Points: 1  
Dark Side Points: 0  
Character Points: 18
Wound Status:  None

Blaster pistol (5D), dual edge garrote knife (STR+2D), 5,000 credits, VerdanTech
heavy disruptor rifle (8D), medkit, glowrod, doctors bag, krayt dragon pearl,
armor (2D/2D no dexterity penalty), 10 thermal detonators (10D)

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