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Section of Site: Characters D6Belongs to Faction: Subtype: Non-Player CharacterEra: New RepublicCanon: No

Imperial Intelligence Adjustments Agents

Imperial Intelligence agents are the shadow warriors of the Empire: behind-
the-scenes fighters with a reputation for doing the impossible. Every day.
Before breakfast.

Intel agents are the special operatives that the Ubiqtorate uses for whatever
clandestine "dirty work" that needs done, without having to go to the bother
of requesting permission from the Emperor or his advisors. Espionage, covert
intelligence gathering, extraction or execution or possible security risks,
procuring needed technology - whatever tasks the Ubiqtorate lay before them,
Intel agents got the job done.

Adjustments is the most elite branch of Imperial Intelligence. It consists
of agents who receive their orders directly and in person from the Ubiqtorate.
No record of their orders is ever kept, and no mission files exist within
Sector Plexus for these agents.

Whenever the Ubiqtorate feels a critical situation has slipped from the
control of Imperial Intelligence, and that the situation is beyond the
normal capabilities of the bureaus but not yet completely hopeless,
Adjustments is called in to restore order. The Ubiqtorate briefs the
Adjustment agent or team on the problem and what resources are available to
solve it. Adjustments then solves the problem.

Typical Adjustments Agent

Type: Intel Adjustments Agent
Archaic guns 4D+2, blaster 7D, blaster artillery 5D+2, brawling parry 6D+2,
dodge 8D, firearms 6D+2, grenade 6D, melee combat 6D+2, melee parry 6D+1,
missile weapons 6D+1, pick pocket 6D, thrown weapons 6D+2, vehicle blasters
Alien species 7D, bureaucracy 6D, business 5D+2, cultures 6D*, intimidation
7D, languages 7D+1*, law enforcement 6D, planetary systems 7D*, streetwise
8D, survival 7D+1
Archaic starship piloting 3D+2, astrogation 6D+1, beast riding 6D,
communications 5D+1, ground vehicle operation 5D, hover vehicle operation
5D, repulsorlift operation 7D, space transports 5D+2, starfighter piloting
5D+2, swoop operation 6D, walker operation 6D+2
Bargain 4D+2, command 5D, con 7D, forgery 6D+1, hide 7D, persuasion 6D+1,
search 6D, sneak 8D
Brawling 6D, climbing/jumping 4D+2, lifting 4D+2, stamina 6D+1, swimming 4D
Computer programming/repair 6D+2, first aid 6D, ground vehicle repair 6D,
hover vehicle repair 6D, security 7D+1*, walker repair 5D

* Some skills have been artificially enhanced by specialized training and
  mnemiotic drugs.

Move: 10
Force Points: Varies, typically 1-5
Character Points: Varies, typically 10-25
Dark Side Points: Varies, typically 0-5

blaster pistol (4D+1), encrypted comlink, fake IDs, other mission specific

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