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Section of Site: Characters D6Belongs to Faction: Subtype: Non-Player CharacterEra: New RepublicCanon: No

Imperial Intelligence Black Operatives

Within the Galactic Empire most forces are considered conventional and
generally operate within the set juristictions of the Imperial High
Command. A few secretive units within Imperial Intelligence, however,
work in the shawdows of the Empire and are directly attached to Emperor
Palpatine's security advisor. These units are disclosed to only the
highest-ranking intelligence officers.

Emperor Palpatine's security advisor is usually a high-positioned
Imperial Intelligence officer that has the authority to use whatever
force is neccessary to maintain stability within the Empire. This
includes both external and internal threats. When a situation is deemed
a direct threat to the Galactic Empire, and other methods of resolving
it are either too risky or too broad, the security advisor can
personally requistion a special actions unit.

Recruitment for these operations is highly specialized, and prospects
are hand-selected by the commander of the task force. Command of the
unit is selected by Ubiqtorate, which keeps constant files on officers
with stellar combat records. Most of the men selected are recent
graduates of elite units within the Empire, including the Imperial
Army's Deipvek Sniper Training Facility and the Stormtrooper Corps'
training regime. Men are selected for their loyalty and combat abilities,
including knowledge of discretionary warfare and unconventional

The covert task force consists of approximately ten men, who all are
elite-calibre soldiers. After their selection they are sent to a
secretive training facility where they are briefed and trained
extensively on their current mission and its requirements. Once the
training is complete, soldiers are shipped out and deployed to their
planetary drop-zones by special dropships designed for covert action.
Once the insertion team is on their planet of operations, they are
basically on their own.

Some operations are more easily defined than others, such as the
assassination of a Rebel leader or the rescue of a group of officers.
More often, however, the task force's orders are very basic, allowing
the unit to take their own course of action in accomplishing their
objectives. They are silent warriors, and operate without support
from outside units. Once all the objectives have been completed the
team is extracted, often times without the enemy knowing anybody was
ever there.

All of the unit's actions are completely secret, with only the security
advisor, Ubiqtorate, and the task force knowing of the team's exsistence.
If, during the course of the operation, the unit's secrecy is compromised,
all communications to the unit are cut and the unit is susequently
abandoned. While the Imperial High Command condones covert activites,
their effect is extreme in most cases. Every day, somewhere in the vast
galaxy, an Imperial Intelligence black operation is underway.

Type: Typical Imperial Intelligence black operative
        Blaster 7D
        Blaster artillery 5D
        Firearms 7D+1
        Firearms: submachine gun 8D
        Dodge 6D+2
        Grenade 6D+1
        Melee combat 6D
        Melee parry 5D+2
        Vehicle blasters 5D
        Missile weapons 5D+1
        Running 6D
        Alien species 4D+2
        Law enforcement 6D+1
        Streetwise 5D
        Languages 4D
        Tactics: discretionary warfare 5D
        Survival 6D+2
        Survival: wilderness 7D+2
        Intimidation 5D
        Willpower 4D
        Willpower: vs. anti-Imperial propaganda 7D
        Repulsorlift operation 4D+2
        Communications 5D+2
        Sensors 5D+2
        Hide 6D+1
        Search 7D+1
        Sneak 7D+1
        Brawling 5D+2
        Climbinb/jumping 5D
        Stamina 6D+2
        Swimming 5D+2
        Blaster repair 4D
        Firearm repair 5D+1
        Demolitions 5D+2
        First aid 4D
        Computer programming/repair 4D+2
        Security 6D

Move: 11
Character Points: 8-24
Force Points: 1-2
Dark Side Points: 1

VerdanTech MP5SD3 silenced submachine gun (4D+2/5D+2), Adelphi SB-70
silenced pistol (4D+2), two concussive stun blast grenades (5D stun),
combat vibroblade (Str+2D), night-vision/thermal imaging goggles (negate
all smoke and darkness penalties in night or darkened conditions; +1D to
Search at medium and long ranges), headset comlink system (features
highly-encrypted channels; 5 km range), camouflage fatigues, face paint,
and boonie hat, 'guilee'-suit (+2D to Sneak in highly-foliated terrains
at 15m+). Other equipment varies depending on the mission.

Game Notes:
Each task force unit has at least one man equipped with a Remington 7mm
Magnum silenced sniper rifle (6D+1; features sighting macroscope, providing
+2D+2 to Firearms and reduction of range by one level for one round of
aiming; requires a Moderate Sensors roll to use). This man does not carry
the standard MP5SD3 or the grenades.

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