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Section of Site: Characters D6Belongs to Faction: Subtype: Non-Player CharacterEra: New RepublicCanon: No


Galford is a very rare occurance in the galaxy, he's an immortal of a non-human race. Almost all other Immortals were/are
human. Galford followed the way of the Samurai in what many would call a twisted or even deranged manner. Like all
Immortals he was drawn towards the sword and dueling. He trained in the sword and martial arts on Napan for the first 20
or so years of his life, when he was killed in a duel. However he returned to life shortly, and people became afraid of
him. Shortly after leavin Napan he encountered his first real duel, against another immortal. Galford  began to rise in
prominance across the galaxy as an excellent swordsman However he had been killed several times in duels and other
incidents cuasing his skil to backsldie a bit, as well as his confidence. Then the Clone Wars started and Galford went
into hiding. He kept a low profile until he heard about the Napanese Shogun Budokai. He decided that the empire was too
busy with the Rebllion to still be looking for Jedi and Immortals so he decided he would return to his homeworld and win
the Budokai as his own sort of revenge against those who had shunend him over two centuries prior. The combination of his
Napanese heritage and Immortality make him an incredibly, and nearly impossible, foe to defeat, however with the rules
governing the Budokai it is possible. Galford is incredibly fast and is very skilled with sword and martial arts, the only
person to ever duplicate Hanzo's leg throw, although he's latered it slightly. Galford instead warps around at about
mid-chest and spins latteraly and down, catching them between the ground and his knee. The strength increasing
servomotors in his powersuit often make this move very deadly, although it doesn't inehrantly cause as much damage as
Hanzo's move as Hanzo's slams the opponent's HEAD to the ground.

Character Name: Galford
Type: Samurai
Species: Napanese Immortal
Gender: Male
Age: 260

As of Shadows of the empire:

Physical Description: Galford is fairly tall standing at 5'8". He has blond hair cut in a flat-top style. He has vibrant
blue napanese eyes and slightly tanned skin. He wears a suit of blue pwoer armour which resembles ancient medieval plate
mail but has a full servomotor system built in to increase strrength and prevent the armour from inhibiting movement.
Around his neck he wears a loose hggold sash which trails abck in two tails behind him. He carries a vibr-sword strapped
to his back.

        Martial Arts 7D+1
        Dodge 8D+2
        Melee Combat 7D+1
        (S)Sword 9D+2
        Astrogation 6D
        Starfighter Piloting 5D+2
        Starship Gunnery 5D+2
        Sneak 6D+1
        Climbing/Jumping 9D
        Stamina 7D+2
        Starfighter Repair 5D

Move: 12
Force Sensitive: No
Force Points: 3
Dark Side Points: 19
Character Points: 31
Wounded Status:

Vibro-Sword (STR+4D, max: 7D)
Power Armour Suit (+2D phyiscal, +1D energy; +2D strength)
Wraith II Trifighter (Second Wind)

Special abilities:
Jumping: Napanese have incredible leg strength, far surpassing normal humans giving them the ability to jump higher and
farther. They get 2D for every 1D put in Climbing/Jumping at charachter creation, and with an easy Jumping roll they may
jump 5 meters verticly.

Agilitiy: Napanese are incredibly nimble and agile. At charachter creation they gain an extra 2D skill dice to put in
either Acrobatics, Dodge, or split up between the two.

Toughness: For an unexplainable reason, Napanese are tougher than usual and can retain cocniousness and keep fighting
after a human wpould have fallen over dead. Damahe Chart is as Follows

        Damage        Effect                Penalty
        0-3                Stunned                -1D for this round and next
        0-3(again)        Stunned x2                -2D for this round and next (this is only if both stunned occur in the same round)
        4-8                Wounded                -1D
        4-8(again)  Wounded x2                -2D
        9-12                Wounded x3                -3D
        4-8*(again) Wounded x4                -4D (*:If they take a 'wounded' level again they take an icnrease of the wound level, if it's a                                                         stunned, it's just -1D extra temporarily. If it's more, see below)
        9-12*                Incapcitated        Lose conciousness for 10D rounds
        13-15                Mortaly Wounded        -5D; half move
        4-8*(again) Mortaly Wounded x2 -6D (*: see previous *)
        9-12(again) Incapcitated        See Above.
        13-15(again)Mortaly Wounded x3 -7D; 1/4 Move
        16+                Crticaly Wounded   -8D; Move is reduced to 1
        16+(again)  Dead                         Dead

Immortality: Immortals have a special connection to the force that feeds him life force in times of need. Immortals may be
killed through normals means, but unless his head is removed from his body, then he will awaken in 1D rounds with all
wounds healed in 3D rounds. Any force sensitive character taking the life of an immortal will acquire this acute
connection to the force and become immortal through a violent surge of force energy. Disintegration, explosion,
decapitation and anything else which more or less severs the head or destroys the body can render an Immortal dead
(this is largely a GM call).

Absorbtion: When an Immortal takes another Immortal's life he/she receives all of the fallen Immortal's character points,
force points and dark side points through a violent force explosion (similar to the force explosion experienced when
Emperor Palpatine first died).

Force sense: Immortals can sense when another is nearby (usually within 20 meters) and sometimes Jedi Knights may give off
the same signal making an ignorant immortal believe that the Jedi is an immortal.

Martial Arts Moves:


Description: The character is trained to force an opponent to drop a weapon or object
Difficulty: Moderate
Effect: If the character's attack is successful (and is not parried or dodged) and if the skill roll meets the required
difficulty number, the target character is disarmed.

Elbow Smash

Description: The character is trained to deliver a powerful blow with his/her elbow.
Difficulty: Very Easy
Effect: The character can add +1D to his/her damage roll if the skill roll is sucessful.


Description: The character can throw a target who has grappled him/her from behind.
Difficulty: Moderate
Effect: A successful skill check indicates that the target is hurled to the ground (provided the attack is not parried or
dodged). The target suffers 3D damage. This technique may be used as a reaction skill.

Flying Kick

Description: The character is trained to leap to deliver a crushing kick.
Difficulty: Difficult
Effect: The character can add +2D to his/her damage roll if her skill roll exceeds the difficult number. Failure to beat
the difficult number indicates the charater is off-balance and her opponent may make an additional attack this round with
no multiple action penalty.


Description: The character is trained to grapple and hold a target immobile.
Difficulty: Moderate plus an opposed Strength roll
Effect: The character attempting to grapple with a target must make a Moderate martial arts roll to hold his/her opponent.
For every round the target is held, the character must make a an opposed Strength roll. If the target beats his/her
Strength roll he/she breaks free of the hold.

Instant Stand

Description: The character is trained to negate the effects of a fall and return to a standing, combat-ready position.
Difficulty: Moderate
Effect: If a character is tripped or knocked down, he/she may use this technique to return to a standing position.
Successful use of this technique indicates that the character can stand without suffering a multiple-action penalty.

Power Block

Description: The character is trained to parry attacks in a manner which inflicts damage.
Difficulty: Moderate
Effect: Sucessful parry inflicts STR+1D on the target. This technique is used as a reaction skill.


Description: The character is trained to turn the tables on an opponent who is attempting to grapple.
Difficulty: Opposed Strength or Brawling: martial arts roll (whichever is higher)
Effect: The character can emply this technique only when he/she is held. If he/she breaks the oppoenents grip, he/she may
in turn hold the target immobile or employ another technique. This technique may be used as a reaction skill.

Spinning Kick

Description: The character is trained to perform a powerful kick.
Difficulty: Moderate
Effect: The character can add +1D to her damage roll if his/her skill roll exceeds to the difficulty number. Failure to
beat the difficulty number indicates the character is off-balance and his/her opponent may make an addition attack this
round with no muliple action penalty.

Shoulder Throw

Description: The character can throw a target.
Difficulty: Moderate
Effect: A sccessful skill check indicates that the target is hurled to the ground (provided the attack is not parried or
dodged), suffering 3D damage.

Knee Throw

Description: The user wraps their leg around an opponent and then flip landing on their hands and slamming their victim on
their head.
Difficulty: Difficult
Effect: A sccessful skill check indicates that the target is hurled to the ground (provided the attack is not parried or
dodged), suffering 4D damage.

Design Notes: Based loosely off the charachter from 'Samurai Showdown'

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