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Section of Site: Characters D6Belongs to Faction: Subtype: Non-Player CharacterEra: New RepublicCanon: No


Haohmaru is a large Napanese Ronin, a Samurai with no master. He is cocky and arrogant, always sure he will win. He has
competed in the Napnese Shogun Budokai for the past ten years, since he was first old enough and won the past four. He is
planning to win a fith in a row, hwoever he is in for ehavy competition. He is unpopular among the competers for the
budokai because of his arrogant attitude. he is a very skilled swordsman and a modest martial artist. He relies primarily
on his sword and when he is disarmed, will attempt to disarm his opponent and either take their weapon or retrieve his own.
He fights 'dirty' sometimes, going for elg sweeps or even striking low or high with his sword whever he sees advanatge.
He does whatever he feels it takes to win and elt's nothing get in his way. He carries this attitude through his day to
day life as well as in the budokai.

Character Name: Haohmaru
Type: Ronin
Species: Napanese
Gender: Male
Age: 29

As of Shadows of the empire:

Physical Description: Haohmaru is very tall for a Napanese standing at 5'10". He has long black ahir which come up in a
crown of frond-like spikes in the front, and is pulled back in a pony tail down to his waist, held by a golden band. He
has large brown eyes, with heay brows. He has thick tanned skin knotted with muscles. He wears a white Gi with a black
sash, and red forearm bracers. He carries a long katana.

        Martial Arts 6D
        Dodge 7D+2
        Melee Combat 7D
        (S)Sword 8D+1
        Astrogation 4D+2
        Starfighter Piloting 5D+1
        Starship Gunnery 4D+1
        Sneak 4D+2
        Climbing/Jumping 7D+1
        Stamina 6D
        Starfighter Repair 5D

Move: 12
Force Sensitive: No
Force Points: 1
Dark Side Points: 4
Character Points: 21
Wounded Status:

Katana (STR+2D)
Z-95 Headhunter (Tatsua)

Special abilities:
Jumping: Napanese have incredible leg strength, far surpassing normal humans giving them the ability to jump higher and
farther. They get 2D for every 1D put in Climbing/Jumping at charachter creation, and with an easy Jumping roll they may
jump 5 meters verticly.

Agilitiy: Napanese are incredibly nimble and agile. At charachter creation they gain an extra 2D skill dice to put in
either Acrobatics, Dodge, or split up between the two.

Toughness: For an unexplainable reason, Napanese are tougher than usual and can retain cocniousness and keep fighting
after a human wpould have fallen over dead. Damahe Chart is as Follows

        Damage        Effect                Penalty
        0-3                Stunned                -1D for this round and next
        0-3(again)        Stunned x2                -2D for this round and next (this is only if both stunned occur in the same round)
        4-8                Wounded                -1D
        4-8(again)  Wounded x2                -2D
        9-12                Wounded x3                -3D
        4-8*(again) Wounded x4                -4D (*:If they take a 'wounded' level again they take an icnrease of the wound level, if it's a                                                         stunned, it's just -1D extra temporarily. If it's more, see below)
        9-12*                Incapcitated        Lose conciousness for 10D rounds
        13-15                Mortaly Wounded        -5D; half move
        4-8*(again) Mortaly Wounded x2 -6D (*: see previous *)
        9-12(again) Incapcitated        See Above.
        13-15(again)Mortaly Wounded x3 -7D; 1/4 Move
        16+                Crticaly Wounded   -8D; Move is reduced to 1
        16+(again)  Dead                         Dead

Martial Arts Moves:


Description: The character can throw a target who has grappled him/her from behind.
Difficulty: Moderate
Effect: A successful skill check indicates that the target is hurled to the ground (provided the attack is not parried or
dodged). The target suffers 3D damage. This technique may be used as a reaction skill.

Foot Sweep

Description: The character can trip an opponent.
Difficulty: Moderate
Effect: A successful attempt indicates the target is tripped, falling to the groun.d The character must remain prone for
the remainder of the round.

Instant Knockdown

Description: The character nows how to maximize impact, knocking the target to the floor.

Difficulty: Moderate

Effect: If the caracter's attack is successful (and is not parried or dodged) and if the skill roll meets the required
difficulty number, the target is knocked to the ground. the fallen character must either wait one round to stand or suffer
multiple action penalties.

Instant Stand

Description: The character is trained to negate the effects of a fall and return to a standing, combat-ready position.
Difficulty: Moderate
Effect: If a character is tripped or knocked down, he/she may use this technique to return to a standing position.
Successful use of this technique indicates that the character can stand without suffering a multiple-action penalty.


Description: The character is trained to turn the tables on an opponent who is attempting to grapple.
Difficulty: Opposed Strength or Brawling: martial arts roll (whichever is higher)
Effect: The character can emply this technique only when he/she is held. If he/she breaks the oppoenents grip, he/she may
in turn hold the target immobile or employ another technique. This technique may be used as a reaction skill.

Spinning Kick

Description: The character is trained to perform a powerful kick.
Difficulty: Moderate
Effect: The character can add +1D to her damage roll if his/her skill roll exceeds to the difficulty number. Failure to
beat the difficulty number indicates the character is off-balance and his/her opponent may make an addition attack this
round with no muliple action penalty.


Description: The character is trained to parry melee attacks, even when he/she does not possess a melee weapon.
Difficulty: Opposed martial arts verses melee combat roll
Effect: If the character makes the requireed difficulty roll, he/she successfully blocks a melee attack

Sword Techniques:

Name: Un-Even Fighting

Description: One opponent moves to a higher ground, and defends from it, while another remains lower (i.e. dueling on stairs.)
Difficulty: A Moderate check of Dexterity is made. Failing it, you fall to the ground, after losing balance (for two rounds, all skills are -2 and no bonus awarded for those two rounds.) Must be made by both combatants.
Effect: Whichever combatant is on the higher ground receives a +1D to strike rolls and the lower combatant will receive a +1D to parry

Name: Feint/Attack

Description: One opponent "fakes" an attack to throw off the other's balance. He returns his saber to "home" position.
Difficulty: A Moderate Melee Combat roll is needed. Modified by opponent's Perception roll.
Effect: This maneuver is considered a multiple action, because the attacker will make two strikes: The fake one, and the real one. If the attempt was succsseful (The lightsaber roll was higher then the opponent's roll), the attacker gets to add that difference to his strike, because the defender was knocked off balance, and unable to properly defend himself (-2D: 1D is because of multiple actions: Defending Twice). However, if it is the reverse (the defender's roll was higher) the defender saw the feint, knew not to defend it, and will be able to see the real strike, and defend it with no modifiers.

Name: Disarm

Description: This is to force the opponant to release his/her melee weapon.
Difficulty: This is a Very Difficult manuver to execute, because there is a +5 bonus to the defender.
Effect: Knocks the weapon from the opponent's hand.

Design Notes: Based loosely off the charachter from 'Samurai Showdown'

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