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Section of Site: Characters D6Belongs to Faction: Subtype: Non-Player CharacterEra: New RepublicCanon: No


Jubei is a grizzled Napnese swordfighting champion, he has next to no martial arts skills and relies purely on his swords.
He uses both his tassled katanas at once in a fight and often overwhelms his opponet with a ferocious onslaught of attacks,
only to pull something tricky and end up simply stabbing them in a totaly undefended region. He lost his eye in one duel
and ahs scars from many others. He is most famous for a fight with a dark jedi, where he lost his eye. Jubei's swords are
mandalorian iron and so he was able to parry the Jedi's blows. He was taken across the eye with the lgihtsaber though,
however Jubei kept fighting. He used his unique firestorm attack, slashing rapidly at the jedi putting him back on
defensive. In his usual style, Jubei was tricky, and cut off abruptly drawing back. This drew an attack from the Jedi at
Jubei's head. It was the eaxct attack Jubei wanted him to make. He brought his blades around with a flcik of the wrist,
chaning their direction. One blade caught the saber a couple inches from the side of his chead, and an instant later the
second katan flashed out sideways from it. It went by so fast that people sa the sword meet the lightsaber, and then the
second sword flick out, and the sword ended facing directly to the side, as the Jedi's head was just beggining to fall to
the ground.

Character Name: Jubei
Type: Sword Fighter
Species: Napanese
Gender: Male
Age: 36

As of Shadows of the empire:

Physical Description: Jubei is a tall dark skinned Napnese standing about 5'6". He has black hair pulled back in a topknot.
He wears a large white shirt, open down the middle, with brown baggy trousers and arm bands. He has an eyepatch over the
left eye, and carries to katanas.

        Martial Arts 5D
        Dodge 7D
        Melee Combat 8D
        (S)Sword 9D+1
        Sneak 7D
        Climbing/Jumping 7D
        Stamina 6D


Move: 12
Force Sensitive: Yes
Force Points: 2
Dark Side Points: 9
Character Points: 17
Wounded Status:

2 Mandalorian Iron Katanas (STR+2D)

Special abilities:

Jumping: Napanese have incredible leg strength, far surpassing normal humans giving them the ability to jump higher and
farther. They get 2D for every 1D put in Climbing/Jumping at charachter creation, and with an easy Jumping roll they may
jump 5 meters verticly.

Agilitiy: Napanese are incredibly nimble and agile. At charachter creation they gain an extra 2D skill dice to put in
either Acrobatics, Dodge, or split up between the two.

Toughness: For an unexplainable reason, Napanese are tougher than usual and can retain cocniousness and keep fighting
after a human wpould have fallen over dead. Damahe Chart is as Follows

        Damage        Effect                Penalty
        0-3                Stunned                -1D for this round and next
        0-3(again)        Stunned x2                -2D for this round and next (this is only if both stunned occur in the same round)
        4-8                Wounded                -1D
        4-8(again)  Wounded x2                -2D
        9-12                Wounded x3                -3D
        4-8*(again) Wounded x4                -4D (*:If they take a 'wounded' level again they take an icnrease of the wound level, if it's a                                                         stunned, it's just -1D extra temporarily. If it's more, see below)
        9-12*                Incapcitated        Lose conciousness for 10D rounds
        13-15                Mortaly Wounded        -5D; half move
        4-8*(again) Mortaly Wounded x2 -6D (*: see previous *)
        9-12(again) Incapcitated        See Above.
        13-15(again)Mortaly Wounded x3 -7D; 1/4 Move
        16+                Crticaly Wounded   -8D; Move is reduced to 1
        16+(again)  Dead                         Dead

Sword Moves:
Blades of Fire

Difficulty: Difficult
Effect: The blade is mvoed with such speed that three rapid strokes take the place of one but it is only barely
perceivable as a blur. and the end of the sword emits a slight glow actualy making it look almost as if it turned into
fire, hence it's name. Jubei claims this is a family secret move. If the attack is successful, then damage and max damamge
for that strike are increased by +1D.


Difficulty: Very Difficult + Opponent's Parry
Effect: The user must first make the very difficult melee combat roll. This is a rapid onslaught of Blades of Fire attacks
with both swords, claimed to be Jubei's own personal addition to his family's secret style. If the attack and primary
rolls are successful then the user get 6 strikes, 3 with each sword, with only -1D multiaction for the entire use of the
move. This move is a full action.

Ex. Jubei uses Firestorm, he passes his Primary roll with the dififculty of Very Difficult. Then, he rolls 6 attacks, with
only -1D multiaction, so each atatck is rolled at 8D+1. He hits with four strikes, the damage and max damamge of the
strikes are increased by +1D. Thus his sword strikes do 7D+2 damage.

Note: If a force point is used, the user may chose to do one of three things:
        1)Use the Force Point normaly
        2)Have the move not be a full action
        3)Have each strike be a Double slash as well as a Blade of Fire Attack.

Name: Feint/Attack

Description: One opponent "fakes" an attack to throw off the other's balance. He returns his sword to "home" position.
Difficulty: A Moderate Melee Combat roll is needed. Modified by opponent's Perception/Sense roll.
Effect: This maneuver is considered a multiple action, because the attacker will make two strikes: The fake one, and the
real one. If the attempt was succsseful (The melee roll was higher then the opponent's roll), the attacker gets to add
that difference to his strike, because the defender was knocked off balance, and unable to properly defend himself (-2D:
1D is because of multiple actions: Defending Twice). However, if it is the reverse (the defender's roll was higher) the
defender saw the feint, knew not to defend it, and will be able to see the real strike, and defend it with no modifiers.

Name: Double Slash

Description: A double slash starting at the upper right or left of the torso, and striking diagnally downward, then
turning back towards the side, and again, cutting downward diagnally. There is no action penalty for this attack.
Difficulty: The difficulty is Very Difficult. Should the total be missed by more then 5, the attack missed completely,
and the attacker is off balance for 1D rounds. If the total is missed by 10 or more, then the attacker inflicts damage
upon himself.
Effect: Should the attack be successful, two damage rolls are made instead of one.

EX: Jubei rolls a 36 on his attack against an oponent. The opponent rolls a 32 parry. Jubei then rolls two damage rolls
instead of one.

Design Notes: Based loosely off the charachter from 'Samurai Showdown'

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