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Section of Site: Characters D6Belongs to Faction: Subtype: Non-Player CharacterEra: New RepublicCanon: No

Devastor Lakanddra

Devastor Lakanddra, born in a slum on the planet of Corellia is a young
yet experienced and battle hardened free-lance operative. His parents
were killed during a vacation to Coruscant by a band of of-patrol
Imperials. Devastor was 15 at the time and survived in that wretched
hive of scum and villainy until he worked up enough money to get a
transport of planet by an old pilot named Re'han with an old YT-1300.
On their way to where ever they were to end up the fell upon a band
of pirates with a corvette. During their assault on the ship Re'han
took his last jump when a well-directed laser bolt hit the left laser
cannon nacelle, the one he was firing from. Devastor, young and dumb-
founded put to use the little knowledge that he learned on Coruscant
and targeted the corvettes main power generator. Devastor raced over
to the nav-computer thinking to himself Oh my god I have no idea how
to work one of these! Luckily Re'han had it preprogrammed. Devastor
frightened by the previous events ran to the cockpit and jumped into
hyperspace before the pirate ship could turn on its back-up generators.
After about 6 hours in hyperspace Devastor finally settled down. Then a
white, dirty piece of paper caught his eye stuck to the "dashboard" of
the ship. In the note Re'han stated his will. Re'han's ship which Devastor
later named the Nova Star, a reserved docking bay and a small apartment
were all on the will for Devastor. The young rebel must have made an
impression on the softhearted freighter pilot. Somehow Re'han must have
known that he wouldn't of made it through the raid and left all of his
belongings to probably the only person to talk to him for years.

The coordinates left in the ship landed him on the planet Abbregado-rae
in the territories where Devastor found an old Battle hardened Scarred
Partisan General was waiting for Re'han. Devastor explained all of what
happened and then after about 3 months began his training by that old man
whose name Devastor found out to be Ko'lei. He was a tough on the outside
yet very kind old man whom Devastor Adopted as his "father". Ko'lei trained
Devastor Lakanddra how to pilot and use a blaster and all the other things
a lone "ranger" should know. Ko'lei never said a word about his past or
gave away any personal information. Ko'lei also was very skilled with a
Katana. He taught Devastor the ways of the Katana, leading up to when
Devastor forged his own Katana that he named Kla'narm or Witchblade in
Ko'lei's own language. After about 4 years Devastor taught himself a
unique style of martial arts, and later crafted his own light katana or
a light saber with a thinner and slightly curved blade. He became very
skilled in everything he put his mind to. When Devastor turned 20 Ko'lei
presented him with the oracle of Nei'mehn, which Ko'lei always wore around
his neck. One day shortly after this Devastor went to town to pick up a
new hydrospanner. When he came back he could feel something was not right.
Opening the door to Ko'lei's house he found the beat and bloodied form of
Ko'lei. Swiftly walking to Ko'lei, the old man barely noticeable lifted
his head at Devastor. "Devastor" Ko'lei said in a weak whisper " Today
is my last in this world, you are now ready for your destiny" with that
Ko'lei lowered his head and took his last breath. After that Devastor
swore to find his teachers killers and have revenge. He took Ko'lei and
gave him a proper burial then without saying a word took all his belongings
and left the planet in search of revenge.

That same day while wandering aimlessly not knowing what do he knew what
he must. Walking over to the Nav-computer of the Nova Star he typed in the
coordinates for the planet he had a feeling he must go to. He didn't know
why but something inside him told him he must. Some feeling that was
implanted in him, some instinct, from his childhood. Searching the ships
data banks he found the planet. It was a small unnamed planet called Jubilar.
Landing the ship he came to find out that this planet was a smuggling hotbed.
Deciding to make some credits he started hawling illegal spice and cargo.
Soon after when he caught wind of a young Rebel Alliance he decided that
this would be his opportunity for revenge against the empire. After meeting
a contact he met General Cracken who deployed him as a Blackfiles operative.
His first mission was to destroy a Imp Sub pen but morphed into the recovery
of the TEA or Tactical Espionage Agents list. Which is when his life really
changed when he met Vandal Laws

        Blaster 5D Blaster: DU-90 8D Blaster: DU-60 7D
        Blaster Artillery 5D+1
        Brawling Parry 4D+2
        Dodge 4D+2
        Firearms 5D
        Lightsaber: Light katana 10D
        Melee Combat 7D
        Melee Parry 6D
        Vehicle Blasters 5D
        Intimidation 5D        
        Tactics 5D
        Ground vehicle operation 5D+1
        Repulsorlift operation 5D+2
        Starship piloting (YT-1300) (Nova Star) 8D
        Space transports 9D: YT-1300 9D+2: Nova Star 10D
        Starship gunnery 6D+1
        Astrogation 7D
        Motorcycle operation 6D: TL-1200R sidewinder 8D
        Starfighter piloting 5D
        Command 5D+2
        Sneak 5D+2
        Hide 4D
        Forgery: Ship ID's 7D
        Brawling (martial arts): Judo 7D
        Stamina 4D

Move: 5

General Equipment:
Glock .50 caliber pistol (shoulder holdster), double bladed deep black
lightkatana (belt), Nei'mehn oracle on neck, and a serum med pack.

BELONGINGS: 2 DU-60 pistols, DU-90 (in storage) DU-90/2 0r DU-90B (on
ship), 1 Heavily Modified YT-1300 named the NOVA STAR, 1 Torplex? Exopad?
Laptop computer, Devastors own Custom vidphone, TR-1200R Sidewinder motorcycle  

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